the ridiculousness around us

As I am scanning the teli for something serene to quiet my mind, I came across news caster in other words a bearer of stupid news, and he was upset that Whitney Houstens mother said she would not have “approved” of her daughters gayness if it were true. The news castor went so far to insinuate that Momma Housten is ohh my gosh…homophopic.  Well let me tell you if we had as many people up in arms about child molestors, crappy education, poverty and any other endless amount of topics dealing with the atrocities against humanity than so much pain and suffering could be abolished. Serioulsy people get over the fact that people don’t think gay is good or correct! Its our right and duh its just the way it is, if the world was supposed to be gay than only one generation would survive and that would be the end of the human race.  Plus you all know momma Houstan is a spiritual women! You can’t be and then say ohh yes gayness is acceptable. No you can’t BUT that doesn’t mean we “hate” or “discriminate” against you! We all don’t think stupidness is awesome right? But we can hope, pray, and help stupidness become less so. What I’m saying is we all have things in this world we don’t like but that doesn’t make us haters, its called choice so just as gay people, heck any person hopes to be accepted it’s the others person choice to do so or not. …P.S you can’t tell me gay people don’t hate or disapprove of .. Of course they disapprove, they disapprove and hate “straightness”


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