Just a Thought on more Ridiculousness


I think, and I bet a lot of you all are thinking the same thing..about how distorted and ridiculous many group/institutions/organizations have become when it comes to accusing people of discrimination/race-alization so much so that some people who are in influential positions are chickening out and selling themselves over to the “cause” because they are afraid of making waves.

Their action trickles down from  important posts (that could be doing this country good but now their time is wasted having to babysit instead)  to the masses, putting us all in a position where the simple right and  freedom to express, feel, and  believe without condemnation is now in danger……and it doesn’t make sense.

Its come down to if I don’t like the look of  orange tanned  people…I’m a discriminative person…. If I don’t like the yellow of the Mc-y Ds Golden Arches…then I “hate” the whole company and am now a bigot…..If I don’t like frizzy curly hair…than I am a racist toward all curly curls on girls.

What I don’t get is how these groups and things are influencing the nation into believing they actually have a valid case and can go hog wild on anyone who doesn’t like ….well anything!  Shouldn’t we, the people, who hate the” subject” but not the person turn the tables and sue/boy-cot/ whiny whine and remove from public places..the organizations and things for discriminating and race-a-sizing against our free thinking, believing, expressing rights?

Man, if I don’t like how the old but new again Twinkies taste, is Hostess going to have me arrested?


One thought on “Just a Thought on more Ridiculousness

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