A spoonful of Aloe does a vitamin good

When people take vitamins, and boy do we spend a lot on them, half of what we take just gets peed out. For one thing you have to make sure your brand of vitamins are pure. Take calcium for example; a huge percentage of the calcium out there is just rock. Yup rock. And our bodies are not meant to break down rock so if you can’t afford premium pure calcium you can get it from other sources like anything that comes from the sea. Horsetail is a great source and its high in silica which is awesome for your skin,hair and nails.
Back to the vitamins. In order for them to get absorbed into your body you need to take them with aloe vera juice. Take them with water and they’ll just go right through you. But aloe has the ability to absorb vitamins into your body 100 x more. Aloe is awesome for keeping digestion on track and cleansing your body of toxins. Drink a couple ounces a day and or with your meals. I take it after my meals to aid in the digestion and breakdown of food and to make sure everything goes through my intestines at a decent pace. But defiantly get aloe juice to take with your vitamins so you get the most out of the nutrients and minerals and of course your money.


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