Beauty Companies and Their Bull













There’s something fishy-

about companies that put out “new” or “new and improved” products  a couple times a year. Today Im  talking about  a couple of companies who’ve been around a long time and who are sold to the most people and used in markets that demand perfection. I’m telling you there  never is  any “new” product. I bet companies have a holding facility full of various items, altered versions of the same one product just waiting to be released after their last “new” version  launched met their goal for revenue. Take Makeup for example.

Take L’Oreal. You can’t believe that the worlds largest cosmetics company a business over 100 years old has never hired one women in all that time who hasn’t thought up a liquid eye pencil that’s thick like a marker-so you can create thick lines (blackbuster). You can’t believe that no makeup artist in the world who’ve been making those thick lines on models eyelids for ever, never said -“hey why don’t we make this thin liquid marker..thick.”?? But if that is true and no one from  the billion dollar makeup industry ever thought up the obvious -why the heck do we continue to keep them in business? Why do we excuse them for not creating the best to begin with especially when its an idea  that a lot of kindergarten girls would think of? Or are we the consumers the dumb ones and companies know that and therefor can keep up their blatant stupidity (which is really a cover) concerning their business  because we are just too desperate and lazy and needing to be led by the hand to bother with expecting perfection?

Another company I’m mentioning is Unilever. Remember the commercial with Heidi Klum that accuses all of US for treating the wrong end of our hair?  Notice how the company comes out with this “new” line within a market they should be well educated about by now, and right in our face calls themselves and the knowledge they’ve possessed, this billion dollar giant of a company- stupid?And I’ve no idea why a “super model” would ever confess that they had no idea about hair care. And they get paid  by companies that don’t require them to know anything about the product their selling.

Unilever sells to over 190 countries, to over 2 billion people, 400 different products along with hair and beauty care, under DOVE, FINESSE,NEXXUS,SUAVE, TRESSAME ,V05-along with-food, home care and oral care. They made over 69 billion in sales 2012. It introduced its Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy line to the USA after success in 42 other countries. Gina Boswell VP of Unilever NA unit called the Clear line “revolutionary.”

See how they try to distract from what they should have known as common sense and “duhhh”  and label it  revolutionary in hoping that that word will grab your “I gotta get this” thinking and you won’t catch their obvious idiocracy. These commercials state that the major hair and beauty lines we fund are actually and totally run by  nitwits who are soo not qualified to be making beauty products for humans. it’s like Dr.s today-they give you combined chemicals fused in laboratories and made into pills, some are completely hypothesized some just replicas of what is readily available in nature…and these pills, created by people who believe they can improve on perfection- prescribe them to you and tell you there an AID not the REMEDY! Our Dr.s don’t even claim to be able to cure–and that’s their job! There’s alot of people selling things that are half-ass products and we accept it!

Now think about this- A global company who have their hand in a diverse group of countries where the beauty habits of people go back 1000s of years haven’t utilized that wisdom. This company making some of the top hair products used in salons and in the fashion industry for decades BELIEVED that the ends of your hair, the hair that dies, dries and is cut off-is where you are supposed to nourish so that the moisture will climb up the dead damaged hair shafts ends into your roots then scalp and magically stimulate the tissue in turn stimulate the blood supply that is responsible for nourishing your hair. That’s like saying you’ll absorb the nutrients of an apple by looking at it.

The second reason you shouldn’t buy from them is that out of the 252 manufacturing sites around the world -“more than half send no non- hazardous waste to landfills.” Unilever website…. Right there they TELL you that their products contain crap that isn’t even safe for the ground to consume.
For what reason would a company need to own many different brands of products that are used for the same thing? How can there be a great difference between Nexxus and Clear Scalp line? This tells you that they are all about the money and not about your needs.  By adding one ingredient here that the other product doesn’t have and you can come up with endless ways to produce many variations off one product—totally unnecessary and stupid.

The other thing that throws up red flags is that beauty products are used by professionals who charge exorbitant amounts of money for their service. Now you’d hope that they know their trade inside and out. So they would know what is needed in products to work. Now are these huge companies just ignorant to their own business and hire unqualified specialists to create products with total disregarded to what professionals have requested in them?-like a hairstylist would know without doubt that putting products on ends of hair isn’t going to do anything for the health of the whole head from scalp to bottom. Or are these companies bottom line really titled-“we know how gullible consumers are so it doesn’t mater how full of toxic non effective crap we produce, you’ll buy and we’ve got the billions in revenue to prove it. We’re going to keep reinventing the same thing and leave it just short of working perfectly so we can come out and convince you we’ve finally got our crap together and promise this time it will work for you.”

