How Parents Pimp out their child

As I was walking past a playground I heard kids humming a tune. As I tried to identify the tune I looked over to see two girls about age 7 swinging in unison on a swingset. I walked past them amused by their loud voices humming the tune in confident determination. Then I remembered from which song came that tune. Nope it wasn’t the one from a 50s song I had been previously speculating but it was the hook from Eminems “Monster.”  In that moment of realization came a vision, the severance of the  last bit of american integrity. The finality of a once beautiful silk spun dream now unrecognizable   and unimaginably shredded into an embarrassing existence standing shamefully proud without remorse upon the blood  sweat  and tears of the original weavers . This race of creature which had at one time guarded itself and family so vivaciously against any harm or evil no mater the size has  fallen to a depth of  perversion not even common garbage would dare spill itself upon.

Gosh sake at one time in history the mere sight of a black cloud was enough for a whole village to seek safety within the church singing out their repentance and praise in hope and determination that no harm would come even to their homes.

Labels are carelessly thrown out and written over names awarded to  individuals not worthy of the definition. Artist does not mean sell out. It does not mean conformist. It is not something or someone that harms. It does not seek to destroy. It is mindful and aware. It values the heart and spirit of life. It values, respects and humbles itself in a quiet brilliance that effortlessly seeks out human vessels filling all with a light that lifts burdens.
People have become so greedy that selling their product to one type of demographic is not enough. For most people over 40, from now and since forever was there ever between you and your parents and even grandparents a shared  taste in anything they did let alone in music they listend too?  Kids had kid songs and grownups had grownup music.  There was as there should be, a distinct line of adult and child, one does not cross over to the others world to hang. And today there are way too many role reversals. There are way too many adults not deserving of that word. Now we have companies believing in their own cleverness and banking on proven consumer  laziness and ignorance (80% of new york high school graduates are illiterate but that’s off topic) finding ways to get their product into the hands of all ages -no literacy required.

The USA used to be a nation of stable hard working and desperately well versed citizens courageous in morality , reliability and honesty. It was a crime to sell shabby products. People would drive out businesses that were formed for profit off the harm to its own citizens. Today? We are a society numb to its own families well being.

How many 911 call have been made out of sheer terror because a monster was found in that persons house? How many people regularly hear other adults humming little diddies and jingles? Exactly. The monster example defiantly isn’t something you’d expect to find in any adult language-unless you’ve just escaped from the forbidden forest and lived to tell. But even Disney have made them into cute emotional things, diminishing the scariness that once inhabited children during tales of old.

Parents, in their twistedly 21 century mindset think it cool to rock out with their own kids while driving down the highways or free dancing in their living rooms creating memories and bonding, something that maybe never happened in their own childhood. If adults and kids were meant to share experiences as equals we’d all be birthed as full adults. It’s not cool to fill your child’s vocabulary and fragile and impressionable gullible imaginative mind with anything sexual or violent. If you walked into your childs bedroom and sitting on the bed was a stranger and they were talking about “stripping off all their clothes getting naked and ready, f**ing them in the hot tub while raising a glass drinking it down getting ready for that time at night after the lights go out the tongue comes out throw them on the bed sweating on  the sheets  till the break of dawn”……would you smile and thank that stranger for their wonderful babysitting service? Would you call all of your friends with kids to rave about and recommend that stranger?

Congratulations you’ve just pimped out your kid well before they’ve even  contemplated what a kiss is and  you only paid $14.99. or .99 cents. And it’s done day after day hour after hour. Child trafficing is all around us. Pimps and prostatuition happens most inside the family home than on the street in america. Your neighbor, the kindergarten teacher your Dr. or yourself, all could be pimping out kids. And the joke is the blindness to the destruction that we fill our lives with everyday and with the complete confidence that “it’s not that big of a deal.”

