How the Power in Forgiving Enemies betters Our World













How to forgive and pray for your enemies isn’t a course offered in grade school curriculum.  If we’re lucky enough to have wise parents to teach us both why and how to forgive are we able to react without hesitating.

Forgiving and praying about my enemies wasn’t something I ever thought about prior to being reborn. I got the forget part down though. I would choose not to think about those who’ve betrayed me, those who’ve caused so much damage to my life and those who have tried to kill me. I just emptied their existence from my thoughts until they ceased to be. I was good at blocking things out. That’s how I coped with the never ending cycle of psychological warfare that was afflicted upon me every single day of my life . The  fact that I wasn’t allowed to ever feel any thing about any event, traumatic or wonderful, let alone process the situation, made it easy for me to act like it was no big deal and that nothing could hurt me no matter how bullied I was. Forgiving them wasn’t even on my mind. I didn’t know about the power of forgiving and praying for enemies. I didn’t know just how important both are to the victim and the criminal.

It wasn’t until I receive the Holy Spirit did I learn what prayer and forgiveness can achieve.  This is just one aspect of truth that He makes known to you that helps raise us out from the lies of the human world. In mans world their idea of rehabilitation hasn’t yet advanced out from the dark ages. You can put criminals in jail for punishment and forget about them but evil abounds where evil exists.  What difference is it when an evil person serves decades in jail only to be released as he was or worse? That punishment serves no purpose. It allows the crimes to be repeated upon others. What justice is there if the criminal repeats the crimes? Over 40% of convicts released are jailed again for the same crime or worse. A spouse that cheats will cheat again or they will live in denial. The verbally abusive boyfriend doesn’t stop with the next person. The lazy worker, the mean boss the delusional selfish politician believe only in their cause and can see nothing wrong with it. Killers and sex criminals claim to have no control over their urges and  no amount of punishment will cure them.

Until the day when Americans finally realize violence begets violence and humans when treated like animals will act like such, prayer and forgiveness is a power we all possess and the best weapon against evil .

God works in people and one way I believe He decides to impart the Holy Spirit within people is by the prayers of others requesting it. Philippians 4:6 says to make your requests known to God and James 5:16 says to pray for one another that you may be healed. Anything is possible through prayer. God takes the impossible and makes it possible. He sees promise where we see hopelessness.  The Holy Spirit has given me answers and insight to areas where my mind was  closed too before.
I understand what blindness  does to unbelievers and those who are fake Christians, I know because I used to be one. But when they’re reborn some of the  worst kinds of souls make the best hero’s in history. And when there is tremendous change there is such strength and dedication and passion that even a lot of average life long Christians haven’t yet matured into. Look at Paul of tarsus. An evil and most hateful man. What a transformation to the  apostle responsible for most of the new testament writings and along with the other apostles, for changing the world and bringing hope, life and salvation to us through the words of Jesus Christ.

C.S Lewis became one of the most influential contemporary Christian apologetics after rejecting God for over  half of his life. “”Now is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It won’t last forever. We must take it or leave it.”

 Charles Colson who during the Nixon administration was labeled by Slate magazine writer David Plotz as “the evil genius of an evil administration” and Nixons hard man. He did a lot of bad/dirty stuff in politics. But after reading Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis his whole life changed and in 1973 became a Christian and then become a leading evangelical Christian leader  dedicating  his life to the Lord.  In 1974 he went to jail and in 1976 after prison he created  Prison Fellowship , which today is “the nation’s largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families.” He received 15 honorary doctorates, wrote 30 books and was the recipient of some of the Salvation Armies top civic award and the worlds largest cash prize award the Templeton.

Colson was famously quoted in contemporary Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapmans song Heaven  in the real world as saying;

“Where is the hope? I meet millions of people who feel demoralized by the decay around us. The hope that each of us has is not in who governs us, or what laws we pass, or what great things we do as a nation. Our hope is in the power of God working through the hearts of people. And that’s where our hope is in this country. And that’s where our hope is in life.”

These men whose hearts were once black came to know Christ and went on to make the world a better place in the name of God.I want all enemies to have a radical transformation and go on to better our world. I want to be a part of praying for that chance. Do I forgive my enemies? Do I pray for them and that God will work in them? Absolutely! I don’t forget about them and act like nothing happened anymore. I do the best thing I can for them and the best most powerful thing that I can do for all of us , I hope and pray for their salvation not for their downfall.  It is that simple.

