Fashion Fashion whose got the fashion??

Ok so I do this to myself every year concerning fashion. January and february I get crazy withdrawals from not seeing color and not  smelling fresh yum nature smells…and I want to shop and get some fresh shirts or something. I literally spend most of the winter in sweats because the clothes industry is dead these 2-3 months…why???? I don’t know -and why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do these billion dollar industry people not realize the whole country is not NOT  experiencing all the same degree of   “degrees” outside! awhhh these people need their own makeover and update on what is what, where is where and how to create for different environmental temperatures!! HELLO

awwwh! so I end up buying stupid stuff (just a few I’m way not rich here!) just something to make me feel alive during the dred time of winter. Well now spring is peaking its head out, the birds are beginning to get more lively and I can actually smell a little freshness clinging to the coolish breeze whipping around my head. BUT what happens????? all of the cloths stores are stocking last years fashions that were dying to make it on the front rack/ page . those horrible short shirts in front and long in the back!!! ug and ug and uggg! when will the fashion industry start to take the men out of women and actually make some fresh feminine clothes that have not been resurrected from the graves of the 70s 80’s 90’s (blahhh but quality proficient just look at banana republic as example of a company who, in the 90s early 2000’s the clothes were interesting and really high quality now they are almost at the bottom of that to roll way down the fashion hill )   and 2000’s. I mean why are these industries making money off of copy-fashioning!!  every stores stock looks the same!!! literally nothing out there unless you’re going to spend 500 $ for a tee! And the people who pick out the clothes just pick out what THEY want to wear or what THEY think is cool, NOT what the public would actually feel fabulous wearing!!

AND I”M SICK OF SEEING THE SAME  DAM STYLE THING EVERYWHERE !!! I want my own seamstress (cause I can’t sew) I mean I had better clothes way back when….-but for the last decade I’d say the clothes industry has gone down down down and they only operate in two modes—tweeny and frumpy!!!

1Thats my fashion spat about that!

Now here is a women, who which most real life, regular sized women look like, boobs, hips, very feminine and you can see what the dress looks like on a real women. the models companies have showing off their clothes, that  they’re trying to shove down our throat are just not real they are just stick figure, flat as a pancake every which way you cut it-crap body representations for the masses!! (absolutely no offense to the models, this is your bosses fault not yours, your beautiful honeys don’t change a thing


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