America is violence-plain and simple

UntitledI need you to have a really hard in depth look at this. If you were from a different country and came to the usa and was shown everything having to do with the culture here, the movies the tv shows the schools the parents the politicians, the news, what would you think america was obsessed with …..violence. Not only violence but an abnormal,perverse obsession with it. Like a longing a need a passion for it. What action movies do NOT show calamities, bombs, bodies, terrorism and how to build bombs? And hell its cool right? cause its only a movie- What TV station does NOT have shows with murder,terrorism, bodies and blood, directions on how to build bombs? It’s almost as if we crave it (violence) like we want it to happen(that is what you’d think if you were an alien) What schools do NOT have rampant bullying, disrespect and all out obscene lewd behavior? What politician does not just talk talk talk and takes no action, has no loyalty to God nor its people (obama had 3 different types of priests at his inauguration, gay, muslim and catholic-talk about a kiss ass and not a man of moral or truth, hes so worrying about upsetting someone he ends up doing nothing for no one, same political story in every area!) What kind of country protects guns while treating humans as second class citizens, not only that but the continuation of killing sprees by guns in schools has not done anything to make people change their minds about the destruction to human life these things cause, ohh no people sit there and actually bikker, defending the GUN!

Now this person coming from a foreign place looking at all of this would not think that what happened in boston today was anything unusual. With the utter lack of discipline, respect, guidance, boundaries, morals, truth and justice in this country what happens in it….is it really any surprise? And when we get to that point-the point where this isn’t some random act of terror out of the blue anymore because we see it, hear it, sleep it every single day with our media machine we all have got to start to work together and say enough, there has to be a point of discipline we inflict onto this country where its freedoms and liberties have been so abused that these acts have now become a part of our life because in the minds of many-they have that right to feel how they want to feel and if it kills someone its fine because we live in america where the discipline is virtually non-existent -the bed is warm and there are three meals a day and hell, if I don’t like the meals in jail I still can sue.

Wake up wake up and stand up for a change, a change that ends the over stimulating show of lust for violence in this country! You surround yourself with violence what the heck are kids supposed to grow up like? I think there has to be an immediate ban on movies, tv the internet! This freedom of speech thing has gone way too far to a disgusting point that was never intended to be taken too! Speak up it your being abused -shut the heck up if your just going to pollute minds with violence there is nothing to be gained there but the encouragement of violence….And don’t give me any “its not about that its more political than that its blah blah blah…” Wake up to TRUTH! (not you guys sorry getting loud there, you know who I mean)

Silence equals Weight Loss and Sanity

Good gooood Morning!

An interesting conclusion to a problem I discovered for myself. Now you might have known this all along but for those who don’t here it is. When you get time for yourself, I mean real time, time that is not restricted by a certain length like an hour or a day, amazing things happen. When-enever I got a week to myself it always went the same. The first day and a half my body would purge itself, I’d find I was soo emotional! I couldn’t figure out why! Here I was soo excited to have this time to myself, I had planned to get this done and that, and I couldn’t because I was so emotional. Then the next few days were AWESOME! I’d feel more alive than ever, my brain could move and my body would relax. Then I’d freak out the night before my time was up, I’d get anxious. But the last day I was filled with such a peace and strength of renewal there was no mistaken that the environment that went away played such a part in weighing me down and zapping my energy, it was literally killing me from the inside out.

The other thing I noticed is that I would lose weight without changing anything but the way I breathed! My stomach wasn’t tied in knots, my back and neck weren’t stiff, sore and cringing every time I heard a noise. I started doing Qi Gong and found it an amazing cleansing of environmental toxins and toxic people who linger in my space.

