How Will You Respect Your Inner Courage?

Let Your Courage OUT of its Cage

To ask the Questions
NO One dares even nod at
in possibility of Its existence

ROAR out TRENDLESS answers
Let the RESTLESSNESS consume you
from RELENTLESS pursuits seeking out every known fact
with a clear, unbiased, truth sight conscious
leading to forming words up and into
a building with a solid foundation
unwilling to sway with the tides
unyielding in exploration until the solution
the remedy is absolute!

Aren’t you sick of discarding diseased filled band aids one after another?
are you sick yet from overflowing pus seeping through technology?
Hired hands reel-ing same old horse crap that the gossipy, sedative minds of Americans
gobble down like crack
making it the importance that surrounds their disillusioned lives
while spending their sad money on nothing and no one that benefits it
as the rest of the world moves forward into an unstable an fearsome reality
that is the 21 century

sleeping warriors of old weep
seeing all of their sacrifices for a better existence burned in effigy
States full of laughing wallowing citizens bragging on an intelligence
outshined only by Its lack of literacy
and having no idea of the imminent danger they’ve allowed to infiltrate

re read war history; Bait and Bleed, Occupy the heavens to cross the Ocean
this foolish nation proudly showing off how they spend freedom
marching, shouting, rallying and whining over he called/she called me
disrespecting, breaking,tearing down and congesting the very system
the priceless Constitution written to protect them
while evil sits back wiping Its clean, work free hands in amusement
as all implications planned out long ago reach approving heights

Open your eyes and see life through 2 windows
one left one right
both peering out with child like sight

The simple…
beautiful orderly, strategically, magnificently, radically, intricately, marvelously
purposely, positioned is
AS the complexity of such simple things leave humanity
perpetually scratching at their head
pen in other as laws are written
with a thousand pages just to explain how to wipe our ass
if officials have to baby its citizens its time to send these overpaid dillywaggers packing

Dust of the Armour each is given that’s just stored -not lost within us
gear up the brain for battle
no breathing disproportionate skewed truth should remain alive
turn the tide back toward a required life lived in honor and faith
we are the most powerful created creatures in the universe
dive in deeper under the sludge of mainstream and plug into
the absolute brilliance that is you!!

Privacy’s gone missing

There are laws allowing freedom of speech, freedom of information, and the right to privacy. “Two of these things belong together two of these things are one and the same….” With speech and information freedoms, just where does the right to privacy belong in such a double standard world? It doesn’t and just like every other law that was sacred and put into place to make people feel safe and comforted, like the Bible, privacy is being banned.
I was trying , really trying to fix my computer that kept telling me my system was in critical shape. One search led to another and when I got to my google accounts for the first time ever I looked past just the simple setting buttons. Holy Cow! I never knew how far google goes to get your information out there. After 2 hours of changing the settings on page after page of security and privacy I came to “Me on the Web.” I could not believe all the return results. These stupid people finder sites had my address and info from when I was in High school. They had me related to and living in multiple sites. I went to some to see about an Opt-out and a lot just gave me this big long shcepl how they just collected what was already out there and I’d have to go to the source. When I checked a source they want you to fill out all of your information! That’s retarded! After another few hours I just gave up because the list was just too long. But here the thing, the web has created nasty companies who could care less about you and the stalkers they provide your information to. They cover the fact that they aren’t legitimate companies by saying “I didn’t steal it from you I found it on the web.” So why can these companies who do harm have the protection of the government while the people who have the right to privacy are told “well that privacy thing its out of date.” We can’t have a country where there are no stable rules in place to protect people. What the government wants to do is make laws so laxe that it stays business as usual not to be interrupted by people’s pidley lives that are now living nightmares. Soon we the people will have no protection and we can’t let that happen. Right to privacy is law made for protection of the good guys not the other way around. The good guys have got to start winning!

Stick up for our Faith and Family

There is nothing more fun than telling the truth!-it sets you free, surprises your enemies and shuts up your critics.


I thought I have a unsettling kind of feeling now and again not knowing about my own relatives farther back than a couple of generations and always felt a kind of left outness when I hear of other families long traditions or of handing down wonderful advice and guidance and love. Can you imagine being an asian baby adopted by two men or two women and having to grow up not knowing ANYTHING about your heritage or tribe or clan. Again, no wonder why millions of people are growing up utterly confused and conditioned to believe …in nothing and are encouraged to  experiment with all kinds of self indulgent wreckless and harmful not only to themselves but everyone else they involve into their lie-ful feelings- Until they are told the truth about humanity and about our Lord and Savior, there will be a knawing so large within people they wont have room to think about anything else except for lying to (brainwashing) people to be just like them and a majority of the world will fall away blindly following devils for immediate gratification but with eternal pain and loneliness. I know ! I was left growing up with lies and brainwashed to such an extreme point and there was no choice in school for people who wanted to read the Word of  God and read all about the most important stories ever given to man-there was no where for someone seeking help outside of the world their families to learn the real truth, not some man made up way. People don’t want the Bible around because they fear it, because it is such a powerful Word. There is no other reason than that. People are afraid of the power of truth to life. There really is no other reason, what would be the reason for taking out a book so rich, so full of knowledge, what other book can compare? It doesn’t teach evil! Or harmful stuff soooooo???  No one can choose for someone else what THEY believe is acceptable when it falls outside of the law of God. Why is same sex being taught in schools over the love of Jesus? You can’t take the Bible out and replace it with the idea of homosexuality as being “what all kids should learn about  in the world.” That is just insane and to believe that none of us has the power to stop this incredible wave of insanity is also insane  For those of you who have kids in school or nieces and nephews brothers and sisters don’t let a “system” brain wash your family. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to accept something that is not the Bible, something that is against the Law. Don’t let anyone tell you because they say it is the “fair” thing to do. No, the fair thing to do is to guard your soul. The fair thing to do is to openly live by the law. We don’t conform to evil! We don’t sit back and let evil in the room because it’s the “fair” thing to do-Enough is Enough; Evil out; Truth and life in!!

