Every Day the Cross

Though the enemy is all around me

I live in victory

standing, washed by the blood

My Savior gave and

died to save me

free me from

everything mans world thrives to destroy us in

he folds His arms around me

Strengthens me with His grace

it burns so boldly within me

protecting me from the evil this world so eagerly embraces

i was drowning in

brought  down by

smothered in


selfish neediness

swimming in pools of human cells

listening to the diseased vocabulary

spewed out

spilled forth from

deceitful lips

hiding behind beguiling smiles

a kind of ugly makeup

covering up nothing greater than

the wisdom

fools prides themselves kings of

believing fortune is found within mankind

there is no rebirth in fairy tales and wallstreet

it’s  found at the feet of the cross

The Man, the Son of God sent to save us all

our sins cleaned up white

a new creature

a bold new life

that old life disgusts me

the sins I used to indulge in

while saying out loud

what a good person I am

The Spirit opened my eyes to the truth

it’s a new world i walk in

shrouded in

a simplicity of beauty missed by so many

who are burning out

chasing after a quick fix to satisfy a moment, a person, a trend, a belief, a statement, a law ,a rule

another man or women

this fleeting life

make it burn bright

outside of yourself

the real prize is beyond our needs

don’t be a slave to lists ,institutions and religions  that dictate the day to you

give up the chains

see beyond the obessive greediness

give graciously

temporary is any  personal pleasure, accommodation , jewel or stock

there isn’t any power in the tangible

it all means nothing when death constantly hovers over you

waiting to take you back

naked as the day you were born

you can choose

this is His gift to you

eternity in Heaven or hell


an existence in unimaginable fulfillment

or in unimaginable  constant pain

One thought on “Every Day the Cross

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