She slips silently
caressing the beautiful shadows
within his mind

I’ll build you a rainbow that will stretch across eternity

Tuesday is My Funday and Iv’e got a Fairytale feeling


The Reluctant Star (a childrens story of encouragement for everyone everywhere to enjoy)


It was time
time to sparkle time to shine
time to let go from all she knew

she wanted to run and hide away
she wanted to stay a child and continue to play
no one was going to make her stand out there all alone
not momma not pappa not anyone in her home

she thought herself unimportant and weak
she was too young and inexperienced
“this job is too big, it can’t be me the Star council seeks”

but most of all she felt that she wasn’t going to be a part of anything
“what difference will I make?”
she’d stutter, stammer and shake

then the sky began to fill with hues of blues and pink
twilight was here and time would not wait
she had to take on her knew role and could linger no longer
little did she know how this would make her stronger

the sun waved goodbye as the moon began to show his face
and this is where she found her place
twilight was hers half in day half in night
and in this new light she began to grow and grow quite bright

and suddenly she heard
very low at first and then much louder
one, two, three, four
until there were thousands and thousands more
and she understood what she was meant to be
her purpose was clear for everyone to see
she was hardly out there all alone
she had a new family to call her own

and as she embraced the sounds from the world below
she listened with happiness to the words whispered aloud each night
“first star I see tonight, I wish I may
I wish I might….”