“I love You, O Lord, my strength”

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,

My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;

   My shield and the horn of my salvation,

                      My stronghold.

I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,

         And I am saved from my enemies.

What Is The Christian Life?

The Christian life…
Is not one of leisure
It does not lounge in luxury
It does not follow trends
It is not trendy
It is not 9 to 5
It does not take vegas breaks
It does not retire

The Christian life…
Is not passive
Is not neutral
Is not that of a peacemaker
It is not of one that coddles, pats heads nor strokes backs

The Christian life…
Is not silent
It is not submissive nor domineering
It is not selfish, self serving or self sufficient

The Christian life…
Follows One Will
Is unified in One purpose and One destiny

The Christian life Is
A life lived on the battle field
The life of a warrior
A life of action and participation

The Christian Life Is
A Light
Is Resilience
Is Gentleness
Is Compassion
Is Truth

A Christian Is
A student
A servant
A brother or sister
A son or daughter

A Christian Is
A Haven
A Comforter
A Sanctuary

Was Jesus a Motivational Speaker

Was Jesus a Motivational speaker? Absolutely! But just absolutely nothing like the motivational teacher speaker preachers of today that are flooding churches and Christian TV. If you need a quick but fleeting pick me up you can tune in to the Trinity Broadcast channel any time of day and get a confidence boost from preachers like Joel Osteen who in a half hour will leave you pumped up and ready to put your foot down to stand up to your unappreciative and demeaning boss or your mother in law. But that’s false motivation,that’s not Jesus type motivation. If your looking to learn everything about Jesus and the Bible, pick the Bible up yourself and read the truth because it would take years of watching these preachers in order to string together the entirety of each Book.

What preachers don’t have today is absolute truth. They choose instead to pick out and scale down a topic into a couple of words from the Bible and insert emotions trending in line along with popular public feelings. But Jesus didn’t aim for the title of most popular preacher.He was and is complete truth and when a person gets a hold of the truth there is nothing more motivating than truth eternal.Jesus motivated people right down to their soul, He awakened their Spirit and lifted the veil off the materialistic world of man and exposed our higher purpose. He motivated people into action. He stirs the sleeper . The transformation within a person may or may not be immediate but something amazing and powerful happens. His motivation exists within you 24 hours a day everyday. You want to know how to deal with the negative, with the sorrow, anger frustration and disappointment? Every single problem you could face its solution is right there in His book. Do you need motivation to learn how to be a better parent, teacher, leader and overall person? Don’t waste your time on “experts” who’s knowledge comes from their own beliefs, learn the only way that maters, His way the truth. His way is worth leaving everything behind that has to do with man ,it is worth the persecution and its worth dying for; millions have. He teaches the ultimate state of mind and He doesn’t make exceptions or coddle those who are weak and wishy washy, a lifestyle not even imaginable to those who hear and understand. He plainly laid out everything that has to be done in order for us to reep rewards and ultimately join Him and rule along with Him in His kingdom . He didn’t pepper His speeches with comforting words, He wasn’t concerned about the reaction of those selfish (today their called sensitive) people whose only reaction is a defensive one accompanied by huffing and puffing out the question who does He think He is?

Jesus loves mankind.His desire is that none parish. He’d rather everyone be saved but He knew that few would be. Man’s hearts are naturally evil, and those who refuse to hear choose instead to live a lie that soothes and comforts their conscious allowing them to exist without a care in a fantasy land.

Heaven is a place more majestic and pure than anything we can imagine. Its a place you wouldn’t expect to find people who’d live out their whole lives for them self, who wouldn’t recognize God and who refused to be obedient to Him and to the commandments and laws plainly stated in the Bible. For those who don’t respect the laws of obedience laid out in the Bible and who believe it’s ok to pick and choose which to follow I say, you follow the silly rules of man, you follow laws because there are consequences .To those that believe that by just saying they believe in Jesus they;ll get into heaven I say is it as simple as making a statement in this world to get into Oxford? To participate in the Olympics, or ride in the Kentucky Derby, to live on Park Ave or be an astronaut, get into a private New York club for millionaires? If mere people put restrictions on and requirements by allowing only the “best of the best” in and restrict 99% of peoples from entering than what makes you think access to the most supreme place in the universe would be any less restrictive?

