ABC and the media that wants to call itself…cough cough, family

It’s a surprising thing to me when this country full of  “Its my right, don’t tell me how to think, feel act, ect”  people up in hurrahs claiming their rights of freedoms, that we all let a puny media station, in this topic -ABC define for us what is “family.” I mean really what parent, what family member wishes to have liars, cheats, murders’ and adulters’ as representatives to the clan? ABC claims just that, they they wish for these types of scoundrels to surround themselves with. The line up for “family” night: “Pretty little Liars, the Lying game, Switched at Birth, Revenge, Scandal.”  other stations shows; Bones, Broke Girls, criminal Minds, GOssip Girl. shows  that just love to keep the stupid american reputation we have world wide alive and growing: Swamp People, Redneck shows to many to name, I have no brain but I’ve got the boobs, the accent and the 4 wheeler, I’ve got no soul but I can date 15 men in one week, the kardashians who do nothing with the loot they get to embody the nothingness existance that is celebrity; Umm lets see and the shows that steer you TOWARDS jail ( I want to stay the heck away from that hell, don’t you?) I’ve never in my life would think that a country would want its people to gravitate towards a life in jail and spread its living across channels for little curious eyes to watch and impress upon. I mean seriously have we dove so far down in the trash that all the variety we have to pick from is realities of prison, gang life, bad cops, lying cheating boys and girls who will one day grow up to run this country and of parents who go around saying ” I don’t know what to do about my 500lb child, I mean I only feed her 10 steaks a day, I can’t say no, I don’t know what to do.” I think its about time we stop shouting to the world ” hey no worries about you all kicking our ass, we’re making it quite easy for you, we’re dumb, fat and ignorant, we’ll just be here sloufing on the couch watching The View with one fat finger on the shotgun trigger shouting -take your best shot retard


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