So while the little kiddies in the backseat sing along to your music with lyrics like-“in my %$apparel underwear, got my ass squeezed,boy I’m drinking”  ..wayyy too many examples to give-remember whatever you let into your childs life shapes and effects them. The greatest power on earth is that given to a parent-they WILL make or break another human beings life. I failed I’ve failed so terribly because I was rolling in the waves of the human world as my kids grew.  My kids are smart and healthy but I failed to surround their upbringing with nothing but sunshine, and that is another story. As adults our interpretation and understandings of things is out of proportional comprehension to a childs. What we think of as no big deal, can and does determine if children grow up to live honorably seeking wisdom and full of courage OR  thinking God is irrelevant and that cheating, drinking and lying, lazy and spiritless without moral boundary having  the trendy perception of valuing everything-which in fact renders everything valueless which leads to a purposed filled life lived in and of CRAP!

Think back when you were little when you heard or saw something “out of ordinary child reality” and your interpretation of it whether  icky, scary, weird or good; affected you.

You’ve got two choices—Pay companies and so called artists to rape your child’s mind or step up and get the garbage out of yours and their life! Become a human and raise a human to be everything songs DON’T tell you to be-MAGNIFICENT!

God Bless-never Give up and never back down from the tide of man


A Plea to Mothers

UntitledI have a plea for all you mothers and mothers to be out there. Explain sex to your kids. You don't have to be graphic or even explain the process of intercourse. But with all of my heart I ask you to explain to them about how special they are and how their body is not a playground. Explain what respect means in its purest definition, explain that there is nothing more sacred and more valuable than that what they possess on the inside, how their soul is more special more important and more valuable than anything on this planet. Explain to them that they are their own best friend, that they have to live with decisions and the feelings they bring, and how you wish for them only the feelings that make a person feel wonderful and happy- Explain what they value and respect should never be compromised for anyone else' gratification. For what could be found in just minutes of pleasure can never be given back and made whole because what changes the body also leaves a lasting impression on the mind and heart and when you look back on the day you chose to share that special intimacy with, you want it to be with the most amazing person in the world that is right for you (namely the husband or wife you choose.)
There is nothing more worse in this world than finding out about something and being devastated about the path that was chosen simply because no one explained anything to you. Parents are great at ignoring conversations and routine support chats just because no one explained anything to them or because they figure their kid will figure stuff out for themselves. I tell you this is a cowards excuse and to get over the gap that is separating you from knowing your kids. You had them, what could possibly be more alien than a parent that ignores the needs of their child, what could be more harmful to a child than a parents own selfishness. I tell you you teach nothing and I guarantee your kids will grow up zig zaging off of the right path and will definitely become involved in situations that will leave lasting scars. You had a child now raise them to be soldiers of Spirit and guardians of their soul. Raise them up to be prepared-if you yourself have no clue how to do this and your just doing the whole marriage kid thing because that's the routine then do something amazing for your child and introduce people into their life who are knowledgeable about Life and God. God is your first line of defense it's up to you to guide them to Him.
Read the Bible and get into a cool church do this for your child-It is the most amazing and just freeing comforting guide, everything you need to know about every situation to deal with life is in it. I promise you, you will never feel anything but amazing and fulfilled when your eyes are open and you understand-there is no better gift you can give your child than that of the lessons and guidance of the Bible and the relationship with Jesus Christ.

Adopting and the perks of celebritiszm

I have a question. A lot of people say that the adoption process is so ridiculously long and so very expensive . Now its been proven over an over through out history that money does NOT  = intelligence or make one more compassionate or loving. What IS a requirement and a no brainer is that babies need their mommy and daddy consistently,( of course quality time, I get that just because someone spends all day and night with someone doesn’t mean its best..that’s a whole other subject and not relevant to what I’m stating this here second) for the first few years. So tell me how these movie and tv “stars” are able to adopt a human life (not an accessory, there is a difference) and in interviews, in black and white for every one to see they say the hardest thing about having a child is leaving them.  Leaving them  for 16-18 hours a day while they are on set.  Lets go over that again because I just can’t believe that time spent with a child ISN”T a requirement when adopting a child …..”the hardest part about being a parent of a baby I just spent so much time wanting and getting is….leaving them.” And people wonder why the youth of today are sooo confused.

