Facebook and the antichrist

UntitledThe Bible prophesies it. Nostradamus predicts it and everyone has a theory on it. Who will be the third Antichrist? Who will be the person to rise up and rule over the masses with an evil that is so manipulative, millions will fall for it believing it is a good thing?
Well lets look at facebook. First of all it was created to harm people. It was created to bully, snicker and jeer at people. It was created to make fun of, ruin and tear down the human spirit. Secondly there are 10s on millions of followers from all over the world—following it. Thirdly facebooks influence extends far beyond just to a person sitting in their room on the computer, it reaches into the way companies do business, advertise and market themselves in an attempt to be a part of the trend.
It seems like almost everyone has become a part of the flock that follows. And in this age of people proclaiming almost to such a degree of annoyance that their individuality and honesty is what they value the most, facebook seems the least like of any company that promotes just that.

So right now this company has accomplished all the criteria for the label of Antichrist-but of course that is too easy of a conclusion to make……or is it?



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