A true preacher will equip people with every thing they need to know and they will have personal contact and keep watch over every single one of their members making sure their on the straight path. A preachers only job is to be like Jesus and teach what He taught in the Bible. Congregations are to be disciples and nothing less. It’s that simple.The choice is yours whether you want to be a part of the His family and have the honor of calling yourself Christian. But it’s an all or nothing choice. Just knowing Jesus and hearing His preaching motivates people to accept nothing less from themselves and if you’re deliberately living for the system created by man, for your job your car your house your title your golf team your shopping sprees, anything that is not Jesus centered, than stop abusing the word Christian by demeaning and sulling it. If preachers have the same congregation members in their pews year after year and in a life that hasn’t changed, that’s a failing ministry. Today’s preachers aren’t selective with who they let stay in their church. The Bible clearly describes what the church is and what happens when blatant sinners are allowed to remain in it. Is it no wonder that the states these mega churchs with 10s of 1000s of members are located in is the poorest in the nation along with the largest homeless population? If these churches were true to God, the reality of the state would be one of success and prosperity. But the sad reality that most churches have created is an outcome that never fails when the only thing motivated is the ego and the only motivation is money.

2 Cents in While Sippin Herbs

I have to add more of my two cents in for the last post I wrote –Just a Thought on More Ridiculousness because I was all riled up and had some wordy inserts to add. But now I’m a simmering with some rosemary and jasmine tea (makes me kind of mellow, even though it should do the opposite but that’s normal for me) and have forgotten all the funky words that appear when I’m riled up so bear with.

The enemy is not the person telling you how it is..aka the truth. The enemies are not the ones who are doing the right thing. The enemies are not the people whose opinions on subjects that hurt no one, differ from yours.

Just as you choose to think your way the next person has as much right to choose theirs. We are all in this nation together. It is on our shoulders -the downfall of us or the success because there isn’t any level of accomplishment or victory or admiration  a half assed nation can boast about.

Nothing can get accomplished when people bring others to court, jamming the system, with such trivial things like….”my neighbor doesn’t mow his grass” or ” the hot coco I drank was hot”

and more important yet open and shut arguments like ” a baby isn’t alive at five months even though I can see it on the screen moving and the mommas since humanity began say they can feel it from day one, I want it killed now because my client and her idiot family did nothing to prepare her for what happens when women have sex ..with a man that is not their soul-mate husband..and and because some churches have brainwashed their congregation into believing babies are bad even though they prey to Mary and “love” Jesus even though she was NOT married when she got pregnant, my client can not be responsible for hypocrisy and lastly my client just isn’t feelin it right now same way a murder isn’t feelin for his inconvenient victim, got me there judge?”.

or “look I don’t believe in God, I can’t explain millions of records of interactions people have had with Him but I want that Book, which I understand has been proved even by scientists to be accurate and true, out of every place of learning and knowledge, out of the nations hands of free will that is to choose for themselves to believe or not. I may be narrow-minded and against anything  for humanity that is for its highest greatness of successful  prosperity to be enjoyed by everyone in this nation…and I know there are thousands of documents stating from all kinds of people from the most famous  to the most humble and simple of people that by God they owe all of their happiness and amazing out of this world success to. Yet I, will not be shut up-ed, I am the victim here and I will keep whining (that’s how all wise, awesome, respected, really cool people get things done) till you give in judge..judge of all that is fair and just” …..

or “Guns kill I’m not debating that fact I’m not arguing its the hand of man that pulls the trigger, but its our right to have weapons of mass destruction, yes yes they may tare and shred the very fabric of society  causing permanent damage to the hearts and minds of the innocent. In a way I’m kind of proud to be that man that has a part in grooming them to grow up gun lovin blastin anywhere and anyone but I’ve no part in gunners and wack job TV shows that in-bed in their little, mold-a ble brains that shooting all up high and hungry is the cool thing to do!  And none of that changes the fact that I want my gunny gun, see if I have a gun then he can have a gun we all can have a gun and I get my right to shoot it in their face if they step on my grass..God bless america I say guns for all and you’re the sucker for not taking part in this ridiculousness”

America we keep saying how fab we all are, the whole world knows we think it, it’s not a secret….but when are we going to actually start walking the walk and talking the talk? The whole world wonders while shaking their head hiding a flicker of a sniker at all of our ridiculousness that is just crippling us and it’s all caused by the mouth of fools.

