How Parents Pimp out their child

As I was walking past a playground I heard kids humming a tune. As I tried to identify the tune I looked over to see two girls about age 7 swinging in unison on a swingset. I walked past them amused by their loud voices humming the tune in confident determination. Then I remembered from which song came that tune. Nope it wasn’t the one from a 50s song I had been previously speculating but it was the hook from Eminems “Monster.”  In that moment of realization came a vision, the severance of the  last bit of american integrity. The finality of a once beautiful silk spun dream now unrecognizable   and unimaginably shredded into an embarrassing existence standing shamefully proud without remorse upon the blood  sweat  and tears of the original weavers . This race of creature which had at one time guarded itself and family so vivaciously against any harm or evil no mater the size has  fallen to a depth of  perversion not even common garbage would dare spill itself upon.

Gosh sake at one time in history the mere sight of a black cloud was enough for a whole village to seek safety within the church singing out their repentance and praise in hope and determination that no harm would come even to their homes.

Labels are carelessly thrown out and written over names awarded to  individuals not worthy of the definition. Artist does not mean sell out. It does not mean conformist. It is not something or someone that harms. It does not seek to destroy. It is mindful and aware. It values the heart and spirit of life. It values, respects and humbles itself in a quiet brilliance that effortlessly seeks out human vessels filling all with a light that lifts burdens.
People have become so greedy that selling their product to one type of demographic is not enough. For most people over 40, from now and since forever was there ever between you and your parents and even grandparents a shared  taste in anything they did let alone in music they listend too?  Kids had kid songs and grownups had grownup music.  There was as there should be, a distinct line of adult and child, one does not cross over to the others world to hang. And today there are way too many role reversals. There are way too many adults not deserving of that word. Now we have companies believing in their own cleverness and banking on proven consumer  laziness and ignorance (80% of new york high school graduates are illiterate but that’s off topic) finding ways to get their product into the hands of all ages -no literacy required.

The USA used to be a nation of stable hard working and desperately well versed citizens courageous in morality , reliability and honesty. It was a crime to sell shabby products. People would drive out businesses that were formed for profit off the harm to its own citizens. Today? We are a society numb to its own families well being.

How many 911 call have been made out of sheer terror because a monster was found in that persons house? How many people regularly hear other adults humming little diddies and jingles? Exactly. The monster example defiantly isn’t something you’d expect to find in any adult language-unless you’ve just escaped from the forbidden forest and lived to tell. But even Disney have made them into cute emotional things, diminishing the scariness that once inhabited children during tales of old.

Parents, in their twistedly 21 century mindset think it cool to rock out with their own kids while driving down the highways or free dancing in their living rooms creating memories and bonding, something that maybe never happened in their own childhood. If adults and kids were meant to share experiences as equals we’d all be birthed as full adults. It’s not cool to fill your child’s vocabulary and fragile and impressionable gullible imaginative mind with anything sexual or violent. If you walked into your childs bedroom and sitting on the bed was a stranger and they were talking about “stripping off all their clothes getting naked and ready, f**ing them in the hot tub while raising a glass drinking it down getting ready for that time at night after the lights go out the tongue comes out throw them on the bed sweating on  the sheets  till the break of dawn”……would you smile and thank that stranger for their wonderful babysitting service? Would you call all of your friends with kids to rave about and recommend that stranger?

Congratulations you’ve just pimped out your kid well before they’ve even  contemplated what a kiss is and  you only paid $14.99. or .99 cents. And it’s done day after day hour after hour. Child trafficing is all around us. Pimps and prostatuition happens most inside the family home than on the street in america. Your neighbor, the kindergarten teacher your Dr. or yourself, all could be pimping out kids. And the joke is the blindness to the destruction that we fill our lives with everyday and with the complete confidence that “it’s not that big of a deal.”

So while the little kiddies in the backseat sing along to your music with lyrics like-“in my %$apparel underwear, got my ass squeezed,boy I’m drinking”  ..wayyy too many examples to give-remember whatever you let into your childs life shapes and effects them. The greatest power on earth is that given to a parent-they WILL make or break another human beings life. I failed I’ve failed so terribly because I was rolling in the waves of the human world as my kids grew.  My kids are smart and healthy but I failed to surround their upbringing with nothing but sunshine, and that is another story. As adults our interpretation and understandings of things is out of proportional comprehension to a childs. What we think of as no big deal, can and does determine if children grow up to live honorably seeking wisdom and full of courage OR  thinking God is irrelevant and that cheating, drinking and lying, lazy and spiritless without moral boundary having  the trendy perception of valuing everything-which in fact renders everything valueless which leads to a purposed filled life lived in and of CRAP!

Think back when you were little when you heard or saw something “out of ordinary child reality” and your interpretation of it whether  icky, scary, weird or good; affected you.

You’ve got two choices—Pay companies and so called artists to rape your child’s mind or step up and get the garbage out of yours and their life! Become a human and raise a human to be everything songs DON’T tell you to be-MAGNIFICENT!

