Are there psychopaths in your life?

Looking back its very easy for me to see all of the people in my life who  were and are  phony Christians aka nice, kind, loving, good people. The kind of people you should run from when they have to state over and over just how good they are because they’ve done “this for you or that for you.”  But when you grow up with psychopaths you can bet that the only people your exposed to in the isolated community your family forms are that who are exactly like them or that they are very easily manipulated by the darker side of life because its easier to believe. For some reason the truth is an annoyance for some people and its easier for them to ignore no mater who it is hurting.  And when you are around people who are like this it is very easy  to become conditioned to such an extreme that you believe that the world you live in is normal, because it’s all you know, you don’t have anything else to compare it with. Are there people in your life who do things or say things to you that just makes your eyes roll because you have no idea what kind of crazy they seem to be smoking? Or who make you feel a guilt like feeling so that you’re second guessing your actions which in itself is more confusing because you know for a fact you did nothing unusual or out of line? Are there people in your family who undermine your authority? Or who don’t recognize growth, their mindset is still on the  infantile  stage of family stages? Now for some people recognizing a toxic environment as a child is easy and they get out and don’t look back. But for others their family along with what they teach from the Bible and how they play on the fact that children instinctively know that parents should be the only truly safe people in their life who look out for their best interest, who are supposed to have their back and who are supposed to be smart and know worldly things make realizing that it is they (parents) who are your worst enemy.


One thought on “Are there psychopaths in your life?


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