What Is The Christian Life?

The Christian life…
Is not one of leisure
It does not lounge in luxury
It does not follow trends
It is not trendy
It is not 9 to 5
It does not take vegas breaks
It does not retire

The Christian life…
Is not passive
Is not neutral
Is not that of a peacemaker
It is not of one that coddles, pats heads nor strokes backs

The Christian life…
Is not silent
It is not submissive nor domineering
It is not selfish, self serving or self sufficient

The Christian life…
Follows One Will
Is unified in One purpose and One destiny

The Christian life Is
A life lived on the battle field
The life of a warrior
A life of action and participation

The Christian Life Is
A Light
Is Resilience
Is Gentleness
Is Compassion
Is Truth

A Christian Is
A student
A servant
A brother or sister
A son or daughter

A Christian Is
A Haven
A Comforter
A Sanctuary

Was Jesus a Motivational Speaker

Was Jesus a Motivational speaker? Absolutely! But just absolutely nothing like the motivational teacher speaker preachers of today that are flooding churches and Christian TV. If you need a quick but fleeting pick me up you can tune in to the Trinity Broadcast channel any time of day and get a confidence boost from preachers like Joel Osteen who in a half hour will leave you pumped up and ready to put your foot down to stand up to your unappreciative and demeaning boss or your mother in law. But that’s false motivation,that’s not Jesus type motivation. If your looking to learn everything about Jesus and the Bible, pick the Bible up yourself and read the truth because it would take years of watching these preachers in order to string together the entirety of each Book.

What preachers don’t have today is absolute truth. They choose instead to pick out and scale down a topic into a couple of words from the Bible and insert emotions trending in line along with popular public feelings. But Jesus didn’t aim for the title of most popular preacher.He was and is complete truth and when a person gets a hold of the truth there is nothing more motivating than truth eternal.Jesus motivated people right down to their soul, He awakened their Spirit and lifted the veil off the materialistic world of man and exposed our higher purpose. He motivated people into action. He stirs the sleeper . The transformation within a person may or may not be immediate but something amazing and powerful happens. His motivation exists within you 24 hours a day everyday. You want to know how to deal with the negative, with the sorrow, anger frustration and disappointment? Every single problem you could face its solution is right there in His book. Do you need motivation to learn how to be a better parent, teacher, leader and overall person? Don’t waste your time on “experts” who’s knowledge comes from their own beliefs, learn the only way that maters, His way the truth. His way is worth leaving everything behind that has to do with man ,it is worth the persecution and its worth dying for; millions have. He teaches the ultimate state of mind and He doesn’t make exceptions or coddle those who are weak and wishy washy, a lifestyle not even imaginable to those who hear and understand. He plainly laid out everything that has to be done in order for us to reep rewards and ultimately join Him and rule along with Him in His kingdom . He didn’t pepper His speeches with comforting words, He wasn’t concerned about the reaction of those selfish (today their called sensitive) people whose only reaction is a defensive one accompanied by huffing and puffing out the question who does He think He is?

Jesus loves mankind.His desire is that none parish. He’d rather everyone be saved but He knew that few would be. Man’s hearts are naturally evil, and those who refuse to hear choose instead to live a lie that soothes and comforts their conscious allowing them to exist without a care in a fantasy land.

Heaven is a place more majestic and pure than anything we can imagine. Its a place you wouldn’t expect to find people who’d live out their whole lives for them self, who wouldn’t recognize God and who refused to be obedient to Him and to the commandments and laws plainly stated in the Bible. For those who don’t respect the laws of obedience laid out in the Bible and who believe it’s ok to pick and choose which to follow I say, you follow the silly rules of man, you follow laws because there are consequences .To those that believe that by just saying they believe in Jesus they;ll get into heaven I say is it as simple as making a statement in this world to get into Oxford? To participate in the Olympics, or ride in the Kentucky Derby, to live on Park Ave or be an astronaut, get into a private New York club for millionaires? If mere people put restrictions on and requirements by allowing only the “best of the best” in and restrict 99% of peoples from entering than what makes you think access to the most supreme place in the universe would be any less restrictive?