But the point is this, we all need quiet unrestricted time to purge ourselves from every annoyance, scheduled this and that, bickering, routine, and just other peoples negativity. It is so wonderful to wakeup and hear NOTHING! It is so wonderful to sit where ever you want (inside or out) and know no one is coming in the door so you had better have this done or that. Now I know that is why people, mainly couples, take vacations, but you need to go by yourself -anywhere! Even if it’s in the same city. I know it seems like a foreign Idea and I would have been like “heck no I want my soo and so to come so we can both get away and spend some quality time together.” Ummm NO. Time together is not quality time for your mind and soul, two is a crowd when your trying to rejuvenate YOURSELF. And trust me after the second or third day (unless your a quick purger and I thought I was but it still takes me like 2 days) you will be so glad you are alone and there are no decisions to be made no thinking to be done, no time you have to be here or not be there. There is no conflict or wayne of interest. Your mind needs a break from that!
You know your mind is hardly your own! It belongs to the routines of the human world and to anyone else in your life. That is why when people grow up they forget how to be childlike, they forget how to use their imagination and energy. Remember way back when and you didn’t have a care in the world, you would go outside or play in your room for hours just creating things (building blocks, coloring, making tree forts, creating make believe villages in the grass using transformers, fisher price people and match box cars, or just reading for hours getting lost in a book taking your imagination to far off lands and worlds) and how when you get older that all fades away? For some people they carry that(their child like powers of imagination and creative thinking)into adulthood for their career and have you noticed they are still the most creative and happiest people?
When we fall away from who we are and give over half of ourselves to others, we become stale and narrow minded. I don’t mean in a mean or bad way, but we become less interesting to OURSELVES. To some extent we shut down the part of us that loves to learn and grow, explore and create-but most of all we lose our humor and our core (the “our self” we hung out with when we were little.)

Take some time away from it all to get back on track with yourself. It does wonders for your mind-it stimulates and recharges those creative energies and powers up our strength juices, that “lets do it, lets go, Yeee Haaa” kind of juices. And when your body relaxes you breath correctly and that stimulates your intestines by massaging them and moving the waste out, toxins stop clinging to your insides- So you lose weight without even trying!…IT DOES YOUR BODY GREAT!!! and you get to just be your whole self again and when you re-enter into your environment or it re-enters into yours, you can tell if it is, or who is a positive force and who is a negative force in your life and you can and NEED to adjust accordingly so it is all positive and you won’t h be dragged down over and defueled over the course of the next year,waiting for the next vacation to come! Who knows you could be dead! And you want to live your best right now-everyday!
P.S you’ll be able to get back on track with what God wants for you too! To much “noise” and we totally miss His messege-Don’t let the devils that plague our life every single day consistently interrupting our Spirit- get you down!

Stick up for our Faith and Family

There is nothing more fun than telling the truth!-it sets you free, surprises your enemies and shuts up your critics.


I thought I have a unsettling kind of feeling now and again not knowing about my own relatives farther back than a couple of generations and always felt a kind of left outness when I hear of other families long traditions or of handing down wonderful advice and guidance and love. Can you imagine being an asian baby adopted by two men or two women and having to grow up not knowing ANYTHING about your heritage or tribe or clan. Again, no wonder why millions of people are growing up utterly confused and conditioned to believe …in nothing and are encouraged to  experiment with all kinds of self indulgent wreckless and harmful not only to themselves but everyone else they involve into their lie-ful feelings- Until they are told the truth about humanity and about our Lord and Savior, there will be a knawing so large within people they wont have room to think about anything else except for lying to (brainwashing) people to be just like them and a majority of the world will fall away blindly following devils for immediate gratification but with eternal pain and loneliness. I know ! I was left growing up with lies and brainwashed to such an extreme point and there was no choice in school for people who wanted to read the Word of  God and read all about the most important stories ever given to man-there was no where for someone seeking help outside of the world their families to learn the real truth, not some man made up way. People don’t want the Bible around because they fear it, because it is such a powerful Word. There is no other reason than that. People are afraid of the power of truth to life. There really is no other reason, what would be the reason for taking out a book so rich, so full of knowledge, what other book can compare? It doesn’t teach evil! Or harmful stuff soooooo???  No one can choose for someone else what THEY believe is acceptable when it falls outside of the law of God. Why is same sex being taught in schools over the love of Jesus? You can’t take the Bible out and replace it with the idea of homosexuality as being “what all kids should learn about  in the world.” That is just insane and to believe that none of us has the power to stop this incredible wave of insanity is also insane  For those of you who have kids in school or nieces and nephews brothers and sisters don’t let a “system” brain wash your family. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to accept something that is not the Bible, something that is against the Law. Don’t let anyone tell you because they say it is the “fair” thing to do. No, the fair thing to do is to guard your soul. The fair thing to do is to openly live by the law. We don’t conform to evil! We don’t sit back and let evil in the room because it’s the “fair” thing to do-Enough is Enough; Evil out; Truth and life in!!

And I’m just as guilty for sitting back-when my eyes were closed I was a pushover for evil. I think a lot of christians are that way. And I’ve heard it before “i’m just one person, what can I do?” It takes only one . And then one and one make two and two and two make four and then there are more and more and you find you are not the only one anymore.


