How gay rights organizations have gone too far

    TACTICS USED BY gay rights legal organizations cross the line
For the past few years ridiculous lawsuits created by groups of people who illegally force their own beliefs onto people to participate in as a national activity are one of the most destructive vocal groups in our country today.  The two main groups who are brainwashing society just as Slave owners did by telling everyone “hey it doesn’t harm a thing” are abortionists and the (NOT ALL gay PEOPLE!!) gay organization. There is no one I hate but man do I hate perversion of truth. When any group bullies another by demanding they submit to the groups beliefs if anyone refuses they’ll ruin their life, that group should not be allowed any rights. And besides its a clear violation of the First Amendment and the clause in it that says the government shall not favor one religion over another nor can they set up LAWS in favor of one religion!People will argue that gay-isms not a religion. The definition of religion is – an organized collection of beliefs, scrupulous conformity, a group or cause having same interest, beliefs and world views. Religion means fanatical in practices and beliefs and is all inclusive.

As more and more small business owners whose integrity and beliefs won’t be manipulated into submission, who provide excellent business are being eradicated and defamed by frivolous “discrimination” lawsuits. One cake baker in Colorado who is dealing with harassment and a lawsuit that threatens to put him out of business and in jail because he doesn’t make gay wedding cakes is     Jack Phillips  .  He said it best ,he is a Christian and providing a cake would be to participate in an activity that goes against his faith his morals (his rights) and most importantly the Word of God. He isn’t asking for anything gays aren’t-to live his life, not just on occasion but completely as his belief dictates.What’s funny is that Colorado doesn’t even allow gay marriage. This is a blatant case of bullying. I mean come on nearly every single person has been told no from some business …so they just go find another!!

The gay legal organizations claims in their lawsuits  that Christians or anyone who refuses to participate in their religion is “pushing” their beliefs down their throat. These are the same group who pushed for a law to have homosexuality taught in kindergarten to 12th grade(California).  But still all other minority history, the people who helped build this country is discarded along with the very historical factual Bible.How unbelievably selfish and cruel for these adults to have such a need to involve children in their adult issues? The kids can’t even do math and yet are FORCED to learn about sex. HOW is this law NOT pushing their beliefs onto society? TV and movie characters glorify gay-ism, while every other minority who number in the millions  living  in every city in america continue to be forced to watch film and tv displaying white morons  acting out  same old story lines. How about gays ordering government to include objects of their belief be on display in their offices?

 Elaine Huguenin is the co-owner of Elane Photography along with her husband. Their small business is based in New Mexico. In 2006, standing firm on moral integrity and her obedience to God, would not photograph a gay wedding. In 2013… New Mexico’s highest law ruled Elaine broke the Human rights Act. Which is ridiculous on so many levels, the first being the suit itself is  discriminatory and a violation of the Bill of Rights… which was used to enable the plaintiff to bring suit in the first place–so that voids out the whole legal system. Another case of blatant bullying. Huguenin even found them another less expensive photographer!


But what this all comes down to is this group has opened the door abuse. This is what our ignorant judicial system is granting:  The KKK can go to Xavier College and demand financial support from the United Negro College Fund. Men can demand  women “service” them.  Refusal to do so is exactly the same case circumstances as gay legals are winning on. The modeling industry can face trillions of dollars in fines for blatant violation of The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the AARP. Harvard and Yale and other top universities can’t say no to applicants because of lack of funds (while in 2010, 79% of students born into the top income quartile in the U.S. obtain bachelor’s degrees only 9.4% came from families under $ 33,000). The Metropolitan Club in New York HAS to get rid of their exclusion of women and non million or billionaires and others they say CANT gain  entrance. Any thing any one in our nation who say We don’t/You can’t.. is subject to having cases filed against them. This is the tactics gays have been using to win for years and our courts say it’s ok.

SO think back over your life to every business that has said “your not the type of person we’re looking for” and have a blast!


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