Beauty Companies and Their Bull













There’s something fishy-

about companies that put out “new” or “new and improved” products  a couple times a year. Today Im  talking about  a couple of companies who’ve been around a long time and who are sold to the most people and used in markets that demand perfection. I’m telling you there  never is  any “new” product. I bet companies have a holding facility full of various items, altered versions of the same one product just waiting to be released after their last “new” version  launched met their goal for revenue. Take Makeup for example.

Take L’Oreal. You can’t believe that the worlds largest cosmetics company a business over 100 years old has never hired one women in all that time who hasn’t thought up a liquid eye pencil that’s thick like a marker-so you can create thick lines (blackbuster). You can’t believe that no makeup artist in the world who’ve been making those thick lines on models eyelids for ever, never said -“hey why don’t we make this thin liquid marker..thick.”?? But if that is true and no one from  the billion dollar makeup industry ever thought up the obvious -why the heck do we continue to keep them in business? Why do we excuse them for not creating the best to begin with especially when its an idea  that a lot of kindergarten girls would think of? Or are we the consumers the dumb ones and companies know that and therefor can keep up their blatant stupidity (which is really a cover) concerning their business  because we are just too desperate and lazy and needing to be led by the hand to bother with expecting perfection?

Another company I’m mentioning is Unilever. Remember the commercial with Heidi Klum that accuses all of US for treating the wrong end of our hair?  Notice how the company comes out with this “new” line within a market they should be well educated about by now, and right in our face calls themselves and the knowledge they’ve possessed, this billion dollar giant of a company- stupid?And I’ve no idea why a “super model” would ever confess that they had no idea about hair care. And they get paid  by companies that don’t require them to know anything about the product their selling.

Unilever sells to over 190 countries, to over 2 billion people, 400 different products along with hair and beauty care, under DOVE, FINESSE,NEXXUS,SUAVE, TRESSAME ,V05-along with-food, home care and oral care. They made over 69 billion in sales 2012. It introduced its Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy line to the USA after success in 42 other countries. Gina Boswell VP of Unilever NA unit called the Clear line “revolutionary.”

See how they try to distract from what they should have known as common sense and “duhhh”  and label it  revolutionary in hoping that that word will grab your “I gotta get this” thinking and you won’t catch their obvious idiocracy. These commercials state that the major hair and beauty lines we fund are actually and totally run by  nitwits who are soo not qualified to be making beauty products for humans. it’s like Dr.s today-they give you combined chemicals fused in laboratories and made into pills, some are completely hypothesized some just replicas of what is readily available in nature…and these pills, created by people who believe they can improve on perfection- prescribe them to you and tell you there an AID not the REMEDY! Our Dr.s don’t even claim to be able to cure–and that’s their job! There’s alot of people selling things that are half-ass products and we accept it!

Now think about this- A global company who have their hand in a diverse group of countries where the beauty habits of people go back 1000s of years haven’t utilized that wisdom. This company making some of the top hair products used in salons and in the fashion industry for decades BELIEVED that the ends of your hair, the hair that dies, dries and is cut off-is where you are supposed to nourish so that the moisture will climb up the dead damaged hair shafts ends into your roots then scalp and magically stimulate the tissue in turn stimulate the blood supply that is responsible for nourishing your hair. That’s like saying you’ll absorb the nutrients of an apple by looking at it.

The second reason you shouldn’t buy from them is that out of the 252 manufacturing sites around the world -“more than half send no non- hazardous waste to landfills.” Unilever website…. Right there they TELL you that their products contain crap that isn’t even safe for the ground to consume.
For what reason would a company need to own many different brands of products that are used for the same thing? How can there be a great difference between Nexxus and Clear Scalp line? This tells you that they are all about the money and not about your needs.  By adding one ingredient here that the other product doesn’t have and you can come up with endless ways to produce many variations off one product—totally unnecessary and stupid.

