Death Before First Breath

What I’m writing here isn’t a judgement on those who’ve had an abortion. This country has a twisted way of bringing up it’s youth on the morals and values of the devil. By the time most of us realize that what we’ve done, what we’ve been taught to believe or to think or how to feel about something, isn’t in the realm of normal, but in fact is an act which leads down a road paved with fools gold right into hell. The only way to see this world for the truth that it is, is NOT to be of it.

We’ve lost touch with the human in all of us. Instead we rely on so called experts and machines to tell us its definition and even then we narrow it down to fit our need and conscious so that we feel soothed and comforted about all the very abnormal decisions we make. This false sense of security enables fools to spread their propaganda with confidence and this country loves a fool.

People never needed to know that life existed within the womb of a pregnant women before the technology to see so was invented. Technology isn’t always good and all technology having to do with the whole creation of life has made monsters and fools of a so called “advanced” peoples. 2,000 years ago, the Bible tells of a prophet called John was born to Zachari and Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s age was well over that of a fertile women but the Lord heard the prayers of His faithful servants and blessed the couple. In the book of Luke we read about an angel of the Lord appearing to Zachari and in one verse Luke 1:15 says


“For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even in his mothers womb.”

When Mary, Elizabeth’s cousin came to visit her in her sixth month Elizabeth said in Luke 1:44

“For lo as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.”

( and here we know Elizabeth was sixth months pregnant Luke 1:36)

Here, written 2,000 years ago is an account of proof that people knew life began at conception. Why would the God of the universe give the Holy Spirit to a human still in the womb of a women if, as, Family Planning and all in agreement with this twisted organization claim that life does not begin until after birth? Family planning says it knows more than God. So to0 does anyone that agrees with abortion. That’s a pretty cocky and stupid statement.

America is built on the Bible, it is built under God-this fact isn’t debatable. If you don’t like it move. But when the American government allows the devil and all of his minions in the form of agencies and organizations and in individuals to set their opinions over the perfect truth and Law of God- which is the Law the United State of America was founded under by brave men and women, we don’t have an America anymore but something weak and obsessed with using lies and deceit to build something perverse.

The truth is life begins at conception. Ask yourself if your mother had an abortion, would you be here right now? The fact that there exists abortion mills and that men and women are trained to dissect a human unto death and it’s not called murder, the fact that millions of people who call themselves Christian or Catholic or any other denomination under God they think up-and that these mills are accepted is an atrocity. This is a tribute to our humanity, color it any way you want, it’s a technology and mindset worthy only of that of garbage scum.

What is Memorial Day for











Before the night sky fills with brilliant colorful speckles eager to serenade the earth as they wize their way up cracking and poping against the calm, dancing their jig under the stars in an explosion of ohhs and ahhs, before the notes forming the ballads of the titans blast forth and out of hibernation from a cool steal lair by an anxious force of air turning breath into sounds demanding respect; we all stand up straighter at attention and give it to the only substance capable of uniting the whole country and silencing the pockets of protesters whaling incessantly about some gobeldy gook; Will you pause in between packing the beer coolers and shopping the mall and used car sales that have overrun this special day now forced to share with product placement ads 21st century style, pause to remember why you are able to participate in all of this plastic meaninglessness?


Through the noise knocking into the of eardrums of the crowd and sending its vibrations deep down into the soul effectively stirring distinctive but distant emotions forgotten and dusty slumbering within unused cells for the purpose of saving the memory of a primitive and powerful warrior self once existing solely for its own survival and thrill of the hunt. But this is an age where warriors are few, the definition having been boiled down into made up characters exploding in the allotted hour  during prime time and glorified on the tele.  While the real ones  morph into everything every man secretly wishes he was -who american men try to impersonate by creating security systems in their home to  convinces himself he’s doing everything he can to protect his family deep down  knows their protection has nothing to do with his strength, it’s bigger than he, it is bigger than all of us living out our lives in a fantasy type existence in easy breazy land. This country knows it is nothing, nothing without these warroirs.  Our thanks is evident in the moment a year we set aside to make a shout out to them – but our thanks is even more evident in this fact, while we go about in the privileges of the day made possible by them,

……they sleep under concrete skies wrapped in the black of the night where for many a slight breeze is all that touches them, to remind them that they are still alive,

Are these Warriors important enough to think upon between the beer and the beach? While they parade down streets will you take the time to talk to one and ask his story? Will you see the old Warriors, the broken , those who are forever changed and who’ve lost an innocence that only war can take away, will you be moved by what they do for you? This is their weekened this is their small thank you and the nation crashes into their honor in this celebration by featuring slashed product prices, apple pies and coolers of beer and a long weekend as reasons to rejoice.

