Slave today, Slave tomorrow

Slave today, Slave tomorrow

seduction through code
twenty first century slaves
making love all day

Hate Burns Purity

hate burns purity

like a blood soaked kiss on snow

left stained until Spring

His Love saves

rabid love consumes
the shadow of a corpse moans
His Son breathes life in

Haiku, I Think I Love You


long my labors and no longer young
I remain even now, like Sogi on the move
from lodging to lodging
….Matsuo Basho

I thought this speaks for the internal and external, creative writing journey I am on now

A haiku ( states “technically it is not a hokku since it lacks a seasonal word )that “emphasis not only the hardships, traveling beggar-poets endured in their search for inspiration from the visissitudes of nature, but also their restless efforts to improve their art-their search for the perfect poem expressing precisely what they saw, thought, felt, and meant.”.. Sanford Goldstien & Seishi Shinoda

I am immersing myself in hokku/haiku. My interest in this form of poetry (not to mention my extreme love and interest in antique Japanese woodblock, screen, calligraphy, actually all forms of  Japanese art! I’ve always hearted, is ignited again) … has been re-peaked since becoming more aware by the recent glimpses through posts and pages that have caught my eye, seeing the passion found for it here on WordPress and Blogspot. And from these places, I have been  tracing it to The Haiku Society and other passionate groups I’ve crisscrossed online. “The Haiku Society of America spent two years and used 20,000 words in letter exchanges among authorities before reaching a dictionary definition for haiku (The Classic Tradition of Haiku, Dover Thrift). ” !!!!!

Since writing my first poem in Kindergarten with ten words, “I love bread and cheeses, I love God and Jesus”  my passion for short, and to the point poems, have never really ventured into really lengthy poems of emotion and observations. And that is something  I am trying to work out in exercises. Also because of the way my mind is “working” since that whole, left- side paralyzing, obscene pick ax to the brain episode I wrote about (sending out an  sos to my brain) I think creating (attempting) haiku’s would be a great exercise for rehabilitating my creativity without frustrating me to the point of tears.

I want to thank Trifectra for having the haiku challenge and all of the writers that participated, and also the wonderful writers over at dVerse from whom exposed me to more haiku!!:) So I’m looking forward to seeing if this will be a help for producing poems more consistently.  It’s always been hard for me to write unless I’ve been thunderstruck for better or worse. keep on keeping on :)



Trifecta Haiku


                                                              Trees like skeletons

                                                         wait patiently to be clothed

                                                                buried deep in snow

This  isTrifecta’s  Trifextra: Week Eight-Three Challenge,  create a Haiku. I wish I had mine from 3rd grade so !! I  think they were a lot easier for me as a kid to create!