Your Kids are not Your Tinker Toys

Good Morning Bloggermen and Bloggerwomen!

I will try to balance this next post out sometime today with something more “fluffy” later (I can’t get that word out of my head after watching Morning Glory for the 10th time)

Well I was surfing along the web, more like skimming it because I can only take too much nonsense at one time!, Hey there should be a web-thing, or whole computer like entity that just filters out all negative ridiculous content so each and every day you look things up you’ll only get happy,positive, useful, intelligent information that enriches your life. But alas there would be some group formed to protest that it is racist to exclude sad,bad and stupid content from YOUR life.

SO here’s what I came across–this blog (whose name I won’t repeat for her benefit) whose writer is a mother of a pre/kindergartner boy …..who thinks its wrong to expose her BOY to only boy things, and I’m talking about what IS for males and what IS for females, not little discrepancies like toy trucks and hot wheels . She doesn’t want to encourage her kid to be a boy: that he doesn’t have to “feel” male. AND if he FEELS like it he can have a vagina later on in life if he doesn’t think he penis “fits” him…………..This “mothers” whole life is around blogging about her child who is a boy and making sure he is surrounded by gay men, women, trans, transit, in transition-humans because he has the “right” to choose his gender preference……. I really don’t need to say anymore on that because you should be shaking your head right now and praying for the Angels to place Their hand upon each new parent and give-em a good smack upside the head knocking all parenting sense into their brains! (we are becoming more mechanical, illogical, incapable and unbelievably, pathetically, ridiculous everyday, a side effect of being an american)

This goes back to my “should a license and test be given to people who want kids” to take extra precautions the kids aren’t going to be ABUSED by adults whacko adults with delusional beliefs that not only harms the childs developement but harms the whole of society, securing a chaotic,backward future filled with even more evils than today!
In 30 years we will have no government nor army to defend its citizens against any kind of evils because the people will be soo busy organizing parades for the rights of their pet rocks or they will be campaigning to make the color green banned from being the symbol of cleanliness because thats sooo offensive to Dirt!

Come on People-seriously!!! Your born a boy or girl there is no other choice and you can’t just swap in because you FEEL like it—–it goes against nature and YOU ALL KNOW THAT ! its not up for debate, its not a decision for mans court of law nor for the school system to include in the outline for the year as an extra course of “how to be a man when you feel like a women”.
We have become a society so far removed from reality it is amazing that another country has not invaded us since no one in the country has the capacity to survive past the pathetic decision making of “does my penis “fit” me?”



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