Four herbs and an Emu

Nature produces everything our bodies need to function and maintain optimum health. They protect us, heal us and nourish us like nothing any scientist can reproduce in a lab. Here are five naturals that you might want to keep on hand.

1)Apple Cider Vinegar. It has been called the miracle worker for centuries. It has remarkable healing properties that get to the root of the problem. First being it balances the bodies PH. Your PH level is determined by the foods you eat and we all know how scary the american diet is. If you feel sick and tired and have no idea why, check your PH levels or just skip that part and go right for the vinegar (raw, organic -Braggs is a great brand) a couple of ounces a day-don’t forget to dilute it! If you have skin conditions like acne and psoriasis you can dilute the vinegar and dab or wrap the infected area.
Vinegar is an anti inflammatory which the body absolutely needs as inflammation is the number one cause of so many diseases, pains and degenerative issues.It lowers blood pressure, can cure high cholesterol and aids in flushing toxins from the body. It is an amazing cleanser of film which builds up in your hair and on your body from showering. Just dilute it and pour it all over. If you just dyed your hair and it comes out to orange you can tone your hair with this before doing more damage with chemical toner (It really does work!). And before you color your hair, rinse with it to get all of the build up from products and shower water. That is a must!

2) Emu Oil. I’ve been using Emu oil for 10 years and its benefits continue to surprise me. It is the only moisturizer out there that mimics skin layers letting it penetrate deep into the skin without clogging pores. It’s awesome for people who due to stress or environmental build up on scalp have noticed hair becoming thinner. If the follicles aren’t beyond saving than Emu will rejuvenate them. It takes a couple of months to notice and you have to keep at it, applying 2-3 times a day.
It has healing properties which I experienced first hand. When I was traveling I brought the wrong kind of boots. I had hiking boots and I was doing all walking. About the 3rd day my feet were starting to blister which freaked me out because as you know if you get a blister let alone dozens then you ain’t walking no where. I applied Emu to them along with a prayer and the next morning -all gone. It was amazing! Emu’s amazing!

3)Dandelion. Dandelion is a diuretic. Diuretics increase urine flow which removes toxins. It is very high in potassium. And many people are deficient in it. Potassium maintains electrolyte balance in cells. It manages blood pressure, releases energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates. It keeps your cells healthy in growth, and aids in the delivery of oxygen to the brain. It’s also necessary for muscle health.

4)Peppermint. Lets throw good old peppermint in there. Never leave home without it, it aids in bloating and upset stomachs, IBS and cramps. Peppermint oil relieves dry skin by moisturizing from the inside out, contains A and C along with other great minerals.
And for those who are too sensitive to peppermint, Ginger is your buddy. Ginger is a warming remedy. It is an anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion and heartburn.

5) We’ll end today with a couple happy herbs. Rosemary and Clary Sage. Clary Sage- This cool guy is a euphoric herb that can reduce stress disorder, anxiety and mental fatigue. Used topically or in aromatherapy it may alleviate the symptoms of migraines. I have yet to try this one but I’m looking forward to it as someone who suffers from such severe migraines-they make me want to shoot my head off to relieve the pain.
Rosemary keep on hand if you want a pick me up during the day. It’s a mood elevator that stimulates the nervous system. Now you know why cooks are always in a great,hyper mood!

Have a fabulous day and try to keep it as natural as you can:)

Five Herbs and Minerals for the over worked soul

These are some of the best herbs, the heavy hitters that combat stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, rebuild damage in your body that is caused by a continued state of flight and fight response caused by severe, continual stress. These also all have the extra vanity factor as they are awesome for a better looking and feeling you (it’s not vanity to want to look and feel like a champ!) All of these I have taken, am taking and they’ve done wonders for me where all modern medicine and modern Dr.s have failed and in fact have caused indescribable harm to my body for which I am taking these amongst other stuff to undo and just cope with the horrific painful effects of their stupidity and ignorance.

Number One:
If your are looking for a way to combat stress and not get over whelmed and all anxiety-d out during the day, ASHWAGANDHA is what is fabulous! It is an adaptogen, it rejuvenates and kicks up your immune and nervous system. It gives nourishment to muscle and bone and supports your adrenals. If you have adrenal fatigue which is the number one cause of your whole system breaking down making you feel like hell and tired beyond life this helps repair and recover. It will give you energy to calm you down. When your adrenals are shot your body is in a perpetual state of flight response and your body can’t produce natural energy nor rest properly. You’ve got to re-balance your system and cortisol levels. It could take months or years depending on the severity of damage done to your adrenals.

