Go Nutty

imagesI love to snack all throughout the day. I’d rather east tapa style for my main three meals than to just have on big course. One of my favorite snacks are peanut butter balls. I came across a recipe for energy snacks on Dr. OZ that added dried fruit to the peanut butter. This simple recipe and way so easy to make treat can be thrown together in minutes and bigger batches can last all week long! You can use peanut butter or almond butter, any kind of honey, any kind of dried fruit and oats. The natural foods that God gave us all to live off never cease to amaze me how beautiful, delicious and very simple are. In this country where people who have a busy schedual would rather go to a store, buy something frozen full of chemicals, bring it home then microwave it along with killing any good stuff in the food and nuking your brain waves-to eat just blows my mind! There is nothing more simple, more needed for your body and brain more than the food that comes out of our earth! Nothing can compare! Stand up for your Body and Mind!

So this simple recipe which you can tweak for your own specific taste and that of your families is this-



almond and or vanilla extract

any kind of dried fruit (Dr. Oz used dried cherries)

and any kind of nut butter…………then I add CHCOCLATE chips ohhhh yah! Got to have the chocolate!

I don’t measure I just pour and mix with my hands, roll up the stuff into balls and keep in the refrigerator! Eat one anytime your hungry and you’ll crave junk food and or big wasteful meals less.

Snack up,make some healthy (that word should be replaced by normal, since eating healthy is normal eating -is there any other kind us humans should be digesting?) treats you can take on the road, off the road or down the road!

Please Support Your Local Farmers!!



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