A Plea to Mothers

UntitledI have a plea for all you mothers and mothers to be out there. Explain sex to your kids. You don't have to be graphic or even explain the process of intercourse. But with all of my heart I ask you to explain to them about how special they are and how their body is not a playground. Explain what respect means in its purest definition, explain that there is nothing more sacred and more valuable than that what they possess on the inside, how their soul is more special more important and more valuable than anything on this planet. Explain to them that they are their own best friend, that they have to live with decisions and the feelings they bring, and how you wish for them only the feelings that make a person feel wonderful and happy- Explain what they value and respect should never be compromised for anyone else' gratification. For what could be found in just minutes of pleasure can never be given back and made whole because what changes the body also leaves a lasting impression on the mind and heart and when you look back on the day you chose to share that special intimacy with, you want it to be with the most amazing person in the world that is right for you (namely the husband or wife you choose.)
There is nothing more worse in this world than finding out about something and being devastated about the path that was chosen simply because no one explained anything to you. Parents are great at ignoring conversations and routine support chats just because no one explained anything to them or because they figure their kid will figure stuff out for themselves. I tell you this is a cowards excuse and to get over the gap that is separating you from knowing your kids. You had them, what could possibly be more alien than a parent that ignores the needs of their child, what could be more harmful to a child than a parents own selfishness. I tell you you teach nothing and I guarantee your kids will grow up zig zaging off of the right path and will definitely become involved in situations that will leave lasting scars. You had a child now raise them to be soldiers of Spirit and guardians of their soul. Raise them up to be prepared-if you yourself have no clue how to do this and your just doing the whole marriage kid thing because that's the routine then do something amazing for your child and introduce people into their life who are knowledgeable about Life and God. God is your first line of defense it's up to you to guide them to Him.
Read the Bible and get into a cool church do this for your child-It is the most amazing and just freeing comforting guide, everything you need to know about every situation to deal with life is in it. I promise you, you will never feel anything but amazing and fulfilled when your eyes are open and you understand-there is no better gift you can give your child than that of the lessons and guidance of the Bible and the relationship with Jesus Christ.

3 thoughts on “A Plea to Mothers

  1. A lot of parents don’t have these conversations with their kids because its “uncomfortable” and they want to be the “cool” parent. I know this from experience. I couldn’t go to my parents about sex and birth control. I had two kids before I was twenty as a result. But, that has changed my way of thinking. I will have the dreaded “talk” with my kids. I will make sure they are comfortable talking with me about this stuff. And I will make sure they know what the Bible says about the subject. We have already connected in with a good church and we are starting to get more involved. Baby steps in the right direction.


    • I’m so happy to hear of a parent determined to stop the cycle of one (or many) generations that didn’t pass down knowledge or wisdom for life nor the protection of sense of value of one’s self which is the main cause of pain and paths taken leading away from happiness. I too was married with two kids by twenty. I can’t even fathom that now and I see just how little I knew about the possibilities that life held. I just followed what I was taught growing up by a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who made you believe you need a man and what he wants is all that maters. Your kids are lucky to have a mom like you who doesn’t want to repeat the cycle!



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