God Bless-never Give up and never back down from the tide of man


Miss you and Thank you Paul Crouch

Paul_Crouch_TBN2-300x281TBN Family of Networks Logo(1)





Now, on Trinity Broadcast Network, is the memorial to Paul Crouch Sr. creator of TBN broadcasting, where it has been for over 40 years reaching and touching the live, of hundreds of millions of people, one of them mine, through 5,000  television stations, 70 satellites, internet and 1,000’s of cable systems around the world, broadcasting into countries bringing the Good News, where no other technological innovations exist.  As of 2010 they are the 3rd largest over the air television group in the country -passing CBS, FOX and NBC. TBN is a relief aid mammouth, and the aid it had inspired  countless other  institutes to create for massive!

He and his wife Jan have been such an inspiration to countless millions, sharing the Good News, bringing millions nothing but good News!!!  They have helped save millions and millions sharing the Gospel in all of its glory and simplicity .

They are very special to me! It has been through the programs they broadcast about the Bible that I learned the  truth! And everyday is a new learning experience with TBN. Watching TBN is like going to Bible College. There is no better a place to learn the Good News! I love Travel The Road ( a Christian reality experience) Drive Through History (Awesome!) with Dave Stotts, Billy Grahams Always Good News, Not a Fan with Kyle Idleman, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, In  Touch Ministries with Dr.Charles Stanley (love his NO Nonsense sermons!) Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, and soo many more shows to numerous to name, along with Music Video stations, and all of the awesome movies and other programs they broadcast!  This is the only feel-good-all of the time station, it is the only station that has what every human needs.

It has been very emotional for me, learning this news of last Saturday. It is emotional watching this tonight. He was a friend coming into your home every night with the daily news he shared with his son. It is very odd seeing Paul and knowing there won’t be any more broadcasts with him live.

Miss you and Thank You,

Dr. Paul Crouch Sr.


One Life To Lead


You Don’t Have To Let Yourself Be Terrorized By Other People’s

Expectations Of YOU.”

Sue Patton Thoele

Author of The Courage To Be Yourself

How the Story of Jonah Relates to Our Life


A lot of us know the record of Jonah from the Bible.  God choose him for a great task. He ran away from God, tried to hide on a ship, a storm came, he confessed he was the cause of the storm, told the men to throw him overboard, ended up in a belly of a fish where he realized his foolishness, obeyed God and went on to Nineveh to tell of Gods anger and how, if they did not turn away from evil they all would be destroyed. All listen and obey and Nineveh is saved.

What I never got was the comparison of the storm to that of the chaos and string of disappointments or loss’s that can happen in our home/life if we choose to let disobedience live with us and within us.

See Jonah was the cause of the storm which was in turn causing not only the destruction of these mens livelihood (the boat and all cargo, tools, ect ) but was certain to cause their death. And how, when the person who disobeyed told them he was the cause, and was thrown out, only then did the storm cease.

Before I was Reborn, I did not understand why all of the bad and crapy things that had happened to me, that had come  in and out of my life like a never ending cycle of misfortune never ceased.

Now I see that in past, homes that I had been in were filled with anything but the Love of God and the love for mankind.  I see now how easy it is to open a heart  and home to receive the Blessings of God by  cleaning out of the stuff/people that are causing those blessings to be blocked.

We don’t have to listen to what the world of man decides for our life what we should do, have, watch and who we have to socialize with.  That is a no win situation. Man can not improve on perfection yet because of the ego, some will never quit at trying to. But this only builds on the chaos of the masses.

Like for example, ABC family. Their shows are the farthest example from the truth. Yet they sucker millions of  people in ( a lot of “Christians” and “good” people I am sure) to watch and believe that their, this one companies opinion of  what “family” is, should be your definition too. They mask their hypocrisy by abusing the word “family” in hopes you will invite them into your home for hours where their crap can seep into our minds and those of the zombie-like  herds America has become. How many crucial life decisions do we make that are based on what some stranger on the TV has told us?

Back to ABC family- underage sex, drug use, devious plots thought out against one another by juveniles, coddling of the gay lifestyle and murder and mayhem has nothing to do with family- what kind of human would want all of that darkness and confusion within their family? It’s not what any human aspires to.

And if people would just realize how powerful and wise goodness and truth is and the domination it has over evil and how much more appealing a triumphic victory is when it is won by a  traumatic, dynamic, wise and yes sometimes even psychical brute strength of man/women in battle that conquer with an “out of this world power”  that resides within all of us when backed by the enormity  of Gods power and Grace, TV would kick themselves for never thinking that way before -that good is soo much more appealing than bad …and yes, an even more  lucrative choice .

Anyway, I now understand the record of Jonah and wanted to share my happiness with you.

(painting, Carlo Antonio Tavella)

Happy Friday



Happy Friday to every one! Wishing you all a beautiful day!  Thank the LORD that you are ALIVE to witness this beautiful DAY!   Laugh at the little silly things, Smile at a Stranger, Hug a Friend for no reason, Tell your children how MARVELOUS they are, leave a special NOTE in your SPOUSES wallet/purse, let your childs teacher’s know how much you APPRECIATE their hard work that is shaping your kids FUTURE, and remember to shake it -shake it- shake it- do a little jig and hold your hands up in the air and wave um because you totally care…..any chance you get today!