Coddled citizens, so in love with fantasy and self interests some day Warriors will not be enough to protect all the petty little nuances packaged pretty and tightly into compartments containing various labeled freedoms; all the ridiculousness you hold soo dear…. Those victories you enjoy that let you do what you want in this country? They aren’t victories that you’ve won you can’t take any of it for yourself -you’d never have gotten as far as you have without them;
Warriors dripping red, blazing in glory, marching over ants flag in hand raised high for citizens sleeping cozy in their bed. Pray for them,let your voice become a participant of action reminding our govermnet not to disgard these, the champions who pay for that half ass luxururious position you’ve settled into safely high above the Masses-they pay for it all with their souls – honor Them, this easy breezy life we all live isn’t due credit to ourselves, honor and remember these Warriors, defender and protector of this our special and fragile USA



How Will You Respect Your Inner Courage?

Let Your Courage OUT of its Cage

To ask the Questions
NO One dares even nod at
in possibility of Its existence

ROAR out TRENDLESS answers
Let the RESTLESSNESS consume you
from RELENTLESS pursuits seeking out every known fact
with a clear, unbiased, truth sight conscious
leading to forming words up and into
a building with a solid foundation
unwilling to sway with the tides
unyielding in exploration until the solution
the remedy is absolute!

Aren’t you sick of discarding diseased filled band aids one after another?
are you sick yet from overflowing pus seeping through technology?
Hired hands reel-ing same old horse crap that the gossipy, sedative minds of Americans
gobble down like crack
making it the importance that surrounds their disillusioned lives
while spending their sad money on nothing and no one that benefits it
as the rest of the world moves forward into an unstable an fearsome reality
that is the 21 century

sleeping warriors of old weep
seeing all of their sacrifices for a better existence burned in effigy
States full of laughing wallowing citizens bragging on an intelligence
outshined only by Its lack of literacy
and having no idea of the imminent danger they’ve allowed to infiltrate

re read war history; Bait and Bleed, Occupy the heavens to cross the Ocean
this foolish nation proudly showing off how they spend freedom
marching, shouting, rallying and whining over he called/she called me
disrespecting, breaking,tearing down and congesting the very system
the priceless Constitution written to protect them
while evil sits back wiping Its clean, work free hands in amusement
as all implications planned out long ago reach approving heights

Open your eyes and see life through 2 windows
one left one right
both peering out with child like sight

The simple…
beautiful orderly, strategically, magnificently, radically, intricately, marvelously
purposely, positioned is
AS the complexity of such simple things leave humanity
perpetually scratching at their head
pen in other as laws are written
with a thousand pages just to explain how to wipe our ass
if officials have to baby its citizens its time to send these overpaid dillywaggers packing

Dust of the Armour each is given that’s just stored -not lost within us
gear up the brain for battle
no breathing disproportionate skewed truth should remain alive
turn the tide back toward a required life lived in honor and faith
we are the most powerful created creatures in the universe
dive in deeper under the sludge of mainstream and plug into
the absolute brilliance that is you!!

2 Cents in While Sippin Herbs

I have to add more of my two cents in for the last post I wrote –Just a Thought on More Ridiculousness because I was all riled up and had some wordy inserts to add. But now I’m a simmering with some rosemary and jasmine tea (makes me kind of mellow, even though it should do the opposite but that’s normal for me) and have forgotten all the funky words that appear when I’m riled up so bear with.

The enemy is not the person telling you how it is..aka the truth. The enemies are not the ones who are doing the right thing. The enemies are not the people whose opinions on subjects that hurt no one, differ from yours.

Just as you choose to think your way the next person has as much right to choose theirs. We are all in this nation together. It is on our shoulders -the downfall of us or the success because there isn’t any level of accomplishment or victory or admiration  a half assed nation can boast about.

Nothing can get accomplished when people bring others to court, jamming the system, with such trivial things like….”my neighbor doesn’t mow his grass” or ” the hot coco I drank was hot”

and more important yet open and shut arguments like ” a baby isn’t alive at five months even though I can see it on the screen moving and the mommas since humanity began say they can feel it from day one, I want it killed now because my client and her idiot family did nothing to prepare her for what happens when women have sex ..with a man that is not their soul-mate husband..and and because some churches have brainwashed their congregation into believing babies are bad even though they prey to Mary and “love” Jesus even though she was NOT married when she got pregnant, my client can not be responsible for hypocrisy and lastly my client just isn’t feelin it right now same way a murder isn’t feelin for his inconvenient victim, got me there judge?”.

