Best Holiday wishes! But Incase you brase for the ugly

I am wanting for everyone a wonderful day of celebration and thanks. I hope you are surrounded by loved ones and reunited for a time with those whose absence, caused by miles of road or miles of hardships, have been missed and needed.

Maybe your home is filled with delicious smells permeating off of eclectic platters filled with traditional or modern delights which have been strategically placed throughout the home  waiting to be ogled over by company who will fondly reminisce with vocal memories . But don’t be a kitchen hog-ger. If you know So and So would have wanted to cook for her/his own family too, let them join in! Invite them to bring a dish or help you. Share. This is a once a year thing.Oh (and don’t get all mad if you’re the only one doing the dishes. Leave them, they can wait, you’re wanted elsewhere.) And (don’t offer to do the dishes, most likely the person doing them is someone who needs to feel in control and they won’t see you as helpful, although they’ll thank you profusely , “ohh your soo sweet”… no, they are just happy to have someone new “under” them who is eager to do their bidding and whom they get to tell what to do and how they like it done and where it goes (that’s how they see the situation!) You might gloat to your spouse how you’ve been bonding-your not..I should say, they’re not (but they love that you think that!)

May the conversations you have and hear be fruitful and stimulating and far from the monotonous bland routine some people call necessary “polite” protocol.  May your “hellos'” be sincere and not robotic and rehearsed. That, HEL…LL oO stated word that ranges from a medium to a way too loud sound of expression i.e, an over- reacted welcome, is a dead giveaway to a character who  needs to impress upon others making them believe that they are “good and sincere” people,  but who are actually  total phonies and maybe even a jerk to someone behind closed doors. Beware and guard your privacy-because whatever you say will be misinterpreted and that is the version that will be gossiped.. But the excitable could just be one of those naturally, bubbly, eccentric, fun, high energy, high excitement-people (think an Empath). Then your word is safe and sound around them.

Slow down and listen and learn from stories told from the past, the present and what is wished for in the future. Maybe you can help their dreams move quicker. I hope your words are inviting, a sanctuary for the worried and elated to confide in and share with in this Holiday season. Who knows what happens after the festivities are over? After all for many, home is a dark long ride back.

I hope this day is an event to be cherished and not seen as a chore. I hope you grow more close. I hope problems and misunderstandings are able to be resolved and forgotten. I hope today is so much more than something  mandated by the system.

I hope you have a great experience today! Look forward to days that might be a little uncomfortable and that might feel more like a headache than a treasure – see them as an adventure and an opportunity. Your words, your time and patience, your presence can make a huge difference in a persons life. God Bless and

Happy Thanksgiving