But just like synthetic medicine, they’ll keep you coming back for more and keep you believing with empty promises that this time they’ve got what you need and they’ve made it right.

Four herbs and an Emu

Nature produces everything our bodies need to function and maintain optimum health. They protect us, heal us and nourish us like nothing any scientist can reproduce in a lab. Here are five naturals that you might want to keep on hand.

1)Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been called the miracle worker for centuries. It has remarkable healing properties that get to the root of the problem. First being it balances the bodies PH. Your PH level is determined by the foods you eat and we all know how scary the american diet is. If you feel sick and tired and have no idea why, check your PH levels or just skip that part and go right for the vinegar (raw, organic -Braggs is a great brand) a couple of ounces a day-don’t forget to dilute it! If you have skin conditions like acne and psoriasis you can dilute the vinegar and dab or wrap the infected area.
Vinegar is an anti inflammatory which the body absolutely needs as inflammation is the number one cause of so many diseases, pains and degenerative issues.It lowers blood pressure, can cure high cholesterol and aids in flushing toxins from the body. It is an amazing cleanser of film which builds up in your hair and on your body from showering. Just dilute it and pour it all over. If you just dyed your hair and it comes out to orange you can tone your hair with this before doing more damage with chemical toner (It really does work!). And before you color your hair, rinse with it to get all of the build up from products and shower water. That is a must!

2) Emu Oil. I’ve been using Emu oil for 10 years and its benefits continue to surprise me. It is the only moisturizer out there that mimics skin layers letting it penetrate deep into the skin without clogging pores. It’s awesome for people who due to stress or environmental build up on scalp have noticed hair becoming thinner. If the follicles aren’t beyond saving than Emu will rejuvenate them. It takes a couple of months to notice and you have to keep at it, applying 2-3 times a day.
It has healing properties which I experienced first hand. When I was traveling I brought the wrong kind of boots. I had hiking boots and I was doing all walking. About the 3rd day my feet were starting to blister which freaked me out because as you know if you get a blister let alone dozens then you ain’t walking no where. I applied Emu to them along with a prayer and the next morning -all gone. It was amazing! Emu’s amazing!

3)Dandelion. Dandelion is a diuretic. Diuretics increase urine flow which removes toxins. It is very high in potassium. And many people are deficient in it. Potassium maintains electrolyte balance in cells. It manages blood pressure, releases energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates. It keeps your cells healthy in growth, and aids in the delivery of oxygen to the brain. It’s also necessary for muscle health.

4)Peppermint. Lets throw good old peppermint in there. Never leave home without it, it aids in bloating and upset stomachs, IBS and cramps. Peppermint oil relieves dry skin by moisturizing from the inside out, contains A and C along with other great minerals.
And for those who are too sensitive to peppermint, Ginger is your buddy. Ginger is a warming remedy. It is an anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion and heartburn.

5) We’ll end today with a couple happy herbs. Rosemary and Clary Sage. Clary Sage- This cool guy is a euphoric herb that can reduce stress disorder, anxiety and mental fatigue. Used topically or in aromatherapy it may alleviate the symptoms of migraines. I have yet to try this one but I’m looking forward to it as someone who suffers from such severe migraines-they make me want to shoot my head off to relieve the pain.
Rosemary keep on hand if you want a pick me up during the day. It’s a mood elevator that stimulates the nervous system. Now you know why cooks are always in a great,hyper mood!

Have a fabulous day and try to keep it as natural as you can:)

Walk the Line

Whats a great way to tone those inner and outer thighs? Walk the lines on the side of the road. When your forced to put one foot directly in front of the other good things happen! If your not able to walk the road lines then try to invision one and do your best to imagine your walking across a beam (gymnastics). It adds a twist (literally) to the same old kind of walk with the added firming bonus. Go as far as you can because its hard at first for those of us who aren’t used to walking a straight line.

Five Herbs and Minerals for the over worked soul

These are some of the best herbs, the heavy hitters that combat stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, rebuild damage in your body that is caused by a continued state of flight and fight response caused by severe, continual stress. These also all have the extra vanity factor as they are awesome for a better looking and feeling you (it’s not vanity to want to look and feel like a champ!) All of these I have taken, am taking and they’ve done wonders for me where all modern medicine and modern Dr.s have failed and in fact have caused indescribable harm to my body for which I am taking these amongst other stuff to undo and just cope with the horrific painful effects of their stupidity and ignorance.

