Gods loves whats up on my Spiritual Journey


Hello Friends,

I must apologize for being sporadic at times with thoughts and feelings but that is my mind and it never rests to stay on any one subject to long. Except that of  God (which isn’t a subject but an absolution) He is what I’d love to talk about, learn more of and grow within more and more, for strength for truth for life and for all of us who  are always thirsty for more and more wonderful and amazing that is He.

So here is one (of many that is setting me free, growing me stronger) incidents in my Spiritual journey I encountered  that  I realized some people out there were conflicted about and that was harming their own path to Truth and life with God.

I had a friend who was very “christian” in her religious routine; go to church on sunday, make sure her kids did the first communion thing, pray before eating….and that was it. During our phone conversations before I’d go over to visit she’d make sure to ask “now we pray before supper, are you going to be comfortable with that?”  Which wasn’t so much a question (because It didn’t pertain to me) but a statement for witness to their “obedience” in their religion. So when I finally went to visit her, I was looking forward to some conversations about Jesus and Faith, because that is how she made herself and that of her family’s home to be. a home dedicated to God and living as best as they could in God with a thirst to expand heart and mind and Spirit.. But I was really wrong. She is one of those “christians, catholics” that will not listen to or discuss or expand upon anything that is outside of what she was taught by a mother she dislikes ….Funny how people cling to beliefs and opinions that were formed FOR them BY someone they don’t like, respect or would want to be like (which is exactly what happens!) She ended up being one of those religious talkers but no doing or believing–just full of empty words because that is the religion she was raised on ..and refuses to move her mind (you know people like that right!?)….. But something positive (for me) came out of a question she brought up about God and I realized it was a question a lot of wishy washy religious people face that keep them stuck in their stinking thinking.  and I’d like to explain it so that the reason will help dissolve a doubt any one out there have about God’s love –if you are one of those out there thats struggling with some wrong teaching or unexplained explanations you’ve been exposed to.

The story my friend has trouble with in the Bible is  about Abraham and God’s command that he offers his son as sacrifice. My friend said “she doesn’t know about  how a loving God could ask this.”     I then realized that if this story is misread or not explained well then thats a “check mark” for satan cause he loves doubt!

And this is how I can explain it .  God knew he would send His Son to save the world. Now if I was going to send my son to save the world I would make sure He would come from a lineage that started with the best of the best!  Look at how much you have to prove of yourself just to get a car! Now quadbillon that for the application to be the start of the line for the King of Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!   and so How would you find out to be sure without doubt that the person you chose (it works for the chosen too) would be the right person???? —To ask that of the chosen to do the most painful act while having the most abundant faith in GOD that what He asks of you there is no doubt, no questions no flinching and all in Love…..And that is what it was for, pure love and both sides had it!

Have a Fantastic Night!

The “Born Again” Man

So much has changed for me, basically the way I see life, ever since the fog of what it is to think like  man was lifted. I recently had, or I should say-tried to have, with my parents about what is is to be Christian. I asked why they think they are going to Heaven, why do they think they are “good” christian people. This is the conversation I had with the mom. ” So mom, why do you think your going to heaven.”

“because I was born again.’ she said while rolling her eyes irratated, very irrated I dare mention anything to do with questioning her “faith.”

I said back, “well that was over twenty years ago and I’ve never seen you do anything “christian-ee. You’ve been sitting on that couch for the last ten years no friends no social life, no church outings, nothing. The only person you serve is your husband. That’s not spiritual at all.”

She said back. “You don’t know how “spiritual” I am.”

And I thought, yes I do because I’ve never heard you speak about Jesus outside of your occasional routine prayer you remembered just before you lifted the fork to your mouth at dinner.

See this is the thing that will help you see just exactly who you can count on in your life to guide you safely, correctly, enthusiastically and genuinely to the destination that your traveling towards. Your path won’t be relied upon for safe travels by people who have only set foot on it or who may have gotten five feet down, turned around and are still there at the starting line ready to rain their ‘advice” down upon any newbie starting their own journey. These are the people who hold you back, who make you feel guilty for daring to travel farther down the road with a strength and determination that eluded and continues to elude them. Jealousy, envy, fear and regret inhibit those who never got very far and who in their stubbornness will never get any further than the narrow, puny, road of life their limited eyesight revealed to them. It’s no use trying to get them to come along with you, they’ll only be the rock that ways you down in the mud. Don’t let others half-baked religious beliefs they have about “the real world” weigh you down. They aren’t living in the “real world” they’re barely  just breathing.

So when some one pipes up, throws out their chest and proclaims themselves righteous because they were “born again” double check and even test them. I know I was “born again” when I was nine, but that was in mouthing the words with a heart full of love only, it didn’t mean my eyes were open and I was truly Born Again. And let me tell you, you WILL know the difference when it truly does happen:)