Ugly Clothes from Yesteryear now Cool?

80’s and 90’s clothes are back with a vengeance. But why do they look great on people now? Whenever I watch a movie from those eras I cringe at their clothes! Take Steel Magnolias for instance (watching now) Shirley MacLaines character is wearing shirts and trousers that are “in fashion” now yet- ouch! they don’t look so hot on her! Is it because we got rid of the out of control big hair styles and lame dye jobs?

And how can trendy be called trendy when most every style has been ripped off from previous decades? I don’t see how stylists like Rachel Zoe can be recognized as “stylist of the moment” or whatever the title is that they’re giving out to designers these days, when their clothes are copycats. I don’t know where I was going with this thought. I know I mentioned it before. Anywho, I was just wondering what makes hideous clothes from decades past now cool-er.



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