it’s something

talking to this itch…

It’s hard to say when I’ll be back

coming from a place I haven’t left

When the mood  quivers?

when the dam breaks?

when the heart beats ?

reach toward the sky

climb out from under the stale air


nothing is left, nothing is left

growth needs nurturing refreshing freshness

a change of skin

something never experienced, is that  possible?

the death of silence

that’s the prayer request


Dive into Life

     The sea where I stand

    as Its tongue meets the sand

      I drink in life’s possibilities

Unfinished Buisness

Long I have walked

still not knowing

which way to go

scenes passing from shattered memories

longing to escape…….

..and that’s all she wrote..I can’t seem to add on, so until we meet again, 5 lines make this thought

Universal Love


slipping again

melting within
nothing left from lying in
a metal heap

hanging from the moon beam
dangling down and tingling,  nothing is what it seems

nowhere to land
a 1,000 grains of sand
sting my eyes

flying sideways
he’s in my gaze
his hazy lazy love’s
setting my heart ablaze