How the Story of Jonah Relates to Our Life


A lot of us know the record of Jonah from the Bible.  God choose him for a great task. He ran away from God, tried to hide on a ship, a storm came, he confessed he was the cause of the storm, told the men to throw him overboard, ended up in a belly of a fish where he realized his foolishness, obeyed God and went on to Nineveh to tell of Gods anger and how, if they did not turn away from evil they all would be destroyed. All listen and obey and Nineveh is saved.

What I never got was the comparison of the storm to that of the chaos and string of disappointments or loss’s that can happen in our home/life if we choose to let disobedience live with us and within us.

See Jonah was the cause of the storm which was in turn causing not only the destruction of these mens livelihood (the boat and all cargo, tools, ect ) but was certain to cause their death. And how, when the person who disobeyed told them he was the cause, and was thrown out, only then did the storm cease.

Before I was Reborn, I did not understand why all of the bad and crapy things that had happened to me, that had come  in and out of my life like a never ending cycle of misfortune never ceased.

Now I see that in past, homes that I had been in were filled with anything but the Love of God and the love for mankind.  I see now how easy it is to open a heart  and home to receive the Blessings of God by  cleaning out of the stuff/people that are causing those blessings to be blocked.

We don’t have to listen to what the world of man decides for our life what we should do, have, watch and who we have to socialize with.  That is a no win situation. Man can not improve on perfection yet because of the ego, some will never quit at trying to. But this only builds on the chaos of the masses.

Like for example, ABC family. Their shows are the farthest example from the truth. Yet they sucker millions of  people in ( a lot of “Christians” and “good” people I am sure) to watch and believe that their, this one companies opinion of  what “family” is, should be your definition too. They mask their hypocrisy by abusing the word “family” in hopes you will invite them into your home for hours where their crap can seep into our minds and those of the zombie-like  herds America has become. How many crucial life decisions do we make that are based on what some stranger on the TV has told us?

Back to ABC family- underage sex, drug use, devious plots thought out against one another by juveniles, coddling of the gay lifestyle and murder and mayhem has nothing to do with family- what kind of human would want all of that darkness and confusion within their family? It’s not what any human aspires to.

And if people would just realize how powerful and wise goodness and truth is and the domination it has over evil and how much more appealing a triumphic victory is when it is won by a  traumatic, dynamic, wise and yes sometimes even psychical brute strength of man/women in battle that conquer with an “out of this world power”  that resides within all of us when backed by the enormity  of Gods power and Grace, TV would kick themselves for never thinking that way before -that good is soo much more appealing than bad …and yes, an even more  lucrative choice .

Anyway, I now understand the record of Jonah and wanted to share my happiness with you.

(painting, Carlo Antonio Tavella)

The Bible, Our Nations Foundation From Government to Schools

images (2)

Can you imagine if today our government was filled with the quality of men and women that were present for the first two hundred years of its conception? Learning about our Founders and their courage and conviction, acting unafraid to formally declare in all honesty that man is not in control nor able to rule his or any other life without the power of God and how God was so fiercely a part of their entire life was so awesome! What kind of  marvelous could we be if we had such strength and passion for truth! I wonder, where did all the good men go?

Noah Webster:Capture

I’ve learned so much watching TBN’s fascinating reports from all kinds of media from the last few decades about  people who are trying to destroy in every citizens mind, the truth about our country. They want so badly to believe God has no place here, and no mater how hard they try the truth to the evidence just won’t go away. The question is, knowing both the greatness that power can do for all people and experiencing first hand today, the evils that of  manipulating and cowardly groups who are bombarding us with such ridiculousness that it almost seems comical, why are we so complacent to let them crap on us and tell us to believe lies while they shred our true rights?

“It can not be emphasized to strongly or too often

  That this great nation was founded not by religists but by Christians,

not on religion but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ”         Patrick Henry

Even in  today’s world when access to original documents, personal, private, foreign, legal and everything else in between is available to anyone to review in its entire truth (if looking in the right spot) there is a growing trend to believe lies.  So much fabrication

Capture  even by high up leaders (how’d they got there being this blind -who knows)  using  trickery, that should tell you a whole lot about these people, to fool citizens about the truth to our nations creation. Kind of crazy right? seeing that God was the reason for the pilgrims to settle and create a society based on the Word of God !

And because our own government is failing in courage to stand up to these radical groups and outrageous thinking , all of our lives are in jeopardy as we continue to spiral to atrocious destruction.   Because this body of government doesn’t require all citizens to learn our own history, hundreds of millions of us remain illiterate in accurate knowledge. And the very foundation, God, who has made this nation the most successful in history until now is being eradicated. Why on earth would anyone mess with a great thing?-  why would anyone want to destroy that? and who are these people following that way of stinking thinking?