Money go loop de loop

Happy Wednesday!

I’m sure all of us who aren’t millionaires or billionaires are wondering why the heck there is soo much poverty in America (I can’t talk for other countries ) What if the people making money or who have inherited money or who have come into money aren’t good at giving out the money? The system set up for giving, like charities, foundations, balls, galas, ect ect. just do not work. And like so many other systems set up in america over a long extended period of time that don’t work in favor of the people-nothing changes! How long is human history of fantastic examples of systems set up by a few to benefit the many that completely fall apart leading to the downfall of the system??? Humans are on a continuous carousel  The bright lights, music and shiny things distract from the purpose every single generation lays out! We are no smarter than humans 10,000 ago when it comes to leadership. We just have more shiny useless things. Ok getting way off point. We know that Mr. apple guy is smart-computer, techno smart. and he probably surrounds himself with other techno smart people but it might just be for all of the 10s of billions $ he has, he and his posseyy may not be “giving” smart. I don’t mean he doesn’t know how to give, the guy gives 100s of millions away, and that is my point.

When will enough money be enough? Its not an argument about the haves and have nots, its a legitimate question that asks if the people making the money and the people who are working for the people making the money to help give it away-just aren’t money giving smart?

(heres a little statistic  california says it spends $ 10,000 on each kid for a school year. In another part of the world it takes about $300 . Now we know  that americas average  national  educational level is that of an 8th grader and is at a 30%  LOWER level than in the 1930s.   Its just a little example on money being spent and the results are actually producing less of the desired effect than ever before).

Adopting and the perks of celebritiszm

I have a question. A lot of people say that the adoption process is so ridiculously long and so very expensive . Now its been proven over an over through out history that money does NOT  = intelligence or make one more compassionate or loving. What IS a requirement and a no brainer is that babies need their mommy and daddy consistently,( of course quality time, I get that just because someone spends all day and night with someone doesn’t mean its best..that’s a whole other subject and not relevant to what I’m stating this here second) for the first few years. So tell me how these movie and tv “stars” are able to adopt a human life (not an accessory, there is a difference) and in interviews, in black and white for every one to see they say the hardest thing about having a child is leaving them.  Leaving them  for 16-18 hours a day while they are on set.  Lets go over that again because I just can’t believe that time spent with a child ISN”T a requirement when adopting a child …..”the hardest part about being a parent of a baby I just spent so much time wanting and getting is….leaving them.” And people wonder why the youth of today are sooo confused.

So I guess all that is needed to adopt a child is list your qualification as-“celebrity”

Born that way

One of, well mostly the main problem with people nature  I had as a child/have now is  wrapping my mind around  how   fellow humans  put different values on sin. We all do it or have done it because we are conditioned to “reason” our actions and motives.   You find some people  in every area of life that are accepting of all kinds of human behavior,  you see it on ABC family and NBC and Bravo ect. ect. shows that label their shows a new kind of “family”  you see it, read it, hear of it within the people that take positions of leadership, one day they rare against a sin the next day they are the sin. You hear it in lyrics from “artists” that call themselves christian. They think that each person has the right to be who they want to be, they have a right to live how they want to live. Well then how come murderers go to jail? Why do they get  punished?” They can’t help it, they were born like that, they were just testing out the waters, they were just going through a phase -hey every one’s doing it-they have the right….”

There are hundreds of breads of dogs and they all have different names, call it what you want- it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a dog.

Don’t be fooled, God does not birth children anything other than innocents. It is humans who mold them “that way.”

It starts with Parents-so stop F-ing UP

Why do kids cry when leaving their moms and dads at their school? Instead of being excited to go somewhere outside of the family unit, go somewhere where you’ll learn things you can’t at home, go to a place of discovery and excitement, stimulation and experience- parents have instilled in their children that THEY are the most important thing in their world, that they can not survive or do anything without them standing right there.

American parents instill guilt in their children for wanting to be themselves, for wanting-needing to be different in thought, feeling and beliefs apart from the momy and dady. Parents punish their kids in tremendously harmful ways emotional scarring the kid for being what he/she was born to be..themselves.

Society tells us ;be all that you can be,democracy is the foundation of our country, that we are “special” because anyone can go to school to learn and cultivate their skills for life that will support them and bring happiness and prosperity into their lives.

American families teach dependency not individuality,  responsibility,  Spirituality, and reason, nor how to tap into strength from within and how to develop our own identity. American families are the farthest thing from a practicing democratic unit, they are the most confining, debilitating and suppressing example of what “family” means.