Number One:
If your are looking for a way to combat stress and not get over whelmed and all anxiety-d out during the day, ASHWAGANDHA is what is fabulous! It is an adaptogen, it rejuvenates and kicks up your immune and nervous system. It gives nourishment to muscle and bone and supports your adrenals. If you have adrenal fatigue which is the number one cause of your whole system breaking down making you feel like hell and tired beyond life this helps repair and recover. It will give you energy to calm you down. When your adrenals are shot your body is in a perpetual state of flight response and your body can’t produce natural energy nor rest properly. You’ve got to re-balance your system and cortisol levels. It could take months or years depending on the severity of damage done to your adrenals.

Number two.
Rhodiola (sometimes called Siberian ginseng is like ashwagandha but it is more of a stimulant. It too aids in muscle recovery and strengthens your immune and nervous system. It sharpens your memory and boosts your mood. It has been very popular in Russia/Siberia for centuries as people live a harsh life in frozen darkness. So if you suffer from seasonal disorder where you are a bear in the winter than that would be a good time to take this. Pilot in long distance training programs take it to keep alert. And scientists in Russia use it to keep there minds sharp. It too gives you energy to help calm.

Number three:
You want to calm nerves? PASSION FLOWER calms the nervous system to relax you. It works like a Valium for some people with sensitive systems. Take the tincture at night before bed with your magnesium, c, and D and your body will be ready to relax and sleep. In the point in my life where my adrenals were so shot I was in a perpetual state of anxiety this really instantly (after 15 min) calmed me right down.

Number four:
For women DONG QUAI is the beauty herb with all around amazing benefits. It balances estrogen, tones the blood and moves it (which keeps you looking and feeling young) has E,A, B12 (regulates normal function of brain and nervous system and blood formation), folic acid (required in everyone to build normal red blood cells), nicotinic acid (an essential human nutrient) Biotin (hair) increases circulation, and detoxifies and is an anti-inflammatory and anti-anti-anemic. Have you ever wondered why Chinese women look so young and wrinkle free? This herb is used in most all of Chinese blood building formulas. It too is used for anxiety and is especially helpful to women who have severe mood swings caused by periods- it mimics dopa mine (take it for the two weeks before your period.)

Number five:
And the last major one we will discuss for today is good old MAGNESIUM. This is the most underused mineral in the united states. A huge percentage of people are deficient in it. If anyone of the many Dr.s I have seen over the years for chronic fatigue were brilliant enough to get back to tried and true basic healing than I could have prevented the osteoporosis and degenerative bone disease I am dealing with because of their total lack of basic doctoring principles.
What stress does to your body is causes severe inflammation, inflammation cooks down fluids which (I don’t know the whole medical jargon ) sucks out the calcium from your bones. So the minerals your taking are able to get to there proper place and your left with brittle bones, degeneration. arthritis, bones spurs and other calcification- Your body is left in a state of breakdown. Now if one Dr. explained how important magnesium is (along with all the above) I would not have these pains. Also magnesium calms your muscles and nerves. When I first took it at night with C and D a whole warm rush of relaxation flooded my body and I slept for the first time in comfort. Magnesium is the nerve pain miracle and wonder mineral for every function of what keeps you in tip top shape -feeling wise and appearance-wise.
Don’t take magnesium with calcium they are competitors.

Now these herbs (except for mag) can be taken for a month or two then take a break. If your using the Dong Quai for your periods than you can take it every month for the two weeks leading up to it. You can investigate how long you should be on any herb and vitamin because they all very. But your system needs a break so variation is the best course of action.

A spoonful of Aloe does a vitamin good

When people take vitamins, and boy do we spend a lot on them, half of what we take just gets peed out. For one thing you have to make sure your brand of vitamins are pure. Take calcium for example; a huge percentage of the calcium out there is just rock. Yup rock. And our bodies are not meant to break down rock so if you can’t afford premium pure calcium you can get it from other sources like anything that comes from the sea. Horsetail is a great source and its high in silica which is awesome for your skin,hair and nails.
Back to the vitamins. In order for them to get absorbed into your body you need to take them with aloe vera juice. Take them with water and they’ll just go right through you. But aloe has the ability to absorb vitamins into your body 100 x more. Aloe is awesome for keeping digestion on track and cleansing your body of toxins. Drink a couple ounces a day and or with your meals. I take it after my meals to aid in the digestion and breakdown of food and to make sure everything goes through my intestines at a decent pace. But defiantly get aloe juice to take with your vitamins so you get the most out of the nutrients and minerals and of course your money.

Silence equals Weight Loss and Sanity

Good gooood Morning!