The evidence is overwhelming that this is indeed a Christian Nation and the removal of God will prove disastrous- we see that!

The United States Supreme Court 1892;


The Greatest recognized Chief Justice that the Supreme Court has ever had – John Marshall– 1803 -1835 said Capturek

President John Quincy Adams to the United States Supreme Court-


and the list goes on. 

Some truth about the lies and misunderstandings that are destroying the very fabric upon what this country was built and what it was and is that has made our Declaration of Independence  the most successful and enduring government document in all of world history are…


We are not a democracy. We are a people governed by law ( a republic)and not by man. Yet look at what is happening to the principles and truth behind laws-they are being twisted to suit mans purpose. The founding Fathers believed a democracy is the worst kind of government! If you are ruled by man than the country is doomed to tyranny whether ruled by king or majority. And they had witnessed this first hand in Europe and other countries so I think they know what they’re talking about.

Our nations public schools were started because of the positive influences of the Bible with Primnthe creation of the curriculum  based on it as well. One of the earliest education laws, the Code of 1650, was created as a direct effect of early settlers experience with the Civil atrocities in Europe under the name of Christianity such as the Inquisition, which were a direct result of illiteracy. The people were wrongly taught the Bible and didn’t know the law.  If the Common people could read for them selves they would resist an evil government. This law was to insure each American student were raised on the principles of the Bible which would enable them do all other work while having first a  strong and moral foundation. …Imagine if every student was treated to such powerful principles in school- a sound academic education.

CaptureIs not in the Constitution, 1st Amendment or any other official document! The 1st Amendment states only that Government shall not make this nation one denomination. So umm, all those people who have rid the Bible out of public places from which this country was the one to demand and make law they be put in, can all go to jail since you are clearly traitors!


The founding Fathers were passionate Christians who warned the Government against ever 13134220.225x225-75taking God out of the lives of this nation. Where did the ideas for this successful government come from? The signers of the Declaration  themselves say they owe their ideas to  John Locke. Locke’s book Two Treatise of Government was its influence and heavily copied into the Declaration. Although the book is less than 400 pgs long, Locke refers to the Bible 1,500 times in order to show how to properly run a government . This establishes the relationship of the Bible’s influence and success of Americas governmental system.

Just a few Founding Fathers

Benjamin Franklin- It was an 81 year old Franklin who rose up to address an arguing Congress as the Constitution was being drafted to humbly remind them.  Quoting the Bible,100-bill_16 PSALM 127:1 ” Except the Lord build the House they labor in vain that build it.” That it is by God that we survive and by Him we are here free from our enemies. He firmly believes without Him our nation will crumble. (you can read his whole moving speech at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia)

Benjamin Rush, signer of Declaration and Father of Public schools and creator of the first American Bible Society, started the first Sunday School in america and used the Bible to teach children how to read. He was also a first proponent of education for women and African Americans. In 1791 he penned a work specify why the Bible should be used in schools in . He enclosed a statement saying what would happen to America if the Bible was ever taken out.

” In contemplating the  political institution s of this United States, I lament that if we remove the Bible from schools, we waste so much time and money in punishing crimes and take so little pains to prevent them, for this divine book above all others, favors that equality among mankind, that respect for just laws, and those sober and frugal virtues which constitute the soul of our government.”

James Wilson-Signer of Declaration and Constitution and an original Supreme Court founding-fathers-constitutionJustice. He organized the first legal training in America. He taught his law students that law is governed by Divine law. His law books contained           “Far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends and mutual assistants……This revelation is contained in the Holy scriptures.”

Fisher Ames framer of the Bill of Rights- 1801 he penned an article how he noticed that as more kinds of books are introduced to the class room the Bible is being studied considerable less and this is a great concern.

Jame Mchenry, a signer of Constitution and Secretary of War, desired the Bible be made available to every person and is essential in the Nations well being. “The Holy Scriptures…can alone secure to society, order and peace and to the courts of justice and constitutions of government, purity stability and usefulness….”

Elisa Boudinot: a distinguished Founding Father. Among his great accomplishments and contributions was that he was the First President of The American Bible Society, one of the largest societies in the world today. He was a mentor to many other distinguished men who were also members of The American Bible Society.