The other thing that throws up red flags is that beauty products are used by professionals who charge exorbitant amounts of money for their service. Now you’d hope that they know their trade inside and out. So they would know what is needed in products to work. Now are these huge companies just ignorant to their own business and hire unqualified specialists to create products with total disregarded to what professionals have requested in them?-like a hairstylist would know without doubt that putting products on ends of hair isn’t going to do anything for the health of the whole head from scalp to bottom. Or are these companies bottom line really titled-“we know how gullible consumers are so it doesn’t mater how full of toxic non effective crap we produce, you’ll buy and we’ve got the billions in revenue to prove it. We’re going to keep reinventing the same thing and leave it just short of working perfectly so we can come out and convince you we’ve finally got our crap together and promise this time it will work for you.”

But just like synthetic medicine, they’ll keep you coming back for more and keep you believing with empty promises that this time they’ve got what you need and they’ve made it right.

Land of Objects part 2

part two from freedom land


part two is about living in the land of illusion dedicated to objects-

Now we can’t hold this kind of thinking against the whole of a person
we’ve been born into a system that works hard to condition the mind
keep it inline with their guide about how we should live our life
tell us who, what and how to asses value
they provide the ladder for us to climb to keep us occupied
obsessed with achieving a fulfilled life chasing their version of what that means
but the systems manual leaves out the solution

the answer to fulfillment can’t be found in their book
so your kept in obedience to a crazed routine
-leading into financial, spiritual and physical ruin
their idea is so far implanted that people rarely see
that by living whats been taught as  “normal”  life and what defines success and happiness
they’ve given up their freedom to follow belief
thats been forced fed to them

that’s slavery,mental servitude

humans actually believing value should be measured by the
amount of labels they collect

seen advertised on billboards and commercials
laced with clever slogans some joker thought up in their companies urinal
written to stroke egos of individuals who’ve done nothing amazing
mesmerizing hypnotizing subduing intelligence
dumbing down the minds of americans
citizens of a 1st world power
industrialized and civilized freedom thinkers eager to use products to replace human character
“superficial” is the slogan sewed onto banners waived high in vulgar displays
as the rest of the world  cringes in disbelief  shaking their head disgusted by the acts of how the free world thinks
a deficient nation using objects not actions to define them
a distorted conclusion of character
value measured in purchases
individuals thinking their free
while layering themselves in materials to  mask or  make them into somebody

so millions of people buying the same thing for the same reasons from the same ol
thinking the same thing- trying to create a type of someone- trying to please the whims of
people catering to the thinking and views of others
because they’re lost
they want to find themselves but are clueless how to access true meaning of self worth
how to find the power within that strengthens them and gives them confidence to stand firm
in the truth without wavering, held fast to the point where they can’t be influenced by illusion

so there’s hope for people seeking  identity within objects
and for those people who actually think intelligence is an obvious reflection in how one dresses up their life

and when your bragging to your friends how independent you are how you’re the boss  over all of you

remember the land of objects the superficial fantasy world intent on keeping you obedient

to be continued….in another land…


Freedom Lands (pt.1)

(part one)

the freedom land  they’ve created and hope you never leave–

living within an illusion, a fabricated reality comprised of fictitious truths
versed into the mind
washed in since birth
burrowed so deep in subconsciousness
it becomes the institution to which you serve
vision blurred by human intent- on subduing independent thinking
trying to kill any desire to be more than mediocre
guilt you into self punishment for being different

something that never bothered you because you knew you were in the right lane to begin with

insist on you being complacent living life amongst the herd,
muzzling any words spoke needing to dwarf small talk and trying to smother the fake chit
chat chatted in airs attempting to cover their rampant self centerdness
their unyielding drive to conform, mold, melt you down into liquid
until you’re a little miniature model a
replicate, a perfect silent partner cohabiting with the rest lethargic civilians who
mindlessly drudge upon the carousel of fantasy
satisfied sitting on the sidelines of life worshiping hypocrisy
using relativism as an idol – the easiest way to coward out of accountability, melting into
the herd becoming nothingness living in bliss filled ignorance glowing goats
going to a fro accomplishing  nothing….that is their religion


don’t get stuck here-read the fine print found under “freedom”

(to be continued)

Race -point Of America ( by a certified Non Racist)

A recent CNN panel included various advocate and civil rights groups, represented by blacks, whites, Native Americans, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. They talked and talked in  circles, discussing  Race in America. For all of the decades and centuries past, and after fighting for and winning rights fifty years ago, these adults, who were all dressed up in titles are still thinking and thinking and wondering and fighting to figure things out.

