How Will You Respect Your Inner Courage?

Let Your Courage OUT of its Cage

To ask the Questions
NO One dares even nod at
in possibility of Its existence

ROAR out TRENDLESS answers
Let the RESTLESSNESS consume you
from RELENTLESS pursuits seeking out every known fact
with a clear, unbiased, truth sight conscious
leading to forming words up and into
a building with a solid foundation
unwilling to sway with the tides
unyielding in exploration until the solution
the remedy is absolute!

Aren’t you sick of discarding diseased filled band aids one after another?
are you sick yet from overflowing pus seeping through technology?
Hired hands reel-ing same old horse crap that the gossipy, sedative minds of Americans
gobble down like crack
making it the importance that surrounds their disillusioned lives
while spending their sad money on nothing and no one that benefits it
as the rest of the world moves forward into an unstable an fearsome reality
that is the 21 century

sleeping warriors of old weep
seeing all of their sacrifices for a better existence burned in effigy
States full of laughing wallowing citizens bragging on an intelligence
outshined only by Its lack of literacy
and having no idea of the imminent danger they’ve allowed to infiltrate

re read war history; Bait and Bleed, Occupy the heavens to cross the Ocean
this foolish nation proudly showing off how they spend freedom
marching, shouting, rallying and whining over he called/she called me
disrespecting, breaking,tearing down and congesting the very system
the priceless Constitution written to protect them
while evil sits back wiping Its clean, work free hands in amusement
as all implications planned out long ago reach approving heights

Open your eyes and see life through 2 windows
one left one right
both peering out with child like sight

The simple…
beautiful orderly, strategically, magnificently, radically, intricately, marvelously
purposely, positioned is
AS the complexity of such simple things leave humanity
perpetually scratching at their head
pen in other as laws are written
with a thousand pages just to explain how to wipe our ass
if officials have to baby its citizens its time to send these overpaid dillywaggers packing

Dust of the Armour each is given that’s just stored -not lost within us
gear up the brain for battle
no breathing disproportionate skewed truth should remain alive
turn the tide back toward a required life lived in honor and faith
we are the most powerful created creatures in the universe
dive in deeper under the sludge of mainstream and plug into
the absolute brilliance that is you!!

How the Story of Jonah Relates to Our Life


A lot of us know the record of Jonah from the Bible.  God choose him for a great task. He ran away from God, tried to hide on a ship, a storm came, he confessed he was the cause of the storm, told the men to throw him overboard, ended up in a belly of a fish where he realized his foolishness, obeyed God and went on to Nineveh to tell of Gods anger and how, if they did not turn away from evil they all would be destroyed. All listen and obey and Nineveh is saved.

What I never got was the comparison of the storm to that of the chaos and string of disappointments or loss’s that can happen in our home/life if we choose to let disobedience live with us and within us.

See Jonah was the cause of the storm which was in turn causing not only the destruction of these mens livelihood (the boat and all cargo, tools, ect ) but was certain to cause their death. And how, when the person who disobeyed told them he was the cause, and was thrown out, only then did the storm cease.

Before I was Reborn, I did not understand why all of the bad and crapy things that had happened to me, that had come  in and out of my life like a never ending cycle of misfortune never ceased.

Now I see that in past, homes that I had been in were filled with anything but the Love of God and the love for mankind.  I see now how easy it is to open a heart  and home to receive the Blessings of God by  cleaning out of the stuff/people that are causing those blessings to be blocked.

We don’t have to listen to what the world of man decides for our life what we should do, have, watch and who we have to socialize with.  That is a no win situation. Man can not improve on perfection yet because of the ego, some will never quit at trying to. But this only builds on the chaos of the masses.

Like for example, ABC family. Their shows are the farthest example from the truth. Yet they sucker millions of  people in ( a lot of “Christians” and “good” people I am sure) to watch and believe that their, this one companies opinion of  what “family” is, should be your definition too. They mask their hypocrisy by abusing the word “family” in hopes you will invite them into your home for hours where their crap can seep into our minds and those of the zombie-like  herds America has become. How many crucial life decisions do we make that are based on what some stranger on the TV has told us?

Back to ABC family- underage sex, drug use, devious plots thought out against one another by juveniles, coddling of the gay lifestyle and murder and mayhem has nothing to do with family- what kind of human would want all of that darkness and confusion within their family? It’s not what any human aspires to.

And if people would just realize how powerful and wise goodness and truth is and the domination it has over evil and how much more appealing a triumphic victory is when it is won by a  traumatic, dynamic, wise and yes sometimes even psychical brute strength of man/women in battle that conquer with an “out of this world power”  that resides within all of us when backed by the enormity  of Gods power and Grace, TV would kick themselves for never thinking that way before -that good is soo much more appealing than bad …and yes, an even more  lucrative choice .

Anyway, I now understand the record of Jonah and wanted to share my happiness with you.

(painting, Carlo Antonio Tavella)

Born that way

One of, well mostly the main problem with people nature  I had as a child/have now is  wrapping my mind around  how   fellow humans  put different values on sin. We all do it or have done it because we are conditioned to “reason” our actions and motives.   You find some people  in every area of life that are accepting of all kinds of human behavior,  you see it on ABC family and NBC and Bravo ect. ect. shows that label their shows a new kind of “family”  you see it, read it, hear of it within the people that take positions of leadership, one day they rare against a sin the next day they are the sin. You hear it in lyrics from “artists” that call themselves christian. They think that each person has the right to be who they want to be, they have a right to live how they want to live. Well then how come murderers go to jail? Why do they get  punished?” They can’t help it, they were born like that, they were just testing out the waters, they were just going through a phase -hey every one’s doing it-they have the right….”

There are hundreds of breads of dogs and they all have different names, call it what you want- it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a dog.

Don’t be fooled, God does not birth children anything other than innocents. It is humans who mold them “that way.”

ABC and the media that wants to call itself…cough cough, family

It’s a surprising thing to me when this country full of  “Its my right, don’t tell me how to think, feel act, ect”  people up in hurrahs claiming their rights of freedoms, that we all let a puny media station, in this topic -ABC define for us what is “family.” I mean really what parent, what family member wishes to have liars, cheats, murders’ and adulters’ as representatives to the clan? ABC claims just that, they they wish for these types of scoundrels to surround themselves with. The line up for “family” night: “Pretty little Liars, the Lying game, Switched at Birth, Revenge, Scandal.”  other stations shows; Bones, Broke Girls, criminal Minds, GOssip Girl. shows  that just love to keep the stupid american reputation we have world wide alive and growing: Swamp People, Redneck shows to many to name, I have no brain but I’ve got the boobs, the accent and the 4 wheeler, I’ve got no soul but I can date 15 men in one week, the kardashians who do nothing with the loot they get to embody the nothingness existance that is celebrity; Umm lets see and the shows that steer you TOWARDS jail ( I want to stay the heck away from that hell, don’t you?) I’ve never in my life would think that a country would want its people to gravitate towards a life in jail and spread its living across channels for little curious eyes to watch and impress upon. I mean seriously have we dove so far down in the trash that all the variety we have to pick from is realities of prison, gang life, bad cops, lying cheating boys and girls who will one day grow up to run this country and of parents who go around saying ” I don’t know what to do about my 500lb child, I mean I only feed her 10 steaks a day, I can’t say no, I don’t know what to do.” I think its about time we stop shouting to the world ” hey no worries about you all kicking our ass, we’re making it quite easy for you, we’re dumb, fat and ignorant, we’ll just be here sloufing on the couch watching The View with one fat finger on the shotgun trigger shouting -take your best shot retard