Another Cause for Pain and Suffering (pt 2)

Another Cause for Pain and Suffering in the World

The last post relating to the question “what are some causes suffering in the world” we looked at one cause for suffering being the devil. We know although God is Lord over everything, satan along with his angels  rule this world thanks to the sin of Adam and Eve.  We know he will be cast out of this world at the final judgement “Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out. (John 12:31)  But until then evil is very much alive and present, doing his best to fool you and me into joining him in hell by getting us to act against God. Evil reigns prevalent over the earth and over us and as you can see is doing a bang up job of getting people to embrace the smallest sins announcing them  good for the soul and persecuting those who refuse to adopt their twisted logic.

7 sins

seven deadly sins

Now we move on to some ways we let evil in our life. And this is the truth everyone hates to admit, that we all sin everyday. ( 1 John 1:8) People like to believe sin is reserved for murderers and thiefs, you know only the really bad guys. What kind of person are we? Who we are, how we act, what we think and what we say absolutely has consequences to the kind of life, experiences, relationships, work and family atmosphere we exist in.

…Are you telling me if I cheat on a test or lie to my boss I’m the cause of some bad stuff in my life? …Are you telling me that although  my wife and I  are Christians but because we don’t read the Bible or celebrate God in our house bad things can happen?(well that disqualifies you as a Christian) …Are you telling me, a Christian, that because I haven’t cared that my boyfriends weren’t Christian that that’s why all my relationships have been crap?…….Yup, yup and defiantly yup!

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Without God We Lose the Power that is Contentment

Proof from the lives that so many envy that happiness, fulfillment, completion, validation and power does not lie within all the riches and fame available to all on this earth nor is comfort found amongst millions of adoring fans, followers, tweaters, facebookers and likers.

A very slim list of celebrities who confirm a prosperous life is impossible to win against evil forces without the protection of God that comes with putting Him in charge of it;

Musicians; Amy Winehouse,Kurt Cobain,Jimmie Hendrix
Writers; Ernest Hemingway,Sylvia Plath,David Foster Wallace
Actors; Robin Williams,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Judy Garland
Billionaires; Christina Onassis,Casey Johnson, John Paul Getty 3
Athletes; Erica Blasberg (LPGA) Andy Irons (surfing legend),Len Bias (NBA)

14 TV Reality Celebrities have committed suicide since 2005.

A very slim list of Famous People who were and who have been saved by Jesus Christ

C.S Lewis


Johnny Cash

Alice Cooper

Phil Robertson

Mickey Mantle

A brief look at what Super Bowl Sunday 2014 means to these NFL players.

Some Christian voices in Football;Ray Lewis, Tim Tebow, Justin Tuck, R,J Stanford, Bradie James, Russel Wilson,Clint Gresham,Troy Polamalu, Matt Stover, Kurt Warner
some Coaches; Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy, Dabo Swinney

The God Way misunderstood

“ug christians, they’re all such losers, what a bunch of whiners, I’m hurting, I’m sad, I’m broken.” …Yes I’ve heard people say that living God’s way is for losers. And to that I say , well show me one human on this earth who are not “losers.” We all have stumbled, we are all stumbling and we all will stumble sometime before we die. What human has not felt: pain, sorrow, regret, anger, disappointment, frustrations and confusion? We are all broken because none of us can claim perfect as a label. Following the path of God does not mean “giving up a fun life” on the contrary it is only when we discover the truth about God, Jesus and the Word that we also discover true freedom, liberation from the binds of modern  and historical influences that chain our minds to narrow and selfish thinking. The power that comes with discovering the Word does not mean you will be instantly invincible, that you will never feel pain or sorrow again. It means that you will have a brand new way of dealing with what ever life throws at you, and that may mean more sorrows, because when your eyes are open you are able to see all the phonyness around you and you know that no amount of love or support you give out-that some people, maybe even some you love just will not “get it” and your just throwing caring words against brick walls. So you move on, you pray and ask for the blind to see and you go out there in the world with your armor made from the Word of God  ready, steadiying  yourself against those souls who achingly believe that to follow God is weakness—just walk on by and pray that someday their eyes will open to the freedom and power and awesomeness that it is and that they will get excited and inspiried by a new life which enables your Spirit to soar above the fog that keeps us stuck in the mud and stuck in the luke warm “religious” person syndrom.

Are there psychopaths in your life?

Looking back its very easy for me to see all of the people in my life who  were and are  phony Christians aka nice, kind, loving, good people. The kind of people you should run from when they have to state over and over just how good they are because they’ve done “this for you or that for you.”  But when you grow up with psychopaths you can bet that the only people your exposed to in the isolated community your family forms are that who are exactly like them or that they are very easily manipulated by the darker side of life because its easier to believe. For some reason the truth is an annoyance for some people and its easier for them to ignore no mater who it is hurting.  And when you are around people who are like this it is very easy  to become conditioned to such an extreme that you believe that the world you live in is normal, because it’s all you know, you don’t have anything else to compare it with. Are there people in your life who do things or say things to you that just makes your eyes roll because you have no idea what kind of crazy they seem to be smoking? Or who make you feel a guilt like feeling so that you’re second guessing your actions which in itself is more confusing because you know for a fact you did nothing unusual or out of line? Are there people in your family who undermine your authority? Or who don’t recognize growth, their mindset is still on the  infantile  stage of family stages? Now for some people recognizing a toxic environment as a child is easy and they get out and don’t look back. But for others their family along with what they teach from the Bible and how they play on the fact that children instinctively know that parents should be the only truly safe people in their life who look out for their best interest, who are supposed to have their back and who are supposed to be smart and know worldly things make realizing that it is they (parents) who are your worst enemy.