I’d like to offer a scenario,  actually two,  one by adults one by kids: for the panel to observe and pick which one would be better for their agenda. Now of course these groups minds have to be open to see and think beyond the basics of these examples or I’m afraid they’ll all be sitting right where they are for another hundred years.

(the following example is fictitious, yet based on fact from the actual conversations on CNN)

I’m putting adults of all races, men and women, in one room, and a group of kids of all races in another.


“Id like to start the conversation by saying we need more conversations to converse upon the existing conversations right now, if we keep talking about racial discrimination and talking about it and keeping the conversation going in our schools and in the communities we can keep the conversation alive for generations, we have to keep talking about racism, it’s everywhere we look…. I’d like to add, if I may, that my organization just added 800 more programs on how to teach people about having a mature adult conversation with someone who is racist and how to deal with that kind of level of mentality in the conversation when they’re just not getting and understanding the fact that they are a racist. It’s hard to talk to someone like this and that is why  we are funding loads of money into these types of program, people need to be aware that they are racist…..

“I agree but we need to fight more. Our marches have had great turnouts. But we need to organize more and march into every small town, raising our fist, shouting for change. We need to fight and get these minds changed now. We’ve been fighting for 50 years, My Mother fought, she taught me to fight and I’m teaching my kids to fight,and to pass the fighting down to their kids.  I say we may need to fight for 50 more years until we see real change. The racist remark “predator” I hear being used, is something we have to go after and fight to abolish.”

“Hello, nice to be here thank you. Our group organizes, marches and rallies.  We’ve been rallying for decades now and just organized a sleep over that lasted for days outside of the capital. That was great but we need more rallies we need more sleep overs. We have to hit every capital. We need to go to the police stations, camp outside, for months if we have to,  until they hear our shouts and until we make every last persons mind in there aware that racism is dangerous. We need more political support, we have some politicians on our side but we need more of a political presence that will force the implementing of more and more laws about what  racism is. More and more laws and rules and regulations regulating racial thinking. Its everywhere. People don’t know they’re racist until you tell them. We need laws, we need more organizations that bring awareness, forcing people to take a look at themselves and admit to their racist internal behavior.”

” Yes I agree and what my group does is monitor the N word. We have to talk about the N word.We have to go after more *&34%%  in this  country. We have to make sure people are aware of what they say and the destructive impact their words have, not only on us today, but the ripple effect  it has on the future generations of our kids.  That’s what my group is striving for”…….SIDE NOTE  ( nothing was said about Rappers, we believe they are immune to this…Because, as mothers explained… hard earned pay earned by the very few minorities in white collar jobs, when  given to our babies for allowance, can be used to spend it on these kinds of CDs,  our brother and sister rappers need jobs to,)

And lastly,

” I’d like to remind everyone that violence and discrimination along with school illiteracy is higher than ever before. Like through the roof  as an all time high in America. There is rampant discrimination in our schools. There is violence in our communities. We’ve got to get the message out there that the killing of our kids is unacceptable. Our kids are dying. After the #4%% shooting, communities came together. We saw an outpouring of people laying wreaths, hugging and crying together. It was great seeing communities come together after this happened. Also we need more gun laws. We need to take a stand in Police stations and listen to radio reports to catch  profiling. We need to shout louder about profiling in america and save our children. We need more tools and laws about how to go about radical change.”


………after five minutes of fidgeting and checking each other out.

” why is your skin purple?

Well why is your’s orange?

cause I was born with it.

Did you come out of a tummy?

Yes…. mee toooo! You guys want to play?

