Slave today, Slave tomorrow

Slave today, Slave tomorrow

seduction through code
twenty first century slaves
making love all day

Hate Burns Purity

hate burns purity

like a blood soaked kiss on snow

left stained until Spring

His Love saves

rabid love consumes
the shadow of a corpse moans
His Son breathes life in

March on Through the Wind

“March on march on through the wind and hail
we will not be bound to the lies they tell”

as more and more technology is released unto the hounds
reality slips further and further away
days blurr into pea soup
while the masses shoot up on
influenced illnesses
gobbling down prescriptions to get them through
their own created crisis
passing down ignorance
populating a country with mutants
this is what you get for 21 century intelligence

“But I need this, I need this fix to fill in
all the empty I’ve been told needs filling, my life
is such a mess, I’m soo deep in there’s nothing of me left”
humanities epitaph

the road is paved,gleaming over with pride and greed
disease and death
no mater how much fame and wealth you possess
nor how many people in the world know your name
doing anything to obtain popularity among men
is all done so in vain
none of that can give you breath
only those who give up their life
will live on after death

many will be chained to and
held back by the maddening reign of mediocrity
but a few rise above the tide and thrive
refusing to climb aboard the ship of vanities
a ship on coarse to collide with a predetermined destiny
it carries the twisted ideas of individualism and success
attached to the envy and foolishness
of souls who give up their place in the eternal kingdom
for an income fit for the dead

the strong clothe themselves in humbleness and
soar above the sky and land billowing with fumes of foolishness, arrogance, selfishness,
sickness and poverty of the soul
watching in sorrow
of all the possibilities a brand new world holds
chosen to bare the dream
is one that mankind’s
blacked to ash
turning their backs
trampling on the precious gift;
that of which is the meaning of our existence

here in tribulation we joyfully stand
with sight we see and a knowing we understand
our voices shout out praise and thanks to He who
gives us grace
He who delivers us from evil
He who gives us strength to defeat the great deceiver
His word is food for all believers
here in salvation seekers find the one and only truth
the one truth that severs mankind’s freedom noose




I stood casually

coolly consoling the frothy waves

of confusion

swigging around in my brain

elbows on the counter

talking half in jest

half in desperation

to the lady in white

who was less than thrilled

to have an unexpected guest clock in after “normal” hours.


I looked to my left

down the long dark hallway

lit at the very end

by one centered ceiling light

shinning down

on a thrift store

faux wooden chair

against the wall

barred window behind it

that chair


staring back at me

daring me

to sit and join in the chaos its collected over the decades


even in the simplicity of its madness

it was beautiful

a single piece of calm art

like still waters disguising  below the

unknown busyness of its hidden occupants

and knowing what was

behind the closed doorways

that lined down that hallway


and the only thing  i knew

was that it would be minutes

before I too

became a guest

another soul

invisible under the florescent lights

Land of Objects part 2

part two from freedom land


part two is about living in the land of illusion dedicated to objects-

Now we can’t hold this kind of thinking against the whole of a person
we’ve been born into a system that works hard to condition the mind
keep it inline with their guide about how we should live our life
tell us who, what and how to asses value
they provide the ladder for us to climb to keep us occupied
obsessed with achieving a fulfilled life chasing their version of what that means
but the systems manual leaves out the solution

the answer to fulfillment can’t be found in their book
so your kept in obedience to a crazed routine
-leading into financial, spiritual and physical ruin
their idea is so far implanted that people rarely see
that by living whats been taught as  “normal”  life and what defines success and happiness
they’ve given up their freedom to follow belief
thats been forced fed to them

that’s slavery,mental servitude

humans actually believing value should be measured by the
amount of labels they collect

seen advertised on billboards and commercials
laced with clever slogans some joker thought up in their companies urinal
written to stroke egos of individuals who’ve done nothing amazing
mesmerizing hypnotizing subduing intelligence
dumbing down the minds of americans
citizens of a 1st world power
industrialized and civilized freedom thinkers eager to use products to replace human character
“superficial” is the slogan sewed onto banners waived high in vulgar displays
as the rest of the world  cringes in disbelief  shaking their head disgusted by the acts of how the free world thinks
a deficient nation using objects not actions to define them
a distorted conclusion of character
value measured in purchases
individuals thinking their free
while layering themselves in materials to  mask or  make them into somebody

so millions of people buying the same thing for the same reasons from the same ol
thinking the same thing- trying to create a type of someone- trying to please the whims of
people catering to the thinking and views of others
because they’re lost
they want to find themselves but are clueless how to access true meaning of self worth
how to find the power within that strengthens them and gives them confidence to stand firm
in the truth without wavering, held fast to the point where they can’t be influenced by illusion

so there’s hope for people seeking  identity within objects
and for those people who actually think intelligence is an obvious reflection in how one dresses up their life

and when your bragging to your friends how independent you are how you’re the boss  over all of you

remember the land of objects the superficial fantasy world intent on keeping you obedient

to be continued….in another land…


Freedom Lands (pt.1)

(part one)

the freedom land  they’ve created and hope you never leave–

living within an illusion, a fabricated reality comprised of fictitious truths
versed into the mind
washed in since birth
burrowed so deep in subconsciousness
it becomes the institution to which you serve
vision blurred by human intent- on subduing independent thinking
trying to kill any desire to be more than mediocre
guilt you into self punishment for being different

something that never bothered you because you knew you were in the right lane to begin with

insist on you being complacent living life amongst the herd,
muzzling any words spoke needing to dwarf small talk and trying to smother the fake chit
chat chatted in airs attempting to cover their rampant self centerdness
their unyielding drive to conform, mold, melt you down into liquid
until you’re a little miniature model a
replicate, a perfect silent partner cohabiting with the rest lethargic civilians who
mindlessly drudge upon the carousel of fantasy
satisfied sitting on the sidelines of life worshiping hypocrisy
using relativism as an idol – the easiest way to coward out of accountability, melting into
the herd becoming nothingness living in bliss filled ignorance glowing goats
going to a fro accomplishing  nothing….that is their religion


don’t get stuck here-read the fine print found under “freedom”

(to be continued)

into the clouds love go

 La Belle Dame sans Merci (Sir Frank Dicksee, 1903)

La Belle Dame sans Merci (Sir Frank Dicksee, 1903)

I called on a king and horse for a ride

to whisk me away past every last cloud

in turn he asked when taking my hand if I’d be his new bride

and rule with him in a far off land where the whole of truth reigns


he mends and shelters my broken heart

until the disease of emptiness within it departs

til  my spirit spills over from the fullness of  loves power

the beast that is famine now  satisfied

his pure heart prevails, into the kind suns warmth we set sail

to a peaceful realm, in the kingdom of  blue and gold towers

a beautiful life we live in promised absolute happiness

entwined forever until the hour that steals our very last breath