Where is our Fashion Hero!

So are fashion designers really talented or are they just semi talented? restricted to dressing up only female sticks with perfect skin? If a sample size is a 2 and that hasn’t changed in 50 years but the female figure as we well know has changed drastically, then why do sample sizes stay the same? Can fashion designers expand beyond dressing a poll? Are they handicapped by the female curve? Are they restricted to a smooth only canvas on which to paint? -do they get all confused like a water painter sometimes do when facing a collage of textured surfaces? Will no one be able to dress the gabillions of average female bodies walking around with their hemlines crying for help? Will females forever walk around in ill fitting duds, too long of pants, too ill fitting of blouses with buttons popping and bras peaking? Who will step forward and venture to say “I can dress curves and paint the pimpled masses.”