No Worries

Hello and goodnight my fellow bloggies, just wanted to say I’m not picking on any one group at any one time. We are all humans, all in the same life within the same universe wanting wishing hoping and striving to better ourselves so that we can help eachother and obtain peace and harmony. Why do some people scoff at that rolling their eyes? What, if not peace is the alternative? I won’t accept destruction, evil and chaos to be the ultimate goal of the human race. But in order for us to defeat the evil and obtain a functional harmonious level of universal peace than we need to be honest. We can’t substitute, insert into, twit- book- face jam ,hash tag our way around it just to please x y or z type of people forgetting that which only maters in life- the Word of God. Honesty doesn’t work any other way than that of which is the full undiluted plain jane just good old simple truth. So when I point out some party acting ridiculous it is because simply that they are, its not a hate thing or a picking on thing so don’t point me out and shout pick pick picker snot bag hater. I’m not. I just am stating the facts jack. And I’m all for the sunny side of life, one for all and all for one.


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