So I guess all that is needed to adopt a child is list your qualification as-“celebrity”

Born that way

One of, well mostly the main problem with people nature  I had as a child/have now is  wrapping my mind around  how   fellow humans  put different values on sin. We all do it or have done it because we are conditioned to “reason” our actions and motives.   You find some people  in every area of life that are accepting of all kinds of human behavior,  you see it on ABC family and NBC and Bravo ect. ect. shows that label their shows a new kind of “family”  you see it, read it, hear of it within the people that take positions of leadership, one day they rare against a sin the next day they are the sin. You hear it in lyrics from “artists” that call themselves christian. They think that each person has the right to be who they want to be, they have a right to live how they want to live. Well then how come murderers go to jail? Why do they get  punished?” They can’t help it, they were born like that, they were just testing out the waters, they were just going through a phase -hey every one’s doing it-they have the right….”

There are hundreds of breads of dogs and they all have different names, call it what you want- it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a dog.

Don’t be fooled, God does not birth children anything other than innocents. It is humans who mold them “that way.”

Children of God

I am watching the Bible, and it brings me to another subject with “do church go’ers and priests, reverends from all of the different religions that are in it for the same thing even read the Bible before throwing stones at glass house? –The word “bastard” or “illegitimate” are obsolete words. Everyone knows that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. The King of Kings, Gods only Son. Now God could have chosen a married couple and the women would have never of had to face such animosity and betrayal of love from her family and friends who were so quick to judge her (and I’m sure they called themselves religious people). But once again God shows us He is a God of the people, of all people. You need not be under any kind of label (rich or educated within a building, ect. ect) to be able to receive Gods love, Promise and Forgiveness. It doesn’t mater how you came into this world -you are a child of God and no one has the right to stick some man made up  label on you OTHER than that.

It starts with Parents-so stop F-ing UP

Why do kids cry when leaving their moms and dads at their school? Instead of being excited to go somewhere outside of the family unit, go somewhere where you’ll learn things you can’t at home, go to a place of discovery and excitement, stimulation and experience- parents have instilled in their children that THEY are the most important thing in their world, that they can not survive or do anything without them standing right there.

American parents instill guilt in their children for wanting to be themselves, for wanting-needing to be different in thought, feeling and beliefs apart from the momy and dady. Parents punish their kids in tremendously harmful ways emotional scarring the kid for being what he/she was born to be..themselves.

Society tells us ;be all that you can be,democracy is the foundation of our country, that we are “special” because anyone can go to school to learn and cultivate their skills for life that will support them and bring happiness and prosperity into their lives.

American families teach dependency not individuality,  responsibility,  Spirituality, and reason, nor how to tap into strength from within and how to develop our own identity. American families are the farthest thing from a practicing democratic unit, they are the most confining, debilitating and suppressing example of what “family” means.

There are millions in this world who would give their right arm Literally to be able to have an education. Millions do die, will die and are prepared to die so that their kids can go to school and learn.  How many people have been blown up from stepping on land mines on their way to school? How many have been shot point blank for crossing over an invisible line to get to school? how many families have been round up and burned to death or shot or macheted to death for having learning material hided within their homes? How many millions of people are out here with mutilated limbs , scars visible and scars so deeply in-bedded within their mind who will again go out of their houses and walk the same route with the same possibilities  encountering the horrors that blew their family apart because a book of knowledge is more valuable than fear?

The parents who instill fears of abandonment into their children because they dare to be what they were born to be, because they yearn to know knowledge outside of their restrictive family unit I say shame on you you selfish ….For those kids who were abused, let down, shamed or emotionally baby-fied are the ones who grow up to be crappy teachers, coaches and dr.s. Our schools are filled with let downs, teachers who have no soul and no passion and certainly no patience, they are overwhelmed over worked and under appreciated  just as they were as children  Learning and teaching is a cycle you can’t blame one for incompetence without looking at how that came to be, and it all starts with the Parents.

To us all, we are all responsible for the life of a child. Responsible for nurturing and providing everything positive. They are not property . We can’t tie them up to sit  in our life and threaten them when they show signs of thinking for themselves. This is america, we have been given a chance of freedom to learn without an army,guns,bombs and land mines on our path to school, and soo many parents are f-ing up what a very awesome chance kids have at being the next leaders who WILL bring peace and solve a lot of problems and miseries americans deal with. But If we can’t even appreciate this reality which millions of others have to die for than we are no better, no smarter and certainly not more consciously aware than any one else and we certainly are not worthy the name “super power” because factually  the majority of people in this country  are functioning at the level of 8th graders. SO parents take the dam diapers off of your kid and send them out into the world-because it is the world THEY will be running before you know it.