The overall, overwhelmingly only idea,  these very vocal, both educated and homemaker kind of adults have to end all of this crap, is too start at the end. Not one person said anything about parents, no numbers came up about the severity and mass abuse in the home that has reached an alarming all time high in our countries history.  And these groups, all of them, doesn’t mater if they’re marching for Rainbow Bright having a birthday, are confused why their way of pointing fingers and playing the blame game  isn’t working, hasn’t worked for decades.

These groups are accomplishing everything they have said they want to do. Keeping discrimination, segregation, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance alive for future generations to fight about.

This is about all of us, each of us.  We live in America. We are human. There is going to be prejudice. History would reflect only a paradise world if it didn’t exist.  We can not go backwards to go forward. Get out of the sandbox, quit crying mommy. Go home to your family. Love starts there. Change Starts there. Dignity starts there. Support starts there. Confidence starts there. Manners start there. Politeness starts there. Selflessness starts there. Education starts there. Charity starts there. Respect for yourself and others start there.  Beautiful, clean, thriving and joyous communities begin there, you don’t have to live in Beverly Hills to have one of your own!

Got Balls?








This  is a call to attention for a few good someones that still possess..  Balls.

How hard can it be to find some leaders with  balls? Apparently it’s very hard. A pool of  350 million people isn’t a big enough pond of flesh to fish from. I think people began to check their balls at the door after the revolution.

In this world today it seems many want to be leader but no one wants to lead and that seems just fine with half of the nation. It’s been a free for all for  the ridiculous and these poopers  get an audience that actually listens because power players are soo lazy in their cowderness, from the lost ability to recognize right from wrong, as a result of having no balls.

We’ve got a president who doesn’t even know how or why this country was  birthed. “What ever we once were we are no longer a Christian nation.”CBN July 2007) The epitome of wishy wahsy is Obama. I don’t think in all of recorded history has there been a leader who not only does not believe in what he says believes in, he shames it by setting an example for his country by representing loyalty and truth  like the wind,  coming and going.

How does he do this? He says “I’ve just always been clear that my Christian faith has motivated me for twenty years and I’m not ashamed to talk about..” (umm,why would he be ashamed)? “America has evolved and government policies need to encompass all faiths because the country is no longer just a Christian nation.  We should acknowledge this and realize that when we’re formulating policies from the state house to the Senate floor to the White House, we’ve got to work to translate our reasoning into values that are accessible to every one of our citizens not just members of our own faith community.” July,30 2007

In one paragraph he says he believes in God but is too weak to follow Him absolutely. So this tells the nation we shouldn’t have to listen to what the law or government or anything for that mater, says. Maybe that is why many people are getting away with interpreting laws to fit their needs, like separation of church and state, which does not even exist anywhere in any legal document.

He also tells the nation that he is not a person who can be trusted. How can a nation trust in someone who sells out their own faith, God for the incompetent opinions of man?

He talks in circles which indicates a he’s deceitful and or is incapable of dealing with anything requiring a lot of exertion and hard work.. He says “America will not be involved in a “boundless war on terror.”

Obama says the government should accommodate all kinds of religious opinions, well than serial killers should pop the champagne! They are citizens who believe that what they do is their right, just like gays and abortionists do. When’s the protest rally march for serial killers rights?

There is so many more topics we could talk about that mainstream press won’t cover, like the genocide of Coptic Christians and Jews in Egypt, The USA backing of the Organization islamic cooperation (OIC) to criminalize free speech against anything that denigrates religions ( only one religion, islam) the groups of muslim brotherhoods that live here and the US supports, ohh just say it, the USA support of the brotherhood, agricultural jihad terror and on and on. Why doesn’t mainstream or really any media cover the whole truth, ohh yes because Balls are now centerpieces on the tables of  political fundraisers.

Are they’re any balls left attached to  leaders in the making for who  God, truth, education, and all of the good stuff that is needed for a great, respected intelligent nation to exist will be their passionate, unyielding, unwavering pledge, for we the people?….


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Just a Thought on more Ridiculousness


I think, and I bet a lot of you all are thinking the same thing..about how distorted and ridiculous many group/institutions/organizations have become when it comes to accusing people of discrimination/race-alization so much so that some people who are in influential positions are chickening out and selling themselves over to the “cause” because they are afraid of making waves.