How gay rights organizations have gone too far

    TACTICS USED BY gay rights legal organizations cross the line
For the past few years ridiculous lawsuits created by groups of people who illegally force their own beliefs onto people to participate in as a national activity are one of the most destructive vocal groups in our country today.  The two main groups who are brainwashing society just as Slave owners did by telling everyone “hey it doesn’t harm a thing” are abortionists and the (NOT ALL gay PEOPLE!!) gay organization. There is no one I hate but man do I hate perversion of truth. When any group bullies another by demanding they submit to the groups beliefs if anyone refuses they’ll ruin their life, that group should not be allowed any rights. And besides its a clear violation of the First Amendment and the clause in it that says the government shall not favor one religion over another nor can they set up LAWS in favor of one religion!People will argue that gay-isms not a religion. The definition of religion is – an organized collection of beliefs, scrupulous conformity, a group or cause having same interest, beliefs and world views. Religion means fanatical in practices and beliefs and is all inclusive.

As more and more small business owners whose integrity and beliefs won’t be manipulated into submission, who provide excellent business are being eradicated and defamed by frivolous “discrimination” lawsuits. One cake baker in Colorado who is dealing with harassment and a lawsuit that threatens to put him out of business and in jail because he doesn’t make gay wedding cakes is     Jack Phillips  .  He said it best ,he is a Christian and providing a cake would be to participate in an activity that goes against his faith his morals (his rights) and most importantly the Word of God. He isn’t asking for anything gays aren’t-to live his life, not just on occasion but completely as his belief dictates.What’s funny is that Colorado doesn’t even allow gay marriage. This is a blatant case of bullying. I mean come on nearly every single person has been told no from some business …so they just go find another!!

The gay legal organizations claims in their lawsuits  that Christians or anyone who refuses to participate in their religion is “pushing” their beliefs down their throat. These are the same group who pushed for a law to have homosexuality taught in kindergarten to 12th grade(California).  But still all other minority history, the people who helped build this country is discarded along with the very historical factual Bible.How unbelievably selfish and cruel for these adults to have such a need to involve children in their adult issues? The kids can’t even do math and yet are FORCED to learn about sex. HOW is this law NOT pushing their beliefs onto society? TV and movie characters glorify gay-ism, while every other minority who number in the millions  living  in every city in america continue to be forced to watch film and tv displaying white morons  acting out  same old story lines. How about gays ordering government to include objects of their belief be on display in their offices?

 Elaine Huguenin is the co-owner of Elane Photography along with her husband. Their small business is based in New Mexico. In 2006, standing firm on moral integrity and her obedience to God, would not photograph a gay wedding. In 2013… New Mexico’s highest law ruled Elaine broke the Human rights Act. Which is ridiculous on so many levels, the first being the suit itself is  discriminatory and a violation of the Bill of Rights… which was used to enable the plaintiff to bring suit in the first place–so that voids out the whole legal system. Another case of blatant bullying. Huguenin even found them another less expensive photographer!


But what this all comes down to is this group has opened the door abuse. This is what our ignorant judicial system is granting:  The KKK can go to Xavier College and demand financial support from the United Negro College Fund. Men can demand  women “service” them.  Refusal to do so is exactly the same case circumstances as gay legals are winning on. The modeling industry can face trillions of dollars in fines for blatant violation of The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the AARP. Harvard and Yale and other top universities can’t say no to applicants because of lack of funds (while in 2010, 79% of students born into the top income quartile in the U.S. obtain bachelor’s degrees only 9.4% came from families under $ 33,000). The Metropolitan Club in New York HAS to get rid of their exclusion of women and non million or billionaires and others they say CANT gain  entrance. Any thing any one in our nation who say We don’t/You can’t.. is subject to having cases filed against them. This is the tactics gays have been using to win for years and our courts say it’s ok.

SO think back over your life to every business that has said “your not the type of person we’re looking for” and have a blast!

Remember what World is life


Each day is a  welcomed challenge to remember upon waking what each of us has known from birth and what each Christian must hold on to.

To remember that this world man calls reality is nothing more than fantasy

a world comprised  of rules and trials, traditions and rituals

of holidays and vacations and  schedules

tasks kept in time on clocks made from human hands

tick toc- tick toc; ticking away our day  demanding obedience of our conscious and our hearts

chipping away at our life in a constant  symphony of distractions,

souless activities of which the ends provide nothing of salvation and prosperity

but instead beg us to exchange that eternity by coaxing us to listen away Power and Truth