Your Kids are not Your Tinker Toys

Good Morning Bloggermen and Bloggerwomen!

I will try to balance this next post out sometime today with something more “fluffy” later (I can’t get that word out of my head after watching Morning Glory for the 10th time)

Well I was surfing along the web, more like skimming it because I can only take too much nonsense at one time!, Hey there should be a web-thing, or whole computer like entity that just filters out all negative ridiculous content so each and every day you look things up you’ll only get happy,positive, useful, intelligent information that enriches your life. But alas there would be some group formed to protest that it is racist to exclude sad,bad and stupid content from YOUR life.

SO here’s what I came across–this blog (whose name I won’t repeat for her benefit) whose writer is a mother of a pre/kindergartner boy …..who thinks its wrong to expose her BOY to only boy things, and I’m talking about what IS for males and what IS for females, not little discrepancies like toy trucks and hot wheels . She doesn’t want to encourage her kid to be a boy: that he doesn’t have to “feel” male. AND if he FEELS like it he can have a vagina later on in life if he doesn’t think he penis “fits” him…………..This “mothers” whole life is around blogging about her child who is a boy and making sure he is surrounded by gay men, women, trans, transit, in transition-humans because he has the “right” to choose his gender preference……. I really don’t need to say anymore on that because you should be shaking your head right now and praying for the Angels to place Their hand upon each new parent and give-em a good smack upside the head knocking all parenting sense into their brains! (we are becoming more mechanical, illogical, incapable and unbelievably, pathetically, ridiculous everyday, a side effect of being an american)

This goes back to my “should a license and test be given to people who want kids” to take extra precautions the kids aren’t going to be ABUSED by adults whacko adults with delusional beliefs that not only harms the childs developement but harms the whole of society, securing a chaotic,backward future filled with even more evils than today!
In 30 years we will have no government nor army to defend its citizens against any kind of evils because the people will be soo busy organizing parades for the rights of their pet rocks or they will be campaigning to make the color green banned from being the symbol of cleanliness because thats sooo offensive to Dirt!

Come on People-seriously!!! Your born a boy or girl there is no other choice and you can’t just swap in because you FEEL like it—–it goes against nature and YOU ALL KNOW THAT ! its not up for debate, its not a decision for mans court of law nor for the school system to include in the outline for the year as an extra course of “how to be a man when you feel like a women”.
We have become a society so far removed from reality it is amazing that another country has not invaded us since no one in the country has the capacity to survive past the pathetic decision making of “does my penis “fit” me?”

Should there be a “request for licence” baby rule

Hello everyone! I’ve been painting and working on my book and just turned the TV on and  saw  there was an interview with the actors/tress’ from  OZ on the “E” channel with Guilana Renic. Now first I think E is just rubbish and second every time I see/hear of Guilana I just get so irritated. Now this is a women who told the world her troubles of not being able to conceive and cried and cried how much her and her husband wanted a child and this and that. So she finally had a baby via dr (which could take me on the subject of abortion which is murder because invetro proves it so does test tube babies, say a person broke into the lab and torched the eggs, or a baby 2 months old in a petri dish, well the scientists ,who by the way are the stupidest class of people to date, would say that that person just committed murder!!!!!!!! end of that shppeeell for today) so any way so had this baby that she was just dying to have then I read while in line at a store a few months ago that “the hardest deciesion Guilana ever had to do was to leave her 4 month old kid to go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!) are you kidding!!!! You just spent 3+ years trying to have a kid and on top of it you  made it everyone’s business to know about it because your cried to all of these news stations telling them your story which apparently was just a plot to raise Es ratings and yours by trying to become as well known as the stars you interview! SO either Guilana is the stupidest women in the world or she is just plain shallow and selfish and a star-monger because anyone with half a brain knows that babies are most impressionable and in need of their mothers and fathers voice, body heat, embrace and loving emotion the first 2 years of life ! And she just gave her kid away after a few months to go be on a trash channel just to be around stars and on tv—

How much respect do you actually think the movie industry let alone the world has for you since you spent years scamming us all!!! Guilana!


( P.S sorry for that short fit )  Have a Fantastical Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!