Adopting and the perks of celebritiszm

I have a question. A lot of people say that the adoption process is so ridiculously long and so very expensive . Now its been proven over an over through out history that money does NOT  = intelligence or make one more compassionate or loving. What IS a requirement and a no brainer is that babies need their mommy and daddy consistently,( of course quality time, I get that just because someone spends all day and night with someone doesn’t mean its best..that’s a whole other subject and not relevant to what I’m stating this here second) for the first few years. So tell me how these movie and tv “stars” are able to adopt a human life (not an accessory, there is a difference) and in interviews, in black and white for every one to see they say the hardest thing about having a child is leaving them.  Leaving them  for 16-18 hours a day while they are on set.  Lets go over that again because I just can’t believe that time spent with a child ISN”T a requirement when adopting a child …..”the hardest part about being a parent of a baby I just spent so much time wanting and getting is….leaving them.” And people wonder why the youth of today are sooo confused.

So I guess all that is needed to adopt a child is list your qualification as-“celebrity”


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