Baby got Bible

Hello, Hello,

I’m telling you, there is just an amazing awakening happening with the world and it is Fantastic! I think we are all sick and tired of acting and thinking way below our awesome selves, we’ve gotten to be a pretty pathetic and selfish world -But we are coming back to what is the only thing that is all that matters…GOD and our life in HIM.

I want to just mention this to everyone who does not have Jesus Christ as their savior and is like a budda or jewish or whaterver any of those other religions are.

Now for jews. you don’t believe Jesus died yet because you can’t understand why a man of simple birth would go through everything he did? You don’t believe a man could be Jesus is that right? Along those lines? Well Jesus for one is no simple man. And how else could he come to earth so that ALL of humanity could relate and understand Him? If He came as a king all fancied out than how could man, from a mother in the house down to the sewer worker relate to Him. That would isolate a lot, practically everyone of us! And that is how I can simple y explain it in a few short sentences, but think about it because some people can’t understand why he wasn’t here as a “king” as in the human definition of “king.” God is for EVERYONE!

Ok second, for those of you who believe in any other god. Well God died for us, what did your god do? Jesus was prophesied hundreds if not thousands of years before His coming, to be born, die FOR US, and RISE again FOR US! What does your god do for you?

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that in a quick sort of way.

Joel Osteen is great for explaining in the present and Dr. Charles Stanley is awesome for explaining the Bible in such an easy and explosive way Joyce Meyers is fantastic at telling it how it is, Pastor Joseph Prince is fun and informative, Kerry Shook is so relatable and easy going- and the list goes on. TBN is an amazing station with sooo much information about soo many things having to do with The Bible, which goes into our Health, and finances and just everything good for our life. Just try out the station or go online and watch broadcastings! Plus for any donation you receive all kinds of DVDs, CD, books, soo much free information! Litterly its like having your very own Bible study college at your finger tips that anyone can afford!!!



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