And I’m just as guilty for sitting back-when my eyes were closed I was a pushover for evil. I think a lot of christians are that way. And I’ve heard it before “i’m just one person, what can I do?” It takes only one . And then one and one make two and two and two make four and then there are more and more and you find you are not the only one anymore.


Easter after

Well the commercialized day for easter is over but Jesus is forever and ever. I hope this year you grew wiser and more spiritual realizing just how ridiculous it is to have the symbol of a bunny in place for the symbol of the Cross-there is no comparison and in a bind who are you most likely to call upon; peter cotton tail or the all mighty Lord? Commercialized holidays are a great way for the devil to mix with us, like a mixer-you bring your soul he’ll bring the chocolate bunny and eggs-not a very good bargain. Until I was born again I never saw how ridiculous the americanized easter is. When I was a child my “christian” parents encourged me to write a letter to the easter bunny for my wish of a real rabbit. Every year I’d write it hoping I’d find one under my surprise easter basket on easter sunday. I actually wrote letter after letter to that rabbit asking him and explaining to him why I wanted a rabbit and listed each good deed I had done and planned to do over the next year .Obviously there is no easter rabbit and the fact that my “christain” parents encouraged me to think that and to write to IT (letters I, at the time believed were private between me and the rabbit which makes it even more disgusting to me now looking back on these people reading my pleas to a fake idol that they allowed me to believe so strongly in while making sure everyone knew they were going to early sunrise easter service) in place of praying silently and privately to God to talk over my 5 year old deli…mas makes my skin crawl.  The fact that they allowed such hypocrisy and idolatry to grow in my innocent heart (all kids are innocent)KNOWINGLY  is just actually heartbreakingly disgusting -yet another check mark on the list of  explaining what its like to be “raised in a intact dysfunctional family with both parents who are, not were, are,psychopaths.  the fact that My mother to this day on easter still asks “was the easter bunny good to you” is incredible. I watched the Bible yesterday (easter day) and everyone leaves the room, I paused on  the channel with “Shrek Ever After”  on and they come back in . But I’m a part of a  “christian” family.

And I am guilty of putting that rabbit out there for decorations and talking to kids like the rabbit was a real thing instead of telling them the truth for worry it might upset them and also it wasn’t my place to tell them that some human made up this bunny story who leaves painted eggs all over the place and cheezy candy in super cheezy cheap baskets which by the way your mom and dad put together after they argue over who is going to put the dam basket together after you go to bed, dad wanted to get the one at the drugstore but mom said that’s so impersonal and besides there’s too much candy in those things but  dad doesn’t care because he’s not the one left watching you when the  cheetos  run out and he’s gone for hours looking for an open store (meanwhile hes down at the bar with the other dads also on a cheetos run)  And just where do all of those left over hard  bioled eggs go too ? Well there are only a billion hungry people in the world I ‘m sure your mom and dad left a basket at their local shelter on the way home because you know how they always say “sharing is caring.”

But now I see so clearly.  I see how ignorant I was and still am, I see how  totally conditioned a people we are even though we go to great, sometimes ridiculous lengths to prove to everyone just how free we are. The whole world looks to america and either laughs at how free we think we are or they think wow its so good to be free like an american.  And just like every other americanized holiday the true meaning gets shuffled under the idol of the dollar , which leads to aches and pains every single time.  This season let alone everyday is the most important, even more so than  christmas because in this season of death and resurrection comes the whole reason you and I have hope! Without the death of Jesus none of us on this whole planet would have hope or joy or the excitement of life or the chance to better it . How many people can go one day without thinking one stray sinful thought ? And if you make it a day, how about a week? A year? Your whole life? Before Jesus, in our death satan would be right next to us before the Lord pointing out every commandment we broke over our life and that would be it-straight to hell.

So my hope for everyone including  myself is to keep striving to break those conditioned traditions and now commercialized holidays that worship NOT what our Lord has blessed us with but just how much of the commandments we can break with our idolization of the dollar and our lust for something bigger and better and new and shiny-because there is nothing,nothing more important in the whole universe more than our saved soul and our God who gave all of us His Son with hope and forgiveness to try to live an amazing life no mater how many times it takes to correct our mistakes, our sins.

Definitions and Killing the English Language

If gays are whining about the definition of Marriage (one man one women) wanting it redefined to fit their needs, than NO word in the english language will have any value, because if you take one word that’s been in use for 1,000s of years and change it simply because of fear that you will upset a people who are in the wrong and who are reaping such havoc and harm to the earth (i mean jeez, getting so pissy over a word that is not for gays to use to begin with!) than absolutely no word is what it means.
So if marriage is redefined than we americans can take any other word we want and bend it to fit our need!! and then english is useless, laws are useless, phd’s are useless, positions of society are useless, and now we will have a dead language and honesty behind the word spoken from an american is now not honest at all but a lie. You can’t change one word to fit the need of one group without all of the other peoples in this country wanting the same “fair” treatment.
Am I explaining this right? You understand what I’m saying right?

P.S for crying out loud if people would put half of their energy into bettering our education system as they do over going to to lengths up to the supreme court to have a word,,,,, A WORD changed then our country would be full of such knowledgeable,brilliantly filled minds, imagine what we peace we could achieve and how much pain we could eradicate!