Boarder -ing on ridiculous


Tonight lets talk border. I keep hearing “I believe the american people deserve to feel safe and have our boarders protected.” (from any politician in favor) Well for one thing we have four boarders,north, south, east and west. Since no wall is being built around the whole country to protect it, the whole shpeel about politicians saying that they are building a border because the american people deserve it is such bull. Was there ever a castle built with half of a moat? Has there ever been a city built with only a quarter of it fortified (ancient times)? So it’s not really correct when they keep saying its “for the security of americans.”

Secondly how dumb is it to believe that a wall will keep drugs out? We are in so much trouble if the smartest tactical people we have in charge of our security believe that!

Thirdly immigrants are coming here even risking their lives in doing so because their country is so horrible and cruel! They are escaping from their country, escaping from a poverty you and I can’t imagine where you can’t escape, you can’t get money and you can’t get education-the country wants you poor and dumb (hmm). If millions and millions of people are escaping from their country, breaking up their families in the process so one at least will have a better life what does that tell us! So why is the usa not sending troops over there to “fix” that government just like it does so in butting its head in all over the middle east and asia and everywhere else! This country is right next door, you’d think it would be a breeze sending clean ups down there, more so than all of the other trillions of dollars and man power it uses up traveling overseas to some foreign terrain where the people are so under qualified to go because well-its so foreign and understudied.

Fourthly the drugs that come over here are out of control but so is the usa because there would be no drugs if there wasn’t any demand. That must be recognized, why is our country so eager for drugs? That is no other countries fault we can not blame someone else for our own cravings. Obviously the usa has such a hunger and need for fulfillment and millions are so unhappy with life here that they will put their life and that of their childerens in jeopardy just to escape it. Unhappiness is so prevalent in the usa helping that should be our first priority! The amount of prescription drugs and illegal along with rampant alcoholism is so prevalent its shameful. Just legalize marijuana and watch a surge in peace and profit rise (not frikin rocket science) .
So why doesn’t the usa send their finest to go down and wipe out these drug guys and their lairs once and for all! And then we can spend the trillions of dollars wasted on a losing drug war that just goes around in a circle that keeps getting bigger and bigger on education so that generations of americans stop growing up ignorant and poor and in need of drugs !!!!!

For pete sake how hard is it to find someone to be in charge of a situation that can see the foundation of the problem and fix it!!

I think mexico is like the only country that doesn’t have nuclear weapons (maybe they do?) and it is the only one we aren’t kicking ass in to help the millions living in misery there and to end the bull sugar drugies. Seriously, we drop a bomb on japan because they were kicking our ass, killing millions of innocent people no problem, we murdered a whole nation of native americans without hesitation, we spent trillions of dollars and decades of wasted years going after one dude yet, Yet we do nothing to stop this kind of terrorist whom is crippling millions of its own citizens with the rippling effects that runs into this country causing so much destruction -how much more of a definition of terrorism do you want!!! Seriously why can’t the usa stop a bunch of terrorist druggiest right next door-that is the usa most harmful and enduring terrorist!!

The last thing, I’m sick of the usa never taking its fair share of blame, how the heck could millions of immigrants be here, eat, drink, have a house and go to college ( receiving more of benefits of being a citizen than many “true” citizens) if it isn’t for the people in this country! Just look at L.A! The very rich are some of the cheapest people on earth, causing even more problems for the unemployed in america because americans want a real check, not money under the table. We will know we have a marvelous politician when they proclaim that we are as much of the problem as another and we have to first stop the terrorism from within our boarders before blaming the problems outside of it.

I just don’t understand how an “intelligent” government totally misses the blatant cries for help from millions of people right next door! while continually intruding into countries that recognize their problems and who are working on them.

It really is the dumbest and most costliest idea that this county is producing. You can’t put a bandaid over a gaping wound. They truly have no vision for its cumbersome future.

Plan B for stupidity

Women; Before the USA came and almost eradicated an entire nation of natives who regarded their women as treasures, women who were strong, wise and important, women who had throughout the long history of humans, had been leaders; Queens of great nations and countries and sly but compassionate politicians (see they had their countries best interest at heart going so far as to die for it)they had been mothers who fought tooth and nail for the well being of their children. They were more than equals in a lot of cases, they were superiors who kept their people from hunger and harm, whose civilized nations prospered!
Fast forward to the USA. Umm yah, noo women leaders and look where that exclusions has gotten us. Anyway, women after a few generations where like, “This staying at home thing all alone talking baby talk all day, doing all of the work and getting no respect thing sucks!Lets face it, men need all the help they can get! You know how they won’t let a silly thing like peace come between their egos! Someone has to save this country!” So women began to find their voice and it has been an uphill battle ever since trying to make their way in a country that just refuses to change the direction of the laid train tracks that are catapulting us to disaster!Butttttt- like with any set of people there are bad eggs who take a liberty and run far in the wrong direction at an alarming speed and unfortunately take naive and clueless people along with them.
This whole baby thing! First of all let me say again, if someone broke into a science lab and destroyed the section full of those test tube babies and frozen eggs then as sure as poop that person would be charged with murder and everyone who had “frozen” their eggs or had a human growing in pet-re dish would be soo mad that they would be on the news for the next 4 weeks crying MURDER! SO anyone that thinks abortion does not kill a human life (beside for the obvious its dead wrong) is plain wrong and I just proved it(besides the obvious proof). So this plan b thing is a totally gutter thing and the company that manufactures it is working for the devil because you know God -who gives life would not destroy a life in progress of being created! THERE ARE ONLY 2 CHOICES GOOD AND EVIL- and there is nothing good, cheery or fun about this issue! Dam how many facts do you need before you get it! And I’m talking to everyone from the families that force it to the people who laid the brick of the clinics. And you people producing this product are supporting the devil just as much- You can not work for something that destroys and call yourself a good person!!!!! And the second thing is if you need a plan A and B -do you NOT THINK YOU SHOULD BE CHECKING YOURSELF AND YOUR RECKLESS LIFE!
Come on women what the Heck! Seriously! Women in this country did not go through such pains for freedom so that you can have sex with everything that walks!GROW UP! Women did not work so hard and suffer so much for you to abuse the freedom YOU DID NOT WORK FOR just to act like trash! And frankly this country does not want anyone leading them, whether its for the PTA or the oval office who can’t even respect their own life. Gloria Steinem is not a hero for women she’s part of their downfall. Grow up! Your are setting women way back, its not a forward thinking movement seriously your happy being a women because your getting away with your belief that you think you have the right to destroy a living person in your body? Come on!
Look at how just disgusting this is- take a picture of a female holding that box with a thumbs up and smiling wide- Doesn’t scream “WOMEN PRESIDENT” let alone- wise anything
Thanks for contributing to the backward notion some men still believe that women are nothing but weak slutters- Yup come along way from colonial times.