Beauty Companies and Their Bull













There’s something fishy-

about companies that put out “new” or “new and improved” products  a couple times a year. Today Im  talking about  a couple of companies who’ve been around a long time and who are sold to the most people and used in markets that demand perfection. I’m telling you there  never is  any “new” product. I bet companies have a holding facility full of various items, altered versions of the same one product just waiting to be released after their last “new” version  launched met their goal for revenue. Take Makeup for example.

Take L’Oreal. You can’t believe that the worlds largest cosmetics company a business over 100 years old has never hired one women in all that time who hasn’t thought up a liquid eye pencil that’s thick like a marker-so you can create thick lines (blackbuster). You can’t believe that no makeup artist in the world who’ve been making those thick lines on models eyelids for ever, never said -“hey why don’t we make this thin liquid marker..thick.”?? But if that is true and no one from  the billion dollar makeup industry ever thought up the obvious -why the heck do we continue to keep them in business? Why do we excuse them for not creating the best to begin with especially when its an idea  that a lot of kindergarten girls would think of? Or are we the consumers the dumb ones and companies know that and therefor can keep up their blatant stupidity (which is really a cover) concerning their business  because we are just too desperate and lazy and needing to be led by the hand to bother with expecting perfection?

Another company I’m mentioning is Unilever. Remember the commercial with Heidi Klum that accuses all of US for treating the wrong end of our hair?  Notice how the company comes out with this “new” line within a market they should be well educated about by now, and right in our face calls themselves and the knowledge they’ve possessed, this billion dollar giant of a company- stupid?And I’ve no idea why a “super model” would ever confess that they had no idea about hair care. And they get paid  by companies that don’t require them to know anything about the product their selling.

Unilever sells to over 190 countries, to over 2 billion people, 400 different products along with hair and beauty care, under DOVE, FINESSE,NEXXUS,SUAVE, TRESSAME ,V05-along with-food, home care and oral care. They made over 69 billion in sales 2012. It introduced its Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy line to the USA after success in 42 other countries. Gina Boswell VP of Unilever NA unit called the Clear line “revolutionary.”

See how they try to distract from what they should have known as common sense and “duhhh”  and label it  revolutionary in hoping that that word will grab your “I gotta get this” thinking and you won’t catch their obvious idiocracy. These commercials state that the major hair and beauty lines we fund are actually and totally run by  nitwits who are soo not qualified to be making beauty products for humans. it’s like Dr.s today-they give you combined chemicals fused in laboratories and made into pills, some are completely hypothesized some just replicas of what is readily available in nature…and these pills, created by people who believe they can improve on perfection- prescribe them to you and tell you there an AID not the REMEDY! Our Dr.s don’t even claim to be able to cure–and that’s their job! There’s alot of people selling things that are half-ass products and we accept it!

Now think about this- A global company who have their hand in a diverse group of countries where the beauty habits of people go back 1000s of years haven’t utilized that wisdom. This company making some of the top hair products used in salons and in the fashion industry for decades BELIEVED that the ends of your hair, the hair that dies, dries and is cut off-is where you are supposed to nourish so that the moisture will climb up the dead damaged hair shafts ends into your roots then scalp and magically stimulate the tissue in turn stimulate the blood supply that is responsible for nourishing your hair. That’s like saying you’ll absorb the nutrients of an apple by looking at it.

The second reason you shouldn’t buy from them is that out of the 252 manufacturing sites around the world -“more than half send no non- hazardous waste to landfills.” Unilever website…. Right there they TELL you that their products contain crap that isn’t even safe for the ground to consume.
For what reason would a company need to own many different brands of products that are used for the same thing? How can there be a great difference between Nexxus and Clear Scalp line? This tells you that they are all about the money and not about your needs.  By adding one ingredient here that the other product doesn’t have and you can come up with endless ways to produce many variations off one product—totally unnecessary and stupid.

The other thing that throws up red flags is that beauty products are used by professionals who charge exorbitant amounts of money for their service. Now you’d hope that they know their trade inside and out. So they would know what is needed in products to work. Now are these huge companies just ignorant to their own business and hire unqualified specialists to create products with total disregarded to what professionals have requested in them?-like a hairstylist would know without doubt that putting products on ends of hair isn’t going to do anything for the health of the whole head from scalp to bottom. Or are these companies bottom line really titled-“we know how gullible consumers are so it doesn’t mater how full of toxic non effective crap we produce, you’ll buy and we’ve got the billions in revenue to prove it. We’re going to keep reinventing the same thing and leave it just short of working perfectly so we can come out and convince you we’ve finally got our crap together and promise this time it will work for you.”

But just like synthetic medicine, they’ll keep you coming back for more and keep you believing with empty promises that this time they’ve got what you need and they’ve made it right.

Ugly Clothes from Yesteryear now Cool?

