Rethink; Laws of physics

The law of physics should not be labeled/defined, thought of as absolute. This is man’s attempt to keep the human mind in worldly bondage and tightly controlled out of fear for that which he can not explain and will in turn shame and bruise his own pride.

The fact that he thinks he can place rules on gravity and so forth would mean he is declaring himself creator of all things-for from nothing comes everything and everything is a creation including gravity. So if you are to take nothing and from it create; than gravity is a concept- like pictures in a painting-imagined, planned, created & instated. Therefor the creator defines the system and that system is comprised of or not of rules that need to or don’t need to make sense to the creators creations.

Don’t let your mind get bogged down by concepts of mere human thinking. There is soo much reality unseen, unheard and not understood-left never to be understood and received of by common man. If we aren’t smart enough to use even 1/4 of our brains we certainly aren’t smart enough to place restrictions on God and the universe.


99.8% of tv is worthless
my sisters and brothers
unplug it
before it unplugs you

The very first person to be commissioned was a
women. And she was commissioned to go to men and share her
testimony….and then also to give His Word. I know there
are some people who will draw a line and say I can give a
testimony, but I can’t share the Scripture. But Jesus didn’t
make that distinction. He gave Mary Magdalene both
commissions, to share her testimony and to give out His word.

-Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz
daughter of evangelist Billy Graham

Slave today, Slave tomorrow

Slave today, Slave tomorrow

seduction through code
twenty first century slaves
making love all day

God Doesn’t want what you are going to be or
what you would like to be….He wants all that
you are today.

–Australian worship leader Darlene Zschech

Evening Soothes Sorrow

evening soothes sorrows
until dawn remembers tears
the moon and stars dance

Hate Burns Purity

hate burns purity

like a blood soaked kiss on snow

left stained until Spring