Their action trickles down from  important posts (that could be doing this country good but now their time is wasted having to babysit instead)  to the masses, putting us all in a position where the simple right and  freedom to express, feel, and  believe without condemnation is now in danger……and it doesn’t make sense.

Its come down to if I don’t like the look of  orange tanned  people…I’m a discriminative person…. If I don’t like the yellow of the Mc-y Ds Golden Arches…then I “hate” the whole company and am now a bigot…..If I don’t like frizzy curly hair…than I am a racist toward all curly curls on girls.

What I don’t get is how these groups and things are influencing the nation into believing they actually have a valid case and can go hog wild on anyone who doesn’t like ….well anything!  Shouldn’t we, the people, who hate the” subject” but not the person turn the tables and sue/boy-cot/ whiny whine and remove from public places..the organizations and things for discriminating and race-a-sizing against our free thinking, believing, expressing rights?

Man, if I don’t like how the old but new again Twinkies taste, is Hostess going to have me arrested?

Supreme Court Strikes Down Marriage Act

Now that a few people in California have declared that the word and meaning of marriage, which has been a solid, incontestable definition for ohh over 10s of thousands of years, is no longer valid in its true meaning.

First of all, it’s ridiculous that a handful of average minded people  be allowed to eradicate a word within which resides a  whole mega concept that pre dates the stone age, so by doing this no word on any document is what it is. There is no other word in all of human history besides God that is more recognizable and unchangeable and unquestioning in meaning. Seriously, pre stone age. It’s not a word like apple, which can be changed, this is humanity. For cryin out loud how do you not get that if humans were gay there would be one generation of people and that’s that. It’s so not complicated.

So this DOES mean no written law is valid, no rule, no title, no declaration, no amendments (gun freaks your out of luck cause I’m changing the meaning of your right to bear arms) and for all the millions of people living together in relationships I’d get on the march to your congressperson cause if gays can get the benefits of married people then hell all you guyfriends  and girlfriends in relationships why shouldn’t you? Your in the same exact situation and there’s no argument that well “they are free to marry whenever” nope because the word marriage  has been terminated by a handful of wanna bs popular for the masses that shout the loudest but have absolutely no validity or truth in their cause.

What word is up for the chopping board next? Let’s just declare the month of July “Take any word and make it your own.”

Embarrassing americans continued


So I’ve tapped a bunch of the House Hunters International. As you know I love those shows for showing me beautiful places and fabulous cultures and for cracking me up at the same time watching those really idiotical americans wank on about how americans are used to living in mansions with huge yards and even bigger appliances for around 500$ a month.??

I think the lady who commentates is a little fed up with how disrespectful and arrogant some of these people are too. In one episode she said ” Desperate to meet Gina’s lofty expectations without exceeding her minuscule budget Jose (the Realtor) changes gears…” I thought that was just Brilliant!

I just want to slap these people for including me in their deductions of reasoning that ALL americans have  super-sized greedy expectations when visiting or moving to a foreign country! I’ve developed a certain paranoia when traveling that I AM being looked at and perceived as just another foolish, stupid, selfish american who has no respect for any other culture! and who couldn’t care less than to educate and develop myself further than my own american nose!

 So I say to you out there who are one of those americans, For Heavens sake, STOP  dragging the rest of america into your ignorant world ! Just because YOU are an idiot and know it doesn’t mean  you have the right to include others who aren’t just so that you don’t feel alone in your idiotness!! Stop ruining our reputation for the sake of making your shallow one look good!

And for once an for all america’s english is not the dominate only langue in the world-Stop going to other countries and remarking how you didn’t know how no one would understand english and showing how greatly disappointed you are that the people in FOREIGN countries don’t know how to speak it!! You stupid cow-go back to school and get an adequate education so you can stop ruining the rest of the countries reputation by acting and thinking such enormous foolishness and so you learn that when you travel outside of the usa that it is YOU not Foreigners who need to learn the language of that in which is the country you travel to!