The God Way misunderstood

“ug christians, they’re all such losers, what a bunch of whiners, I’m hurting, I’m sad, I’m broken.” …Yes I’ve heard people say that living God’s way is for losers. And to that I say , well show me one human on this earth who are not “losers.” We all have stumbled, we are all stumbling and we all will stumble sometime before we die. What human has not felt: pain, sorrow, regret, anger, disappointment, frustrations and confusion? We are all broken because none of us can claim perfect as a label. Following the path of God does not mean “giving up a fun life” on the contrary it is only when we discover the truth about God, Jesus and the Word that we also discover true freedom, liberation from the binds of modern  and historical influences that chain our minds to narrow and selfish thinking. The power that comes with discovering the Word does not mean you will be instantly invincible, that you will never feel pain or sorrow again. It means that you will have a brand new way of dealing with what ever life throws at you, and that may mean more sorrows, because when your eyes are open you are able to see all the phonyness around you and you know that no amount of love or support you give out-that some people, maybe even some you love just will not “get it” and your just throwing caring words against brick walls. So you move on, you pray and ask for the blind to see and you go out there in the world with your armor made from the Word of God  ready, steadiying  yourself against those souls who achingly believe that to follow God is weakness—just walk on by and pray that someday their eyes will open to the freedom and power and awesomeness that it is and that they will get excited and inspiried by a new life which enables your Spirit to soar above the fog that keeps us stuck in the mud and stuck in the luke warm “religious” person syndrom.


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