Another reason you should be your own Dr.

I really can’t believe the answers to such simplistic symptoms to what ails me -escapes so many Dr.s  ..Here is one example of the latest; My skin never fails me, in the winter it is smooth and puff /acne free. As soon as the spring comes, I wake up with a numb head, puffy face and pimples. Now I knew it had to do with the approaching humidity, pores grow and skin expands due to the water in the air. But I never suspected allergies  Because up until a few years ago I had no other symptoms. Then I moved to a more tropic climate where it snows pollen instead of white harmless flakes.  All of a sudden I have all of these extra symptoms I never experienced before. Over the next couple of years I’d mention this to Dr.s.. I was certain It was the change of environment and they looked at me like that was impossible. Now everyone knows and is fascinated by the amount of pollen that layers the city-but no one thinks anything of it. SO this years after a nice winter full of pep, I called my Dr. right after the first sign of spring sprung and I began to feel like crap. Again my Dr. (like the 4th one by this time) took a lot of convincing to help me determine what it was that was causing this “anomaly” within my head. She gave me this antihistamine nose pray crap that made me totally freak out for the hours I was on it-it is a steroid thing and I had an allergic reaction, THEY NEVER BELIEVE ME when I say I am the most sensitive person ever! Well I picked up my herbs books from a decade ago and lo and behold Hay Fever caught my attention. Sure as heck That is what it is- a simple explanation with clear and cut signs that 4 Dr.s over the course of a few years (along with Pharmasists) could not even decipher!!

Now this is soo minor in all of the misdiagnosis and bodily,  brainly harm they have incurred onto my being over the last decade. Every single time I have sought out the help of a Dr. because my quality of life was in jeopardy and I was caught off guard to what was going on with me because I was such an invincible person pre having -double pneumonia, that I’d never think to even get a yearly check up. It seems to me that I am not being taken seriously by any Dr. because I am not a millionaire nor a celebrity, like its a punishment to be anything besides. I know I’m not alone here! But the crazy thing is when I go into the Dr. full of information on what I believe is happening to ME they hate me even more so! No one knows me better and I am trying to alleviate their burden for having way too many patients than they can handle and could not possibly know everything about what is going on in this world full of pollutants and new diseases (that they, the medical and science community have grossly attributed to there rapid growth) .

This is so despicable to me -the leading cause of death in this nation is Dr. error.  Now if they hate this and feel picked on then they should check up on their own fellow Dr.s to see what the heck their doing to us, because anyone can be a Dr. just read the books, pass the test -It takes a soul and a heart to practice medicine and that’s the key word that should warn us all-practice. You notice how Dr.s call their offices “practices?” That means they don’t know what is best for you in this ever changing world! So please again do your own research, you know yourself better than anyone!

I’ll leave this with another very scary example that happened to me that I will elaborate on later (I can’t hardly see write now my eyes are all blurry)   After I had double pneumonia, I was exhausted   It was a perfect “in”for my mother as she kept insisting that I was depressed. After a couple of weeks of feeling unbelievable week and not ever having felt so lethargic  I believed her (she is my mom after all, she’s got my back right?) so I went to her Dr.  I told her what was going on and she prescribed hydrocodone and percoset and seroquel.  All at once every day. Given to a person with no history of depression nor was I . I don’t know of any studies done on people put on antidepressants and crap when they are the farthest thing from it- let me tell you with all the expertise and authority in the universe on this subject; it f-s up your mind and takes you to places of hells you could never even imagine, and whats worse, because the prescription is for one thing and you start acting like it BECAUSE of it, then no one is going to believe you never had it in the first , place because Dr.s will not admit they made a mistake and they are quick to pass along   your “symptoms” when you opt out of their practice for help in another’s . And that is the beginning of  my story of the second group of people that crossed into my life and made it hell for a really long time and for whom the effects of their ignorance, stupidity and total disregard for  human life– my body and mind is still paying for.    Eyes wide open,protect yourself and do not believe a person is intelligent and compassionate just because they have letters after their name.



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