Number two.
Rhodiola (sometimes called Siberian ginseng is like ashwagandha but it is more of a stimulant. It too aids in muscle recovery and strengthens your immune and nervous system. It sharpens your memory and boosts your mood. It has been very popular in Russia/Siberia for centuries as people live a harsh life in frozen darkness. So if you suffer from seasonal disorder where you are a bear in the winter than that would be a good time to take this. Pilot in long distance training programs take it to keep alert. And scientists in Russia use it to keep there minds sharp. It too gives you energy to help calm.

Number three:
You want to calm nerves? PASSION FLOWER calms the nervous system to relax you. It works like a Valium for some people with sensitive systems. Take the tincture at night before bed with your magnesium, c, and D and your body will be ready to relax and sleep. In the point in my life where my adrenals were so shot I was in a perpetual state of anxiety this really instantly (after 15 min) calmed me right down.

Number four:
For women DONG QUAI is the beauty herb with all around amazing benefits. It balances estrogen, tones the blood and moves it (which keeps you looking and feeling young) has E,A, B12 (regulates normal function of brain and nervous system and blood formation), folic acid (required in everyone to build normal red blood cells), nicotinic acid (an essential human nutrient) Biotin (hair) increases circulation, and detoxifies and is an anti-inflammatory and anti-anti-anemic. Have you ever wondered why Chinese women look so young and wrinkle free? This herb is used in most all of Chinese blood building formulas. It too is used for anxiety and is especially helpful to women who have severe mood swings caused by periods- it mimics dopa mine (take it for the two weeks before your period.)

Number five:
And the last major one we will discuss for today is good old MAGNESIUM. This is the most underused mineral in the united states. A huge percentage of people are deficient in it. If anyone of the many Dr.s I have seen over the years for chronic fatigue were brilliant enough to get back to tried and true basic healing than I could have prevented the osteoporosis and degenerative bone disease I am dealing with because of their total lack of basic doctoring principles.
What stress does to your body is causes severe inflammation, inflammation cooks down fluids which (I don’t know the whole medical jargon ) sucks out the calcium from your bones. So the minerals your taking are able to get to there proper place and your left with brittle bones, degeneration. arthritis, bones spurs and other calcification- Your body is left in a state of breakdown. Now if one Dr. explained how important magnesium is (along with all the above) I would not have these pains. Also magnesium calms your muscles and nerves. When I first took it at night with C and D a whole warm rush of relaxation flooded my body and I slept for the first time in comfort. Magnesium is the nerve pain miracle and wonder mineral for every function of what keeps you in tip top shape -feeling wise and appearance-wise.
Don’t take magnesium with calcium they are competitors.

Now these herbs (except for mag) can be taken for a month or two then take a break. If your using the Dong Quai for your periods than you can take it every month for the two weeks leading up to it. You can investigate how long you should be on any herb and vitamin because they all very. But your system needs a break so variation is the best course of action.

sleeping passion is my flower

Hi! Just want to throw out one of my most favorite herbs to uses! Passion Flower. Now I’ve had insomnia since always and have used ambien and lunesta since it came out but even they only worked for 2 hours at most and actually I was in a severe car accident one morning after falling asleep at the wheel driving 45 mph smashed right into a car stopped at a red light. It was because I had taken ambien 7 hours earlier without effect. I just can’t sleep-it’s almost as if I don’t know how too and it does have to do with the night terrors I’ve experienced since I was like 2 so I’m betting subconsciously I don’t want to close my eyes.
Well I cam across passion flower while searching for a stress reliever and whollleee camollleeee! Now I’ve had zanax for stress and hate the side effects-passion flower is wayyyy better with absolutely no side effects! SO you can use it during the day if you need to chill and or at night when you want to sleep. I take the tincture it works better for me this way and I take it with magnesium (nerve pain miracle worker and muscle relaxer,and youth maker) and vitamin c and d.

So If you have trouble sleeping and don’t want to take stupid meds or want to get off stupid meds try this at night before bed–passion flower is also used to alleviate withdrawal from alcohol and pain meds.
It is an amazing nerve calming sleep aid!!

Another one of God’s Gifts your Dr. won’t know about/refuses to know about or will be mad at you for trying-Boooo hooo it’s your Health! And its been in use for 10,0000of years and here we are….Proof enough!!!