A true preacher will equip people with every thing they need to know and they will have personal contact and keep watch over every single one of their members making sure their on the straight path. A preachers only job is to be like Jesus and teach what He taught in the Bible. Congregations are to be disciples and nothing less. It’s that simple.The choice is yours whether you want to be a part of the His family and have the honor of calling yourself Christian. But it’s an all or nothing choice. Just knowing Jesus and hearing His preaching motivates people to accept nothing less from themselves and if you’re deliberately living for the system created by man, for your job your car your house your title your golf team your shopping sprees, anything that is not Jesus centered, than stop abusing the word Christian by demeaning and sulling it. If preachers have the same congregation members in their pews year after year and in a life that hasn’t changed, that’s a failing ministry. Today’s preachers aren’t selective with who they let stay in their church. The Bible clearly describes what the church is and what happens when blatant sinners are allowed to remain in it. Is it no wonder that the states these mega churchs with 10s of 1000s of members are located in is the poorest in the nation along with the largest homeless population? If these churches were true to God, the reality of the state would be one of success and prosperity. But the sad reality that most churches have created is an outcome that never fails when the only thing motivated is the ego and the only motivation is money.

Remember what World is life


Each day is a  welcomed challenge to remember upon waking what each of us has known from birth and what each Christian must hold on to.

To remember that this world man calls reality is nothing more than fantasy

a world comprised  of rules and trials, traditions and rituals

of holidays and vacations and  schedules

tasks kept in time on clocks made from human hands

tick toc- tick toc; ticking away our day  demanding obedience of our conscious and our hearts

chipping away at our life in a constant  symphony of distractions,

souless activities of which the ends provide nothing of salvation and prosperity

but instead beg us to exchange that eternity by coaxing us to listen away Power and Truth

with the hot breath of streaming lies used for

weaving temptations  into dances and waltzing us straight into hell

Got Balls?








This  is a call to attention for a few good someones that still possess..  Balls.

How hard can it be to find some leaders with  balls? Apparently it’s very hard. A pool of  350 million people isn’t a big enough pond of flesh to fish from. I think people began to check their balls at the door after the revolution.

In this world today it seems many want to be leader but no one wants to lead and that seems just fine with half of the nation. It’s been a free for all for  the ridiculous and these poopers  get an audience that actually listens because power players are soo lazy in their cowderness, from the lost ability to recognize right from wrong, as a result of having no balls.

We’ve got a president who doesn’t even know how or why this country was  birthed. “What ever we once were we are no longer a Christian nation.”CBN July 2007) The epitome of wishy wahsy is Obama. I don’t think in all of recorded history has there been a leader who not only does not believe in what he says believes in, he shames it by setting an example for his country by representing loyalty and truth  like the wind,  coming and going.

How does he do this? He says “I’ve just always been clear that my Christian faith has motivated me for twenty years and I’m not ashamed to talk about..” (umm,why would he be ashamed)? “America has evolved and government policies need to encompass all faiths because the country is no longer just a Christian nation.  We should acknowledge this and realize that when we’re formulating policies from the state house to the Senate floor to the White House, we’ve got to work to translate our reasoning into values that are accessible to every one of our citizens not just members of our own faith community.” July,30 2007

In one paragraph he says he believes in God but is too weak to follow Him absolutely. So this tells the nation we shouldn’t have to listen to what the law or government or anything for that mater, says. Maybe that is why many people are getting away with interpreting laws to fit their needs, like separation of church and state, which does not even exist anywhere in any legal document.

He also tells the nation that he is not a person who can be trusted. How can a nation trust in someone who sells out their own faith, God for the incompetent opinions of man?

He talks in circles which indicates a he’s deceitful and or is incapable of dealing with anything requiring a lot of exertion and hard work.. He says “America will not be involved in a “boundless war on terror.”

Obama says the government should accommodate all kinds of religious opinions, well than serial killers should pop the champagne! They are citizens who believe that what they do is their right, just like gays and abortionists do. When’s the protest rally march for serial killers rights?

There is so many more topics we could talk about that mainstream press won’t cover, like the genocide of Coptic Christians and Jews in Egypt, The USA backing of the Organization islamic cooperation (OIC) to criminalize free speech against anything that denigrates religions ( only one religion, islam) the groups of muslim brotherhoods that live here and the US supports, ohh just say it, the USA support of the brotherhood, agricultural jihad terror and on and on. Why doesn’t mainstream or really any media cover the whole truth, ohh yes because Balls are now centerpieces on the tables of  political fundraisers.

Are they’re any balls left attached to  leaders in the making for who  God, truth, education, and all of the good stuff that is needed for a great, respected intelligent nation to exist will be their passionate, unyielding, unwavering pledge, for we the people?….


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