Thank You! This is Awesome!



Morgan, from ( an inspirational blog!)has nominated my blog for these Blogging excellence awards. I am extremely honored and excited that my blog has been nominated!. This is such a boost for me and a major vote of confidence in support as I am among much more experienced and colorful writers. I am still learning and experimenting and growing and developing this blog with me alongside with it and having a really fab time!

This community makes me feel I am understood and accepted for the way I am.  Outside of here, I am not in an environment that allows me to write each day, nor does my health allow me free reign over it, both of which I am fervently trying to change and when both pains are eliminated, I expect to be writing non stop and accelerating my growth into the writer I know I was born to be. Thank you !

WordPress is  a wonderful community of diverse,fabulous and amazing writers, each unique in the way they are expressing their own journey and sharing it with the rest of us. I’d like to thank my community for your continued support and for making me feel so welcome and comfortable here!

As Morgan said, there are a few rules that go along with the nomination,but if you are nominated and don’t wish to comply that is fine, you are under no obligation.

1)Display the awards certificate on your page. 2)Announce your win with a post. 3)Please link back to me as a “thank you for the nomination.4)”Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers. 5)Leave them a comment to let them know you have linked them to a post.6) Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven things about me:

1) God saved this imperfect persons life from certain death more than once (as only God can do) before being Born Again- I thank Him everyday that I am here, alive.

2) My first job was at age 12, coaching gymnastics.

3) I can’t survive without nature, without feeling the grass under my feet.

4) I can feel other people’s pain and sorrow.

5) Ancient History fascinates me, especially when walking through it!

6) My eyes are supposed to be blue but in my teens, depending on my mood and the weather they’d turn green.So my eye color is always changing, people always ask if I wear contacts.

7) Since I was little, writing has been the only comfort, the only thing that never hurt me or tried to destroy me for being who I am, and for telling the truth. Writing has been my constant faithful companion.

Here are my nominations for the “Versatile Blogger ” and”I am part of the WordPress Family” Awards. This wasn’t easy! I am a part of an Awesome community of inspirational and unique writers!  Thank you!

Thank you again Morgan!!

1)Darcy at  Words to live by…

2)Linda at

3)  Akhandsi at

4)  Chris at

5) Kimalee Jones at

6)  One Man Versus the World

7)  Shruti at

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9) Nolan O’Malley at

10)  Michele at

11)  The groovy Historian at

12) Michael on

13) Valeriu on

14)Bill at

15) Jen at

seriously I want to pick you all!!

Love game

Love in her cruelty
jeers at my pain
caused by her wicked whimsical games…
there is a chance that I will fall madly in love with her

Word Playground

In This Moment- There’s a fire starting in my Heart
Reaching a Fever pitch that’s bringing me out of the Dark-ley’s
Don’t have to ask this Bohemian twice B Foster
put another Dime in the Jukebox Baby
Its Sunset time on the boulevard
Rudolf’s blitzed in the ballroom and Blondie’s ready to roll!
Jermaine says hi,,Germain? Jermaine Jackson?? Jackson! Jackson 5,,Tito!

the Orchids smelling up the after decay
It’s all spider webs and flies When the Lights go out
your White Lies taste great with Peppermint pattie – green tea Mochi
There’s fire burning on the seven seas
Children are dying just to feed mans Greed
Disgusting? did YOU feed the Corporation today?
everyone’s trying to parlay their “magical” paper into
a dream, a pain- beautiful like a pink unicorn dripp drying red

I Live on the Right Side and Sleep on the Left but I can’t Sleep with Eyes Wide Shut
there’s too much Perfume FlyLeaf-ing around
Brom is Holden my Heart Thirty Nine Steps from Brutus Arizona
It’s a Catch 22 on Blue October Halloween night
movies, are now endorsing machines, Crap Crap materialistic Crap
to keep you Under the Influence- Are You buying into?

I had a fever of 451
paging Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair- I can’t remember anything
give em more xx777xxx777xxx
warning Warning WARNING
The Sky is Falling -The Sky is Falling!
but its Friday, I’m in Love!
MY Eye’s Set to Kill.

I saw Gilda and The Prince kissing the Winter Queen under The Fountainhead
while The Idiot stood Silently watching that silly Rabbit chasing time
Ohh the Places You’ll go
Passenger? No, never! I fly by my own wings in a
67, 69, charger, challenger, chevelle or camaro

trees trees, skeleton like fingers reaching loudly whispering to me

Fat Face races with the Hollywood Undead at Signal Hill
Repo Man there has an insatiable curiosity Jim
And he’s always waiting for Titus to come out of his Burroughs to take The Fall

Carlin is Never More never more
But True Romance still blooms for Mary all bloody and ready to settle the score

the air is fresh Within Temptation
so Come out of Your Cave
Come out and Play
Then you really might no What it’s like to Sing the Blues

We’ll head south just take my hand
this Heart is alive and flaming, boiling over red
Farewell to the Playground

But you I’m out and I’m gone I’ll tell you now I keep it on and on”

(Thank you Daily Post for your Embrace the White post)