asking for guidence first before I act

Decisions sign in the sky “3” So I have to get back to the subject I started on about how God opened my eyes and what has happened since. Well I’ll skip forward to the last few months. Never in my life had I asked for Jesus’ help in any decision, big or small that I had made. And for sure every time, every big decision I made whether it was making a purchase or dating someone it always ended in disaster, I’d regret the purchase and rue the day I met that specific person. I’d wring my hands, fall on my knees and beg the question WHY!

Well He said

“hey you talk to me you pray and thats all honkyee doree but you do it AFTER the act, how the heck can I guide you when you go off on your own and do your own thing!”

WOW! when my eyes where open I saw how ridiculous I had been with everything in my life. actually reckless is a more fitting word! So I began to ask Jesus for help in guiding me, and if I wanted something, nooo exaggeration I’d ask for help about things that would seem to some people as insignificant . But!!! My gosh! How easy things would fall into place. In a sense I cut out all the middle men (stress,worry, indecision..ect..) that would take up my time during the day and I’d say “I leave it in Your hands” and I’d do x y or z, leave it. And for the first time in my whole life things flowed positivly and easily!

We are not supposed to make decisions on our own because we are guided by a wonderful most powerful God and if we leave him out of our decision making then we “act the fool” and get junky merchandise and junky relationships!

So if your throwing your hands up to heaven and saying “WHY!!!!!!”  check to see If you asked for some guidance first, I guarantee a happier, free-er life if you are!


The God Way misunderstood

“ug christians, they’re all such losers, what a bunch of whiners, I’m hurting, I’m sad, I’m broken.” …Yes I’ve heard people say that living God’s way is for losers. And to that I say , well show me one human on this earth who are not “losers.” We all have stumbled, we are all stumbling and we all will stumble sometime before we die. What human has not felt: pain, sorrow, regret, anger, disappointment, frustrations and confusion? We are all broken because none of us can claim perfect as a label. Following the path of God does not mean “giving up a fun life” on the contrary it is only when we discover the truth about God, Jesus and the Word that we also discover true freedom, liberation from the binds of modern  and historical influences that chain our minds to narrow and selfish thinking. The power that comes with discovering the Word does not mean you will be instantly invincible, that you will never feel pain or sorrow again. It means that you will have a brand new way of dealing with what ever life throws at you, and that may mean more sorrows, because when your eyes are open you are able to see all the phonyness around you and you know that no amount of love or support you give out-that some people, maybe even some you love just will not “get it” and your just throwing caring words against brick walls. So you move on, you pray and ask for the blind to see and you go out there in the world with your armor made from the Word of God  ready, steadiying  yourself against those souls who achingly believe that to follow God is weakness—just walk on by and pray that someday their eyes will open to the freedom and power and awesomeness that it is and that they will get excited and inspiried by a new life which enables your Spirit to soar above the fog that keeps us stuck in the mud and stuck in the luke warm “religious” person syndrom.

Journey back to Spirit

Like a lot of you out there I grew up with a conflicted heart, who I was and who every one else thought I should be. I’ve wasted many years crying as I’d go over in my head the last days, months and years events that brought me such misery. I prayed to God to please show me what was wrong with me and why I was so weird and not like everyone else. The people who were in my environment and who where within the environments I created did such an outrageous job at convincing me that it was I who was the defected one and that it was I who needed help. I was always wrong always the cause of some problem, even if I was never even involved. The only reason I could think of as to why I was surrounded by such animosity was because I was strong.  I excelled in art, sports, have a curious, logical mind that needs to solve, build and learn everything. I wasn’t mean, whiny or rude. I didn’t do anything so horrible that could cause so much punishment. But I had a strong sense of individuality and opinion. I saw the world differently, I saw the positives and the beauty and these traits no matter how much humans say those are good characteristics to have, they make people mad. I still don’t understand it.  Anyway this is about how we can get so sidetracked from our destiny while still believing in the God we were taught about from within our environment and how a persons happiness absolutely depends on your environment but ultimately depends on just how free you believe you are.

What am I writing about? Well how if you are dealing with people and situations that are causing unhappiness and stress or confusement I might be able to shed some light on the situation. I’ve gone through so much hell and was constantly looking for answers everywhere but the place that held them -within my immediate and extensive family who I now apply the definition as an “intact dysfunctional unit” totally hidden from public view. I want to help people avoid hurt and who are settling for less because of their environment they believe is normal and because the world, with their own blinders on may say so. But most of all I want to share how I realized what damage people can cause when they are teaching  about God and the Bible  with total blinders on living by only what suits their needs. And what an enormous amount of power and freedom comes with knowing the truth.