There are millions in this world who would give their right arm Literally to be able to have an education. Millions do die, will die and are prepared to die so that their kids can go to school and learn.  How many people have been blown up from stepping on land mines on their way to school? How many have been shot point blank for crossing over an invisible line to get to school? how many families have been round up and burned to death or shot or macheted to death for having learning material hided within their homes? How many millions of people are out here with mutilated limbs , scars visible and scars so deeply in-bedded within their mind who will again go out of their houses and walk the same route with the same possibilities  encountering the horrors that blew their family apart because a book of knowledge is more valuable than fear?

The parents who instill fears of abandonment into their children because they dare to be what they were born to be, because they yearn to know knowledge outside of their restrictive family unit I say shame on you you selfish ….For those kids who were abused, let down, shamed or emotionally baby-fied are the ones who grow up to be crappy teachers, coaches and dr.s. Our schools are filled with let downs, teachers who have no soul and no passion and certainly no patience, they are overwhelmed over worked and under appreciated  just as they were as children  Learning and teaching is a cycle you can’t blame one for incompetence without looking at how that came to be, and it all starts with the Parents.

To us all, we are all responsible for the life of a child. Responsible for nurturing and providing everything positive. They are not property . We can’t tie them up to sit  in our life and threaten them when they show signs of thinking for themselves. This is america, we have been given a chance of freedom to learn without an army,guns,bombs and land mines on our path to school, and soo many parents are f-ing up what a very awesome chance kids have at being the next leaders who WILL bring peace and solve a lot of problems and miseries americans deal with. But If we can’t even appreciate this reality which millions of others have to die for than we are no better, no smarter and certainly not more consciously aware than any one else and we certainly are not worthy the name “super power” because factually  the majority of people in this country  are functioning at the level of 8th graders. SO parents take the dam diapers off of your kid and send them out into the world-because it is the world THEY will be running before you know it.

Your Kids are not Your Tinker Toys

Good Morning Bloggermen and Bloggerwomen!

I will try to balance this next post out sometime today with something more “fluffy” later (I can’t get that word out of my head after watching Morning Glory for the 10th time)

Well I was surfing along the web, more like skimming it because I can only take too much nonsense at one time!, Hey there should be a web-thing, or whole computer like entity that just filters out all negative ridiculous content so each and every day you look things up you’ll only get happy,positive, useful, intelligent information that enriches your life. But alas there would be some group formed to protest that it is racist to exclude sad,bad and stupid content from YOUR life.

SO here’s what I came across–this blog (whose name I won’t repeat for her benefit) whose writer is a mother of a pre/kindergartner boy …..who thinks its wrong to expose her BOY to only boy things, and I’m talking about what IS for males and what IS for females, not little discrepancies like toy trucks and hot wheels . She doesn’t want to encourage her kid to be a boy: that he doesn’t have to “feel” male. AND if he FEELS like it he can have a vagina later on in life if he doesn’t think he penis “fits” him…………..This “mothers” whole life is around blogging about her child who is a boy and making sure he is surrounded by gay men, women, trans, transit, in transition-humans because he has the “right” to choose his gender preference……. I really don’t need to say anymore on that because you should be shaking your head right now and praying for the Angels to place Their hand upon each new parent and give-em a good smack upside the head knocking all parenting sense into their brains! (we are becoming more mechanical, illogical, incapable and unbelievably, pathetically, ridiculous everyday, a side effect of being an american)

This goes back to my “should a license and test be given to people who want kids” to take extra precautions the kids aren’t going to be ABUSED by adults whacko adults with delusional beliefs that not only harms the childs developement but harms the whole of society, securing a chaotic,backward future filled with even more evils than today!
In 30 years we will have no government nor army to defend its citizens against any kind of evils because the people will be soo busy organizing parades for the rights of their pet rocks or they will be campaigning to make the color green banned from being the symbol of cleanliness because thats sooo offensive to Dirt!

Come on People-seriously!!! Your born a boy or girl there is no other choice and you can’t just swap in because you FEEL like it—–it goes against nature and YOU ALL KNOW THAT ! its not up for debate, its not a decision for mans court of law nor for the school system to include in the outline for the year as an extra course of “how to be a man when you feel like a women”.
We have become a society so far removed from reality it is amazing that another country has not invaded us since no one in the country has the capacity to survive past the pathetic decision making of “does my penis “fit” me?”