or “look I don’t believe in God, I can’t explain millions of records of interactions people have had with Him but I want that Book, which I understand has been proved even by scientists to be accurate and true, out of every place of learning and knowledge, out of the nations hands of free will that is to choose for themselves to believe or not. I may be narrow-minded and against anything  for humanity that is for its highest greatness of successful  prosperity to be enjoyed by everyone in this nation…and I know there are thousands of documents stating from all kinds of people from the most famous  to the most humble and simple of people that by God they owe all of their happiness and amazing out of this world success to. Yet I, will not be shut up-ed, I am the victim here and I will keep whining (that’s how all wise, awesome, respected, really cool people get things done) till you give in judge..judge of all that is fair and just” …..

or “Guns kill I’m not debating that fact I’m not arguing its the hand of man that pulls the trigger, but its our right to have weapons of mass destruction, yes yes they may tare and shred the very fabric of society  causing permanent damage to the hearts and minds of the innocent. In a way I’m kind of proud to be that man that has a part in grooming them to grow up gun lovin blastin anywhere and anyone but I’ve no part in gunners and wack job TV shows that in-bed in their little, mold-a ble brains that shooting all up high and hungry is the cool thing to do!  And none of that changes the fact that I want my gunny gun, see if I have a gun then he can have a gun we all can have a gun and I get my right to shoot it in their face if they step on my grass..God bless america I say guns for all and you’re the sucker for not taking part in this ridiculousness”

America we keep saying how fab we all are, the whole world knows we think it, it’s not a secret….but when are we going to actually start walking the walk and talking the talk? The whole world wonders while shaking their head hiding a flicker of a sniker at all of our ridiculousness that is just crippling us and it’s all caused by the mouth of fools.

Baby got Bible

Hello, Hello,

I’m telling you, there is just an amazing awakening happening with the world and it is Fantastic! I think we are all sick and tired of acting and thinking way below our awesome selves, we’ve gotten to be a pretty pathetic and selfish world -But we are coming back to what is the only thing that is all that matters…GOD and our life in HIM.

I want to just mention this to everyone who does not have Jesus Christ as their savior and is like a budda or jewish or whaterver any of those other religions are.

Now for jews. you don’t believe Jesus died yet because you can’t understand why a man of simple birth would go through everything he did? You don’t believe a man could be Jesus is that right? Along those lines? Well Jesus for one is no simple man. And how else could he come to earth so that ALL of humanity could relate and understand Him? If He came as a king all fancied out than how could man, from a mother in the house down to the sewer worker relate to Him. That would isolate a lot, practically everyone of us! And that is how I can simple y explain it in a few short sentences, but think about it because some people can’t understand why he wasn’t here as a “king” as in the human definition of “king.” God is for EVERYONE!

Ok second, for those of you who believe in any other god. Well God died for us, what did your god do? Jesus was prophesied hundreds if not thousands of years before His coming, to be born, die FOR US, and RISE again FOR US! What does your god do for you?

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that in a quick sort of way.

Joel Osteen is great for explaining in the present and Dr. Charles Stanley is awesome for explaining the Bible in such an easy and explosive way Joyce Meyers is fantastic at telling it how it is, Pastor Joseph Prince is fun and informative, Kerry Shook is so relatable and easy going- and the list goes on. TBN is an amazing station with sooo much information about soo many things having to do with The Bible, which goes into our Health, and finances and just everything good for our life. Just try out the station or go online and watch broadcastings! Plus for any donation you receive all kinds of DVDs, CD, books, soo much free information! Litterly its like having your very own Bible study college at your finger tips that anyone can afford!!!

No Worries

Hello and goodnight my fellow bloggies, just wanted to say I’m not picking on any one group at any one time. We are all humans, all in the same life within the same universe wanting wishing hoping and striving to better ourselves so that we can help eachother and obtain peace and harmony. Why do some people scoff at that rolling their eyes? What, if not peace is the alternative? I won’t accept destruction, evil and chaos to be the ultimate goal of the human race. But in order for us to defeat the evil and obtain a functional harmonious level of universal peace than we need to be honest. We can’t substitute, insert into, twit- book- face jam ,hash tag our way around it just to please x y or z type of people forgetting that which only maters in life- the Word of God. Honesty doesn’t work any other way than that of which is the full undiluted plain jane just good old simple truth. So when I point out some party acting ridiculous it is because simply that they are, its not a hate thing or a picking on thing so don’t point me out and shout pick pick picker snot bag hater. I’m not. I just am stating the facts jack. And I’m all for the sunny side of life, one for all and all for one.