An interesting conclusion to a problem I discovered for myself. Now you might have known this all along but for those who don’t here it is. When you get time for yourself, I mean real time, time that is not restricted by a certain length like an hour or a day, amazing things happen. When-enever I got a week to myself it always went the same. The first day and a half my body would purge itself, I’d find I was soo emotional! I couldn’t figure out why! Here I was soo excited to have this time to myself, I had planned to get this done and that, and I couldn’t because I was so emotional. Then the next few days were AWESOME! I’d feel more alive than ever, my brain could move and my body would relax. Then I’d freak out the night before my time was up, I’d get anxious. But the last day I was filled with such a peace and strength of renewal there was no mistaken that the environment that went away played such a part in weighing me down and zapping my energy, it was literally killing me from the inside out.

The other thing I noticed is that I would lose weight without changing anything but the way I breathed! My stomach wasn’t tied in knots, my back and neck weren’t stiff, sore and cringing every time I heard a noise. I started doing Qi Gong and found it an amazing cleansing of environmental toxins and toxic people who linger in my space.

But the point is this, we all need quiet unrestricted time to purge ourselves from every annoyance, scheduled this and that, bickering, routine, and just other peoples negativity. It is so wonderful to wakeup and hear NOTHING! It is so wonderful to sit where ever you want (inside or out) and know no one is coming in the door so you had better have this done or that. Now I know that is why people, mainly couples, take vacations, but you need to go by yourself -anywhere! Even if it’s in the same city. I know it seems like a foreign Idea and I would have been like “heck no I want my soo and so to come so we can both get away and spend some quality time together.” Ummm NO. Time together is not quality time for your mind and soul, two is a crowd when your trying to rejuvenate YOURSELF. And trust me after the second or third day (unless your a quick purger and I thought I was but it still takes me like 2 days) you will be so glad you are alone and there are no decisions to be made no thinking to be done, no time you have to be here or not be there. There is no conflict or wayne of interest. Your mind needs a break from that!
You know your mind is hardly your own! It belongs to the routines of the human world and to anyone else in your life. That is why when people grow up they forget how to be childlike, they forget how to use their imagination and energy. Remember way back when and you didn’t have a care in the world, you would go outside or play in your room for hours just creating things (building blocks, coloring, making tree forts, creating make believe villages in the grass using transformers, fisher price people and match box cars, or just reading for hours getting lost in a book taking your imagination to far off lands and worlds) and how when you get older that all fades away? For some people they carry that(their child like powers of imagination and creative thinking)into adulthood for their career and have you noticed they are still the most creative and happiest people?
When we fall away from who we are and give over half of ourselves to others, we become stale and narrow minded. I don’t mean in a mean or bad way, but we become less interesting to OURSELVES. To some extent we shut down the part of us that loves to learn and grow, explore and create-but most of all we lose our humor and our core (the “our self” we hung out with when we were little.)

Take some time away from it all to get back on track with yourself. It does wonders for your mind-it stimulates and recharges those creative energies and powers up our strength juices, that “lets do it, lets go, Yeee Haaa” kind of juices. And when your body relaxes you breath correctly and that stimulates your intestines by massaging them and moving the waste out, toxins stop clinging to your insides- So you lose weight without even trying!…IT DOES YOUR BODY GREAT!!! and you get to just be your whole self again and when you re-enter into your environment or it re-enters into yours, you can tell if it is, or who is a positive force and who is a negative force in your life and you can and NEED to adjust accordingly so it is all positive and you won’t h be dragged down over and defueled over the course of the next year,waiting for the next vacation to come! Who knows you could be dead! And you want to live your best right now-everyday!
P.S you’ll be able to get back on track with what God wants for you too! To much “noise” and we totally miss His messege-Don’t let the devils that plague our life every single day consistently interrupting our Spirit- get you down!

Another reason you should be your own Dr.

I really can’t believe the answers to such simplistic symptoms to what ails me -escapes so many Dr.s  ..Here is one example of the latest; My skin never fails me, in the winter it is smooth and puff /acne free. As soon as the spring comes, I wake up with a numb head, puffy face and pimples. Now I knew it had to do with the approaching humidity, pores grow and skin expands due to the water in the air. But I never suspected allergies  Because up until a few years ago I had no other symptoms. Then I moved to a more tropic climate where it snows pollen instead of white harmless flakes.  All of a sudden I have all of these extra symptoms I never experienced before. Over the next couple of years I’d mention this to Dr.s.. I was certain It was the change of environment and they looked at me like that was impossible. Now everyone knows and is fascinated by the amount of pollen that layers the city-but no one thinks anything of it. SO this years after a nice winter full of pep, I called my Dr. right after the first sign of spring sprung and I began to feel like crap. Again my Dr. (like the 4th one by this time) took a lot of convincing to help me determine what it was that was causing this “anomaly” within my head. She gave me this antihistamine nose pray crap that made me totally freak out for the hours I was on it-it is a steroid thing and I had an allergic reaction, THEY NEVER BELIEVE ME when I say I am the most sensitive person ever! Well I picked up my herbs books from a decade ago and lo and behold Hay Fever caught my attention. Sure as heck That is what it is- a simple explanation with clear and cut signs that 4 Dr.s over the course of a few years (along with Pharmasists) could not even decipher!!

