DO Catholics even read the Bible

Im just wondering, God is our Father, He says I am the Father, no one shall be called Father but I. In Romans 3:28 He says A person is made right with God through Faith, not through obeying law.” And by our faith we are obeying the law. The law can’t come first and force people to obey something they might not have been ready for or are confused by wrong teaching. We come to God in love and hope and in our most desperate time of need whether that be of pain or not. But no one can force someone to God by inflicting laws that provoke fear and rebellion and ignorance.
SO I’m wondering why catholics, having not read the bible can have a church that disobeys Gods wishes and commands and then imposes there made up laws and rituals that just get in the way of people hearing the true Words of God? In the Bible there are priests and rabbi’s but no “fathers” because they’re is only One Father, Father God. SO why are millions illiterate interpreters who have taken the Bible, turned themselves into “men ordained in gold robes and jewels who force people with the push of fear to commit sin buy calling them “Father!! There is But one Father and His Son Jesus walked the earth teaching, he did not hole up in a prisonous palace of secrets with billions of wealth with his 12 disciples and keep the Word hidden, popping out for some festivals and “crownings” of one of the 1,000 of serventless servers before hiding within the folds of the gilded cage.

Loving God is simple, Living Gods words are as simple as we make it and although it has its challenges, for none of us are perfect without blemish, it is a wonderful and happy existence—–until people come along and preach the Word to fit their own device then millions are in chains, agony and in worry of never getting “it” right and thinking they have to constantly repent for sins every day. Your sins are saved. After you are ReBorn, your life will never be the same and you will not even want to get near anything, you’re not going to want to hear anything that is not the Truth of the Life and the Way of the Lord. nooo worries the only ritual, the only recital you do is meditate on the Word, meditate with Jesus and get around other Born again so that your strength and knowledge grows so you can pass on the Word to others in need

asking for guidence first before I act

Decisions sign in the sky “3” So I have to get back to the subject I started on about how God opened my eyes and what has happened since. Well I’ll skip forward to the last few months. Never in my life had I asked for Jesus’ help in any decision, big or small that I had made. And for sure every time, every big decision I made whether it was making a purchase or dating someone it always ended in disaster, I’d regret the purchase and rue the day I met that specific person. I’d wring my hands, fall on my knees and beg the question WHY!

Well He said

“hey you talk to me you pray and thats all honkyee doree but you do it AFTER the act, how the heck can I guide you when you go off on your own and do your own thing!”

WOW! when my eyes where open I saw how ridiculous I had been with everything in my life. actually reckless is a more fitting word! So I began to ask Jesus for help in guiding me, and if I wanted something, nooo exaggeration I’d ask for help about things that would seem to some people as insignificant . But!!! My gosh! How easy things would fall into place. In a sense I cut out all the middle men (stress,worry, indecision..ect..) that would take up my time during the day and I’d say “I leave it in Your hands” and I’d do x y or z, leave it. And for the first time in my whole life things flowed positivly and easily!

We are not supposed to make decisions on our own because we are guided by a wonderful most powerful God and if we leave him out of our decision making then we “act the fool” and get junky merchandise and junky relationships!

So if your throwing your hands up to heaven and saying “WHY!!!!!!”  check to see If you asked for some guidance first, I guarantee a happier, free-er life if you are!