80’s and 90’s clothes are back with a vengeance. But why do they look great on people now? Whenever I watch a movie from those eras I cringe at their clothes! Take Steel Magnolias for instance (watching now) Shirley MacLaines character is wearing shirts and trousers that are “in fashion” now yet- ouch! they don’t look so hot on her! Is it because we got rid of the out of control big hair styles and lame dye jobs?

And how can trendy be called trendy when most every style has been ripped off from previous decades? I don’t see how stylists like Rachel Zoe can be recognized as “stylist of the moment” or whatever the title is that they’re giving out to designers these days, when their clothes are copycats. I don’t know where I was going with this thought. I know I mentioned it before. Anywho, I was just wondering what makes hideous clothes from decades past now cool-er.

Where is our Fashion Hero!

So are fashion designers really talented or are they just semi talented? restricted to dressing up only female sticks with perfect skin? If a sample size is a 2 and that hasn’t changed in 50 years but the female figure as we well know has changed drastically, then why do sample sizes stay the same? Can fashion designers expand beyond dressing a poll? Are they handicapped by the female curve? Are they restricted to a smooth only canvas on which to paint? -do they get all confused like a water painter sometimes do when facing a collage of textured surfaces? Will no one be able to dress the gabillions of average female bodies walking around with their hemlines crying for help? Will females forever walk around in ill fitting duds, too long of pants, too ill fitting of blouses with buttons popping and bras peaking? Who will step forward and venture to say “I can dress curves and paint the pimpled masses.”

Fashion Fashion whose got the fashion??

Ok so I do this to myself every year concerning fashion. January and february I get crazy withdrawals from not seeing color and not  smelling fresh yum nature smells…and I want to shop and get some fresh shirts or something. I literally spend most of the winter in sweats because the clothes industry is dead these 2-3 months…why???? I don’t know -and why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do these billion dollar industry people not realize the whole country is not NOT  experiencing all the same degree of   “degrees” outside! awhhh these people need their own makeover and update on what is what, where is where and how to create for different environmental temperatures!! HELLO

awwwh! so I end up buying stupid stuff (just a few I’m way not rich here!) just something to make me feel alive during the dred time of winter. Well now spring is peaking its head out, the birds are beginning to get more lively and I can actually smell a little freshness clinging to the coolish breeze whipping around my head. BUT what happens????? all of the cloths stores are stocking last years fashions that were dying to make it on the front rack/ page . those horrible short shirts in front and long in the back!!! ug and ug and uggg! when will the fashion industry start to take the men out of women and actually make some fresh feminine clothes that have not been resurrected from the graves of the 70s 80’s 90’s (blahhh but quality proficient just look at banana republic as example of a company who, in the 90s early 2000’s the clothes were interesting and really high quality now they are almost at the bottom of that to roll way down the fashion hill )   and 2000’s. I mean why are these industries making money off of copy-fashioning!!  every stores stock looks the same!!! literally nothing out there unless you’re going to spend 500 $ for a tee! And the people who pick out the clothes just pick out what THEY want to wear or what THEY think is cool, NOT what the public would actually feel fabulous wearing!!

AND I”M SICK OF SEEING THE SAME  DAM STYLE THING EVERYWHERE !!! I want my own seamstress (cause I can’t sew) I mean I had better clothes way back when….-but for the last decade I’d say the clothes industry has gone down down down and they only operate in two modes—tweeny and frumpy!!!

1Thats my fashion spat about that!

Now here is a women, who which most real life, regular sized women look like, boobs, hips, very feminine and you can see what the dress looks like on a real women. the models companies have showing off their clothes, that  they’re trying to shove down our throat are just not real they are just stick figure, flat as a pancake every which way you cut it-crap body representations for the masses!! (absolutely no offense to the models, this is your bosses fault not yours, your beautiful honeys don’t change a thing

The Hamster Wheel of (False) Beauty

Happy Teusday!

Yesterday I was rattling on about the nonsense of beauty product companies and I forgot to  wrap it up with the point in my mind that had originally crrossed it.

The beauty industry have brainwashed people so much into thinking they need to be someone other than they are people are on this constant hampster beauty regime wheel.

Older women/men (in some industries this could be as young as 30) try to, by spending billions of $ and hours that literally add up to months of their life,  and believing – through the mags, movies ect. that highlight only about 25 “beautiful” looks out of 7 billion to look 20 because a handful of companies NOT run by the wisest, smartest and kindest of humans tell us that this is what we should all look like for our whole life which is absolutely insane and impossible -Even scientist for all of those who believe they are the know it all of the world, know this is an impossibility!!!!!

Sooo  while we  miss out on our real current, present age, we will grow older, try harder to look younger and before we know it we are 80 years old looking back to age 40 and think “why the heck did I not just enjoy the beauty of LIFE? why did I waste all of that money and years of my life trying to impress people who are now gone or dead?”

And that is the  original thought that wooshed across my mind-the beauty hamster wheel.