Who is to Blame for Pain and Suffering and the Best Plan of Defense


Everyone goes through difficult times in their life in various forms of traumas, heartbreaks, sickness,pain, betrayals and disappointments. Maybe your going through a painful time in a relationship, family, work or school. You could be going through emotional or financial loss. You’re hurt confused and angry. Maybe your situation is so dire you’ve been walking around with a leaking faith tank mad and frustrated with God. Maybe you’re wondering why is this happening to you why is God letting you suffer? But just who is to blame for pain and suffering in the world? It’s almost comical how many Christians are so quick to blame God knowing what the Word says from the 100s of hours they spend studying it and without so much a remembrance or reference to the cause of it all, the devil, is worthy of eyeball rolling. We have to remember the Christian life is a life of tribulation.

Why is this? Spiritual gullibility has a lot to do with it. Churches preach dainty, cotton, candy sermons always sunny side up laced with prosperity get blessed quick schemes that makes Christianity feel like an after school club where the requirements of membership is a bowl of potato salad once awhile for the monthly pot luck! If Christianity was that laid back and if God was so easily satisfied and pleased with a no brainer, takes no effort tribute (such has become the twisted modern day tithe) then every person in congregations in America would be millionaires and not just the ministers! God isn’t calling you to prosper materialistically as the church so wants you to believe,God doesn’t want or need our money, He wants our love and obedience. He tells us over and over money isn’t important for us. He wants us to prosper spiritually and we can’t do that if we’re not taught how to fuel our spirit, how to stand firm in it and how to defend it!

free will

What Christians understand;
That for now the devil rules the world, we are all born from sin and have a sin nature and God has given man free will. That’s quite a recipe for evil to prevail. We’re given a choice live for good or evil. And good isn’t easy. And  here in the darkness is where Christianity thrives, we are the lampposts in the world,it’s here in the midst of chaos the strong and faithful are separated from the lukewarm and it is here we prevail and persist to attain to the prize, the awesome gift of heaven. Continue reading

The Blood Moon’s Real Meaning




     Divine Sign for Israel? Hagee Explains Blood Moon : CBN talks to Pastor John Hagee February 4, 2014

Seeing  4 Blood Moons consecutively is rare and they coincide with Bible prophecies including Revelations.  Like tonight”s they will appear on Jewish Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. I am not proficient in prophecy so I will give you links to professional articles from the worlds leading experts on Biblical Prophecy.

 ITBN is an excellent source of Videos  for learning from the world’s most qualified experts on Biblical Prophesy.

Perry Stone, Hal Lindsey, John Hagee, are three world know and respected writers on  Biblical Prophecy.

These Blood Moons Are in The Bible.  Over the past few millenniums, since the Bible’s beginning,  Bible prophecy has been 100% accurate.


Where is the Bible in World History Class

Looking back at grade school and the history that was taught, I do not recall any chapter or week where the life of Christ was taught. I remember Egyptian history with all their gods and symbols. There was a little Greek mythology with their gods and I think that the Roman gods were mentioned when we learned about planets. I can’t remember everything but I do know for a fact Jesus and the true God of the universe was not taught.

I can not understand, when the Bible is factually accurate in every ancient site and event depicted it is literally not included in World History class. Maybe some schools do teach it. I can’t understand why schools have no problem including the teachings about false gods when time lining over histories cultures. Is it because they know they have nothing to fear by doing so? Its not like they have to worry about offending those gods and provoking a famine on the town.

Is it because deep down people know God IS all powerful that they don’t dare teach on something they have trouble believing in and fear the repercussions of their faithlessness showing up in their life?

There are so many amazing true (facts have all been accounted for) stories of people, great and weak, of outrageous battles and glorious victories, of miracles and of sorrows. It is the only book where we can see exactly what it is to be human with all of our strengths and weaknesses. We are today exactly how people 2000 plus years ago where. We just have indoor plumbing and AC. It is in this Book where everything is answered on how to overcome our every day individual and social battles.

It seems so crazy not to have this book as required reading when it contains the most valuable information for our lives. Maybe that is why it is not taught, without it some people know that is what keeps a people down. It is control of the masses so the world does not get to “smart” and jeopardize the exclusiveness some big wigs selfishly hoard.

I can’t think of any reason except fear why the Bible is not included in History class when it has had more impact on the world than any other cultural timeline. Maybe because it is well known that history is full of lies written by various men who altered it for their own gain. I mean how many kids were taught that columbus was a murderous evil person who hacked off the hands and legs of native children? And the USA still celebrates him. You can not lie with the Bible because its all there unaltered for centuries (Of course people manipulate even that cut and dry Word for gain but its not like we can’t check it for ourselves).


Yesteryears Prophecy is Today’s reality

If you’re like me and new (or new but old or old but new) to the BiBle, Charles F. Stanley has a book out–Life Principles Daily Bible; Bibilcal principles for Each Day of the Year….Now before my eyes were re open by God (born again) I had the dardest time reading the Bible. Nothing made sense and it was hard to decipher on my own. So I have a lot of catching up to do and I thought besides having the Bible I’d get other books about it and read-read-read. This book is a read about 15 minutes a day, daily Bible so I’m on April 5, today’s date (the book goes a page or so for each day of the calendar year.) Well today’s passage is from Deuteronomy 31-32:52. Now when you get to Deuteronomy 32 you’ll be blown away because it is like Moses, who is speaking to the assembly of Israel, is speaking to the USA in present time. seriously.

Get the Book read this passage. I’ve never read anything from 2,000 years ago (except the Bible, and like I said I’m catching up, I know there are many examples of prophecies being filled now that were foretold then but this is the first time I read it on my own instead of hearing it from a Leader on TV, the whole 9/11 and the rock they used and the tree they planted after it happened ! That is a crazzeee example, but anyway) that I felt was written, like, yesterday!

Deuteronomy 32.!!!!!!!

P.S I’m having so much fun reading the Book, because now the words don’t seem all jumbled. I now I’m a late bloomer but I am soo happy that I am finally getting it! And what is cool about reading this inparticular book is that you know millions are reading it right along with you!

Children of God

I am watching the Bible, and it brings me to another subject with “do church go’ers and priests, reverends from all of the different religions that are in it for the same thing even read the Bible before throwing stones at glass house? –The word “bastard” or “illegitimate” are obsolete words. Everyone knows that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. The King of Kings, Gods only Son. Now God could have chosen a married couple and the women would have never of had to face such animosity and betrayal of love from her family and friends who were so quick to judge her (and I’m sure they called themselves religious people). But once again God shows us He is a God of the people, of all people. You need not be under any kind of label (rich or educated within a building, ect. ect) to be able to receive Gods love, Promise and Forgiveness. It doesn’t mater how you came into this world -you are a child of God and no one has the right to stick some man made up  label on you OTHER than that.