GIVE THANKS and….LOVE, LAUGH and High Five




A Plea to Mothers

UntitledI have a plea for all you mothers and mothers to be out there. Explain sex to your kids. You don't have to be graphic or even explain the process of intercourse. But with all of my heart I ask you to explain to them about how special they are and how their body is not a playground. Explain what respect means in its purest definition, explain that there is nothing more sacred and more valuable than that what they possess on the inside, how their soul is more special more important and more valuable than anything on this planet. Explain to them that they are their own best friend, that they have to live with decisions and the feelings they bring, and how you wish for them only the feelings that make a person feel wonderful and happy- Explain what they value and respect should never be compromised for anyone else' gratification. For what could be found in just minutes of pleasure can never be given back and made whole because what changes the body also leaves a lasting impression on the mind and heart and when you look back on the day you chose to share that special intimacy with, you want it to be with the most amazing person in the world that is right for you (namely the husband or wife you choose.)
There is nothing more worse in this world than finding out about something and being devastated about the path that was chosen simply because no one explained anything to you. Parents are great at ignoring conversations and routine support chats just because no one explained anything to them or because they figure their kid will figure stuff out for themselves. I tell you this is a cowards excuse and to get over the gap that is separating you from knowing your kids. You had them, what could possibly be more alien than a parent that ignores the needs of their child, what could be more harmful to a child than a parents own selfishness. I tell you you teach nothing and I guarantee your kids will grow up zig zaging off of the right path and will definitely become involved in situations that will leave lasting scars. You had a child now raise them to be soldiers of Spirit and guardians of their soul. Raise them up to be prepared-if you yourself have no clue how to do this and your just doing the whole marriage kid thing because that's the routine then do something amazing for your child and introduce people into their life who are knowledgeable about Life and God. God is your first line of defense it's up to you to guide them to Him.
Read the Bible and get into a cool church do this for your child-It is the most amazing and just freeing comforting guide, everything you need to know about every situation to deal with life is in it. I promise you, you will never feel anything but amazing and fulfilled when your eyes are open and you understand-there is no better gift you can give your child than that of the lessons and guidance of the Bible and the relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kids and the stripper club song

UntitledOk now we know the countries lost its mind! Have you seen the new commercial for the Party Store? Showcasing Disney products for a kids perfect birthday party? It frikin has the stripper/man whore song as its feature! That momba 5 song! Are you kidding me! A gigolo song for the theme used to sell kid stuff. I hope you all write to the Party Store and shame them out ! Seriously out of all the songs to pick to be unoriginal for your store !!! Wow who the heck are running these companies, 80’s strip club owners kids? Walt Disney is puking in his grave!

America is violence-plain and simple

UntitledI need you to have a really hard in depth look at this. If you were from a different country and came to the usa and was shown everything having to do with the culture here, the movies the tv shows the schools the parents the politicians, the news, what would you think america was obsessed with …..violence. Not only violence but an abnormal,perverse obsession with it. Like a longing a need a passion for it. What action movies do NOT show calamities, bombs, bodies, terrorism and how to build bombs? And hell its cool right? cause its only a movie- What TV station does NOT have shows with murder,terrorism, bodies and blood, directions on how to build bombs? It’s almost as if we crave it (violence) like we want it to happen(that is what you’d think if you were an alien) What schools do NOT have rampant bullying, disrespect and all out obscene lewd behavior? What politician does not just talk talk talk and takes no action, has no loyalty to God nor its people (obama had 3 different types of priests at his inauguration, gay, muslim and catholic-talk about a kiss ass and not a man of moral or truth, hes so worrying about upsetting someone he ends up doing nothing for no one, same political story in every area!) What kind of country protects guns while treating humans as second class citizens, not only that but the continuation of killing sprees by guns in schools has not done anything to make people change their minds about the destruction to human life these things cause, ohh no people sit there and actually bikker, defending the GUN!

Now this person coming from a foreign place looking at all of this would not think that what happened in boston today was anything unusual. With the utter lack of discipline, respect, guidance, boundaries, morals, truth and justice in this country what happens in it….is it really any surprise? And when we get to that point-the point where this isn’t some random act of terror out of the blue anymore because we see it, hear it, sleep it every single day with our media machine we all have got to start to work together and say enough, there has to be a point of discipline we inflict onto this country where its freedoms and liberties have been so abused that these acts have now become a part of our life because in the minds of many-they have that right to feel how they want to feel and if it kills someone its fine because we live in america where the discipline is virtually non-existent -the bed is warm and there are three meals a day and hell, if I don’t like the meals in jail I still can sue.

Wake up wake up and stand up for a change, a change that ends the over stimulating show of lust for violence in this country! You surround yourself with violence what the heck are kids supposed to grow up like? I think there has to be an immediate ban on movies, tv the internet! This freedom of speech thing has gone way too far to a disgusting point that was never intended to be taken too! Speak up it your being abused -shut the heck up if your just going to pollute minds with violence there is nothing to be gained there but the encouragement of violence….And don’t give me any “its not about that its more political than that its blah blah blah…” Wake up to TRUTH! (not you guys sorry getting loud there, you know who I mean)