with the hot breath of streaming lies used for

weaving temptations  into dances and waltzing us straight into hell

Every Day the Cross

Though the enemy is all around me

I live in victory

standing, washed by the blood

My Savior gave and

died to save me

free me from

everything mans world thrives to destroy us in

he folds His arms around me

Strengthens me with His grace

it burns so boldly within me

protecting me from the evil this world so eagerly embraces

i was drowning in

brought  down by

smothered in


selfish neediness

swimming in pools of human cells

listening to the diseased vocabulary

spewed out

spilled forth from

deceitful lips

hiding behind beguiling smiles

a kind of ugly makeup

covering up nothing greater than

the wisdom

fools prides themselves kings of

believing fortune is found within mankind

there is no rebirth in fairy tales and wallstreet

it’s  found at the feet of the cross

The Man, the Son of God sent to save us all

our sins cleaned up white

a new creature

a bold new life

that old life disgusts me

the sins I used to indulge in

while saying out loud

what a good person I am

The Spirit opened my eyes to the truth

it’s a new world i walk in

shrouded in

a simplicity of beauty missed by so many

who are burning out

chasing after a quick fix to satisfy a moment, a person, a trend, a belief, a statement, a law ,a rule

another man or women

this fleeting life

make it burn bright

outside of yourself

the real prize is beyond our needs

don’t be a slave to lists ,institutions and religions  that dictate the day to you

give up the chains

see beyond the obessive greediness

give graciously

temporary is any  personal pleasure, accommodation , jewel or stock

there isn’t any power in the tangible

it all means nothing when death constantly hovers over you

waiting to take you back

naked as the day you were born

you can choose

this is His gift to you

eternity in Heaven or hell


an existence in unimaginable fulfillment

or in unimaginable  constant pain

Land of Objects part 2

part two from freedom land


part two is about living in the land of illusion dedicated to objects-

Now we can’t hold this kind of thinking against the whole of a person
we’ve been born into a system that works hard to condition the mind
keep it inline with their guide about how we should live our life
tell us who, what and how to asses value
they provide the ladder for us to climb to keep us occupied
obsessed with achieving a fulfilled life chasing their version of what that means
but the systems manual leaves out the solution

the answer to fulfillment can’t be found in their book
so your kept in obedience to a crazed routine
-leading into financial, spiritual and physical ruin
their idea is so far implanted that people rarely see
that by living whats been taught as  “normal”  life and what defines success and happiness
they’ve given up their freedom to follow belief
thats been forced fed to them

that’s slavery,mental servitude

humans actually believing value should be measured by the
amount of labels they collect

seen advertised on billboards and commercials
laced with clever slogans some joker thought up in their companies urinal
written to stroke egos of individuals who’ve done nothing amazing
mesmerizing hypnotizing subduing intelligence
dumbing down the minds of americans
citizens of a 1st world power
industrialized and civilized freedom thinkers eager to use products to replace human character
“superficial” is the slogan sewed onto banners waived high in vulgar displays
as the rest of the world  cringes in disbelief  shaking their head disgusted by the acts of how the free world thinks
a deficient nation using objects not actions to define them
a distorted conclusion of character
value measured in purchases
individuals thinking their free
while layering themselves in materials to  mask or  make them into somebody

so millions of people buying the same thing for the same reasons from the same ol
thinking the same thing- trying to create a type of someone- trying to please the whims of
people catering to the thinking and views of others
because they’re lost
they want to find themselves but are clueless how to access true meaning of self worth
how to find the power within that strengthens them and gives them confidence to stand firm
in the truth without wavering, held fast to the point where they can’t be influenced by illusion

so there’s hope for people seeking  identity within objects
and for those people who actually think intelligence is an obvious reflection in how one dresses up their life

and when your bragging to your friends how independent you are how you’re the boss  over all of you

remember the land of objects the superficial fantasy world intent on keeping you obedient

to be continued….in another land…


Freedom Lands (pt.1)

(part one)

the freedom land  they’ve created and hope you never leave–

living within an illusion, a fabricated reality comprised of fictitious truths
versed into the mind
washed in since birth
burrowed so deep in subconsciousness
it becomes the institution to which you serve
vision blurred by human intent- on subduing independent thinking
trying to kill any desire to be more than mediocre
guilt you into self punishment for being different

something that never bothered you because you knew you were in the right lane to begin with

insist on you being complacent living life amongst the herd,
muzzling any words spoke needing to dwarf small talk and trying to smother the fake chit
chat chatted in airs attempting to cover their rampant self centerdness
their unyielding drive to conform, mold, melt you down into liquid
until you’re a little miniature model a
replicate, a perfect silent partner cohabiting with the rest lethargic civilians who
mindlessly drudge upon the carousel of fantasy
satisfied sitting on the sidelines of life worshiping hypocrisy
using relativism as an idol – the easiest way to coward out of accountability, melting into
the herd becoming nothingness living in bliss filled ignorance glowing goats
going to a fro accomplishing  nothing….that is their religion


don’t get stuck here-read the fine print found under “freedom”

(to be continued)

Exhilaration is..


Every now and then

you have to shift it  into 3rd

slide it into 4th

throw it over and drop it down into 5th

and race like the wind for awhile……….