Now this is soo minor in all of the misdiagnosis and bodily,  brainly harm they have incurred onto my being over the last decade. Every single time I have sought out the help of a Dr. because my quality of life was in jeopardy and I was caught off guard to what was going on with me because I was such an invincible person pre having -double pneumonia, that I’d never think to even get a yearly check up. It seems to me that I am not being taken seriously by any Dr. because I am not a millionaire nor a celebrity, like its a punishment to be anything besides. I know I’m not alone here! But the crazy thing is when I go into the Dr. full of information on what I believe is happening to ME they hate me even more so! No one knows me better and I am trying to alleviate their burden for having way too many patients than they can handle and could not possibly know everything about what is going on in this world full of pollutants and new diseases (that they, the medical and science community have grossly attributed to there rapid growth) .

This is so despicable to me -the leading cause of death in this nation is Dr. error.  Now if they hate this and feel picked on then they should check up on their own fellow Dr.s to see what the heck their doing to us, because anyone can be a Dr. just read the books, pass the test -It takes a soul and a heart to practice medicine and that’s the key word that should warn us all-practice. You notice how Dr.s call their offices “practices?” That means they don’t know what is best for you in this ever changing world! So please again do your own research, you know yourself better than anyone!

I’ll leave this with another very scary example that happened to me that I will elaborate on later (I can’t hardly see write now my eyes are all blurry)   After I had double pneumonia, I was exhausted   It was a perfect “in”for my mother as she kept insisting that I was depressed. After a couple of weeks of feeling unbelievable week and not ever having felt so lethargic  I believed her (she is my mom after all, she’s got my back right?) so I went to her Dr.  I told her what was going on and she prescribed hydrocodone and percoset and seroquel.  All at once every day. Given to a person with no history of depression nor was I . I don’t know of any studies done on people put on antidepressants and crap when they are the farthest thing from it- let me tell you with all the expertise and authority in the universe on this subject; it f-s up your mind and takes you to places of hells you could never even imagine, and whats worse, because the prescription is for one thing and you start acting like it BECAUSE of it, then no one is going to believe you never had it in the first , place because Dr.s will not admit they made a mistake and they are quick to pass along   your “symptoms” when you opt out of their practice for help in another’s . And that is the beginning of  my story of the second group of people that crossed into my life and made it hell for a really long time and for whom the effects of their ignorance, stupidity and total disregard for  human life– my body and mind is still paying for.    Eyes wide open,protect yourself and do not believe a person is intelligent and compassionate just because they have letters after their name.

Go Nutty

imagesI love to snack all throughout the day. I’d rather east tapa style for my main three meals than to just have on big course. One of my favorite snacks are peanut butter balls. I came across a recipe for energy snacks on Dr. OZ that added dried fruit to the peanut butter. This simple recipe and way so easy to make treat can be thrown together in minutes and bigger batches can last all week long! You can use peanut butter or almond butter, any kind of honey, any kind of dried fruit and oats. The natural foods that God gave us all to live off never cease to amaze me how beautiful, delicious and very simple are. In this country where people who have a busy schedual would rather go to a store, buy something frozen full of chemicals, bring it home then microwave it along with killing any good stuff in the food and nuking your brain waves-to eat just blows my mind! There is nothing more simple, more needed for your body and brain more than the food that comes out of our earth! Nothing can compare! Stand up for your Body and Mind!

So this simple recipe which you can tweak for your own specific taste and that of your families is this-



almond and or vanilla extract

any kind of dried fruit (Dr. Oz used dried cherries)

and any kind of nut butter…………then I add CHCOCLATE chips ohhhh yah! Got to have the chocolate!

I don’t measure I just pour and mix with my hands, roll up the stuff into balls and keep in the refrigerator! Eat one anytime your hungry and you’ll crave junk food and or big wasteful meals less.

Snack up,make some healthy (that word should be replaced by normal, since eating healthy is normal eating -is there any other kind us humans should be digesting?) treats you can take on the road, off the road or down the road!

Please Support Your Local Farmers!!