What will you buy Today

Good Tuesday to you,

SO today let’s try to catch ourselves and then stop ourselves from following negative persuasion  Are you going to eat that BigMac because you just saw the commercial and that ignighted a hunger in you? Eat it, fine, but do your body good because its the only one you have and it is a very specific, intricate, delicate functioning system of wires and tubes, cells and tissues that all run together to keep our minds and body’s functioning at it’s best. Just imagine how amazing we would feel and how much more brain power we would have if toxic chemicals from fake food , fake everything grown in a pet re dish and then synthesized never got into our system (its a wicked scary thought actually-synthesized food)? You don’t put window wiper fluid in the gas tank of you car because its on empty and that was the only thing  liquid laying around.

Now when I say watch out, think of it as a brand new game, something fun to introduce to your daily thinking-like hidden pictures, only now your going on the hunt to only include in your life the purest companies that use your money to do good!! Let’s try to be more aware of what we internally digest into our lives, into our families lives-its fun!  Bad luck, broken things, misery, slavery and frustration can’t find you if you take an extra measure to check the point of origin first.

Watch out for billboards that tell you YOU should buy this and that- watch out for commercials that tell you YOU are depressed so you should go take some syntahsized drug- Watch out for magazine articles telling you what YOU should be feeding, clothing, toying for your child. Watch out for co workers who say one beer won’t hurt as an after work destresser. We are so inundated with signs and symbols and peoples own beliefs whose words have no foundation of Heavenly good vibes behind them. I mean really, we aren’t that dumb why are we going to listen to a company just because they hire an actor to play the voice behind their product.  You ever hear the insurance company that uses Julia robert for their add? It’s like seriously  we all know julia doesn’t work for an insurance company yet she uses the words “our, our company, we, we will.” I’m like- no julia , I’m not falling for the actor game thing, like if I sign up for this insurance company you will be on the other end of the phone explaining my premiums and benefit packages? Same thing with deodorant companies, they think if we use their product we will be irresistible to the opposite sex-

In a short , just become more aware of who and what is trying to influence your mind and if the results be in line with how God wants us to choose so that we may reap all of the amazing and wonderful benefits of our decision because it is in line with His Word.

It’s not easy unconditioning our mind from the hundreds and 1,000s of products that surround us and the narrow thinking’ that we all have been so chained to believe while growing up. But we should want only that ths is  good or harmless for us to ingest, mentally and psychically. Each day I eliminate a misbelief  or conditioned  thought  that had me enslaved to it just because it is so much like breathing air

-One example of catching myself was that I was going to buy a product from a company that I saw in a magazine. It is a skin care product  and all natural. I went to the site and was “dazzled” by all of the natural products they had. But since I’m trying to become more aware, like  making sure I don’t buy products that encourage child slavery or abuses any living thing , I check out the “about us” section. And this company’s name is derived from the name of a mythological goddess.  I’m glad I caught that and didn’t help fund a company who believe in false idols to help them create their product. So imagine although these products are all natural, they claim they are doing good for the environmental, all that doesn’t mater when its bad for us Spiritually  not only that they clearly state that they disregard the commandments and God himself.

It worked out great because I found another company way better. Navigating magazines, stores and the internet is tricky they are  full of landmines of crap that do nothing but wish to drag you down further into the  realm of slavery and frustration. But just take a pause and see if its something you have to have, and why do you have to have it (is it for any real wholesome reason? or a slavery type answer) and who, what, is making the product, what is the company founded on. Its really not “too much work” as some people will say to check out all of the things you gather for your life. Its never too much work when your soul and the example you set for your family is what is at stake. There is nothing we need so immediately we can’t take five minutes out to check out the who and what are money is going to benefit and help. Remember YOU are paying someone for something, find the companies that are based in Faith, and you won’t go wrong.

(Beauty) all because someone said so

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Hello again!

I’m watching Snow Flower and the secret fan (which I saw when it first came out after reading it for which I stated the book was way better, now seeing it again I love the movie-so that tells me how important reading is and how much media attempts to dull our  senses! but that is another topic for later)  I just saw a program on an archaeological discovery that found a slipper in a grave of the women they think started the whole foot binding thing (so sorry for the illusive facts, I can’t remember for  it ver batim right now) ……..anyway while on the topic of beauty and how millions of women and men are influenced by media, look at how because of one “important” women made a statement of beauty with her teeny tiny feet, what millions and centuries of women went through and tolerated in immense pain every second of every minute of their life, all of their life, to look beautiful —for a man, one single insane man (cause lets face it any one who says this kind of torture is beautiful and lets his love do this to herself has got to be a little kookooo!) and the envy of brainwashed women- (sorry no disrespect to that culture -just telling the truth)

this is an incredible example of a type of slavery people willingly did. What will people say about us 500 years from now when they dig up a grave of some star who had tons of plastic put into her body and that is all that is left on top of a broken skeleton. will they say “look how these people lived! what a torturous existence mentally and physically they must have lived–what a shame!”

P.S the other pictures of course are the extremes women and men went to in another part of the world at the same time  to look like what someone thought was “perfect beauty” and what a price it came at!!!! Such pain brings nooooo pleasure!!!!!! Is it worth it ? to have a kiss in exchange of a life of pain and deformation endured in silence and your  guard always on  for death by mutilation?images (5) download images (4) images download (1) images (3) images (1)