Noah Webster- Who doesn’t recognize this name? In 1828 he first published his massive9780877799115_p0_v1_s260x420 volume of work which took 2 decades to compile as he traveled the world learning over 20 languages. Amazing dedication to the USA to help educate everyone. It contained over 70,000 words not found in any other dictionary. He help mold the intellect of every citizen. And it was the Bible that had a direct influence on the dictionary. When providing examples how words were used in sentences he provided a large number of Bible versus. Included in this awesome tool was Websters personal story of conversion to Christ- now excluded, why? it’s a personal story! Webster impacted millions of Americans receiving praise for his gift to the nation for decades that followed.

For those who think american government has always been secular;


Just after the final battle of  the American Revolution 1781 and  America was free from British policy, including the ban on printing any Bible in English. A plan was prepossessed and advanced  in Congress to print the first American Bible in English immediately.

The principles that are our nations foundation came from the Bible. Examples of Bible versus embodied in Constitution:-


Concerning Immigrants

Concerning Presidential Eligibility

And there are many, many, many more!!!!!!!

Something I found really interesting:

Inalienable Rights  –  “We hold our truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and owed by their creator certain inalienable rights”Capturep

Truths are not self-evident. Jefferson knew these truths were taught by the Bible and taken from scripture.

God guarantees our rights in the 10 commandments.  Our right to private property–Though shall not steal…..Sanctity of Life-Though shall not kill..

And as it is pointed out...Do  away with the Commandments,and you do away with our with our inalienable  rights………………………..

A Plea to Mothers

UntitledI have a plea for all you mothers and mothers to be out there. Explain sex to your kids. You don't have to be graphic or even explain the process of intercourse. But with all of my heart I ask you to explain to them about how special they are and how their body is not a playground. Explain what respect means in its purest definition, explain that there is nothing more sacred and more valuable than that what they possess on the inside, how their soul is more special more important and more valuable than anything on this planet. Explain to them that they are their own best friend, that they have to live with decisions and the feelings they bring, and how you wish for them only the feelings that make a person feel wonderful and happy- Explain what they value and respect should never be compromised for anyone else' gratification. For what could be found in just minutes of pleasure can never be given back and made whole because what changes the body also leaves a lasting impression on the mind and heart and when you look back on the day you chose to share that special intimacy with, you want it to be with the most amazing person in the world that is right for you (namely the husband or wife you choose.)
There is nothing more worse in this world than finding out about something and being devastated about the path that was chosen simply because no one explained anything to you. Parents are great at ignoring conversations and routine support chats just because no one explained anything to them or because they figure their kid will figure stuff out for themselves. I tell you this is a cowards excuse and to get over the gap that is separating you from knowing your kids. You had them, what could possibly be more alien than a parent that ignores the needs of their child, what could be more harmful to a child than a parents own selfishness. I tell you you teach nothing and I guarantee your kids will grow up zig zaging off of the right path and will definitely become involved in situations that will leave lasting scars. You had a child now raise them to be soldiers of Spirit and guardians of their soul. Raise them up to be prepared-if you yourself have no clue how to do this and your just doing the whole marriage kid thing because that's the routine then do something amazing for your child and introduce people into their life who are knowledgeable about Life and God. God is your first line of defense it's up to you to guide them to Him.
Read the Bible and get into a cool church do this for your child-It is the most amazing and just freeing comforting guide, everything you need to know about every situation to deal with life is in it. I promise you, you will never feel anything but amazing and fulfilled when your eyes are open and you understand-there is no better gift you can give your child than that of the lessons and guidance of the Bible and the relationship with Jesus Christ.

Facebook and the antichrist

UntitledThe Bible prophesies it. Nostradamus predicts it and everyone has a theory on it. Who will be the third Antichrist? Who will be the person to rise up and rule over the masses with an evil that is so manipulative, millions will fall for it believing it is a good thing?
Well lets look at facebook. First of all it was created to harm people. It was created to bully, snicker and jeer at people. It was created to make fun of, ruin and tear down the human spirit. Secondly there are 10s on millions of followers from all over the world—following it. Thirdly facebooks influence extends far beyond just to a person sitting in their room on the computer, it reaches into the way companies do business, advertise and market themselves in an attempt to be a part of the trend.
It seems like almost everyone has become a part of the flock that follows. And in this age of people proclaiming almost to such a degree of annoyance that their individuality and honesty is what they value the most, facebook seems the least like of any company that promotes just that.

So right now this company has accomplished all the criteria for the label of Antichrist-but of course that is too easy of a conclusion to make……or is it?