Hollywood Wo…men

Ok, can Hollywood make a movie about a strong women who changed the world at her time, who was a strong leader of nations!! Or should I say is Hollywood capable!!? Capable of putting their egos out of their eye for a minute and face the reality that women, yes women, have gone through and made it through more trials and tribulations, condemnations, persecutions, tortures and unbelievable oppression’s than that of the other sex and all racists put together! It is so far time for some change on the big screen that can highlight a women in a super -not corny, not sleezy nor highlighting her weakness (like the Iron Lady and The Queen did!) Women have done more for people in this world than man, it is just a fact look up your history. Half The Sky (a book about women today and slavery and mutilation by men) would scare the heck out of this county’s men if that was made into a movie -the strength women have today would scare utterly wake the heck out of those people who have a “hard” time believing women are use full. WE have men who still walk around boo hooing about what happened NOT to them while walking presently in present where they are holding alot of cards and whom refuse to use them by continuing to walk around boo hooing instead of doing!
Anyway I’m not a feminist at all believe me!!! I actually have no respect for a lot of them ! They’ve made (some not all) such a joke out of the female race starting in the 60’s. Freedom doesn’t give you a licence to be an idiot! (well I guess it does for a lot of americans we seem really good at shouting for that right) (ok ok, you know I’m not talking about all of us!!! don’t get huffy)

So when can we see history on the big screen that shows how the other half made..History! Actually we all demand it ..right! We all need a break from the same old actors anyway!- And you do know history was made by both man and women, so stop being so racist- Hollywood!!

P.S great going with finally getting some BiBle stories out there in production, gezz those stories have only everything in them a Hollywood movie wants and it’s all true-can’t beat that- Man are you guys way behind in the awesome category for productions and genius scripts-you’ve been crapping out and disgusting us BIG TIME lately!! But you can start redeeming yourself now-it is not to late:)

Birth, Time and the Test tube

I have a question. Test tube babies, and frozen eggs,suragant women and everything not conceived naturally
Do those creatures, have a soul? Should we call test tube babies and inplants human? Because its man that’s messing with timing, proper “procedure” and just being careless when it comes to human life. I’d freak out if I learned I was part of an egg frozen for decades – Think about it, when people freeze eggs and stuff, isn’t that messing with the present and future of Time? Because these eggs that are being fertilized some other time other than natural time, then isn’t man messing with events? What if one of those eggs was supposed to be conceived naturally to grow up to be a great peace leader that would change the course of this nation into something wonderful? And instead they were frozen and missed their correct time of birth?
For all of the technology we have we know we are so far behind the success of past civilizations, this is a fact. We are no better off than any other civilization from the past that struggled to survive. We are far behind the most successful civilizations from the past who flourished for 1,000s of years until another “advanced” people s came to upgrade. We are living in a time where we (well scientists, doctors and followers) are realizing that all of our advanced technology is killing us (disease, sickness, poverty brought on by prescription drugs and processed foods, chemical environments, ect. ect.) So what if our advancements have messed up our future, past and present-because egotistical people (men mostly)had to experiment with creating something that is already perfectly created (goes for food and herbs too, they are perfectly created for our needs, yet men say “ohh no I can do it better even though I have a pea brain” and trying to recreate a perfectly created thing is just insane) and made people be born when they shouldn’t have.

So what do you think? Are we messing with Time?

Plan B for stupidity

Women; Before the USA came and almost eradicated an entire nation of natives who regarded their women as treasures, women who were strong, wise and important, women who had throughout the long history of humans, had been leaders; Queens of great nations and countries and sly but compassionate politicians (see they had their countries best interest at heart going so far as to die for it)they had been mothers who fought tooth and nail for the well being of their children. They were more than equals in a lot of cases, they were superiors who kept their people from hunger and harm, whose civilized nations prospered!
Fast forward to the USA. Umm yah, noo women leaders and look where that exclusions has gotten us. Anyway, women after a few generations where like, “This staying at home thing all alone talking baby talk all day, doing all of the work and getting no respect thing sucks!Lets face it, men need all the help they can get! You know how they won’t let a silly thing like peace come between their egos! Someone has to save this country!” So women began to find their voice and it has been an uphill battle ever since trying to make their way in a country that just refuses to change the direction of the laid train tracks that are catapulting us to disaster!Butttttt- like with any set of people there are bad eggs who take a liberty and run far in the wrong direction at an alarming speed and unfortunately take naive and clueless people along with them.
This whole baby thing! First of all let me say again, if someone broke into a science lab and destroyed the section full of those test tube babies and frozen eggs then as sure as poop that person would be charged with murder and everyone who had “frozen” their eggs or had a human growing in pet-re dish would be soo mad that they would be on the news for the next 4 weeks crying MURDER! SO anyone that thinks abortion does not kill a human life (beside for the obvious its dead wrong) is plain wrong and I just proved it(besides the obvious proof). So this plan b thing is a totally gutter thing and the company that manufactures it is working for the devil because you know God -who gives life would not destroy a life in progress of being created! THERE ARE ONLY 2 CHOICES GOOD AND EVIL- and there is nothing good, cheery or fun about this issue! Dam how many facts do you need before you get it! And I’m talking to everyone from the families that force it to the people who laid the brick of the clinics. And you people producing this product are supporting the devil just as much- You can not work for something that destroys and call yourself a good person!!!!! And the second thing is if you need a plan A and B -do you NOT THINK YOU SHOULD BE CHECKING YOURSELF AND YOUR RECKLESS LIFE!
Come on women what the Heck! Seriously! Women in this country did not go through such pains for freedom so that you can have sex with everything that walks!GROW UP! Women did not work so hard and suffer so much for you to abuse the freedom YOU DID NOT WORK FOR just to act like trash! And frankly this country does not want anyone leading them, whether its for the PTA or the oval office who can’t even respect their own life. Gloria Steinem is not a hero for women she’s part of their downfall. Grow up! Your are setting women way back, its not a forward thinking movement seriously your happy being a women because your getting away with your belief that you think you have the right to destroy a living person in your body? Come on!
Look at how just disgusting this is- take a picture of a female holding that box with a thumbs up and smiling wide- Doesn’t scream “WOMEN PRESIDENT” let alone- wise anything
Thanks for contributing to the backward notion some men still believe that women are nothing but weak slutters- Yup come along way from colonial times.

Adopting and the perks of celebritiszm

I have a question. A lot of people say that the adoption process is so ridiculously long and so very expensive . Now its been proven over an over through out history that money does NOT  = intelligence or make one more compassionate or loving. What IS a requirement and a no brainer is that babies need their mommy and daddy consistently,( of course quality time, I get that just because someone spends all day and night with someone doesn’t mean its best..that’s a whole other subject and not relevant to what I’m stating this here second) for the first few years. So tell me how these movie and tv “stars” are able to adopt a human life (not an accessory, there is a difference) and in interviews, in black and white for every one to see they say the hardest thing about having a child is leaving them.  Leaving them  for 16-18 hours a day while they are on set.  Lets go over that again because I just can’t believe that time spent with a child ISN”T a requirement when adopting a child …..”the hardest part about being a parent of a baby I just spent so much time wanting and getting is….leaving them.” And people wonder why the youth of today are sooo confused.

So I guess all that is needed to adopt a child is list your qualification as-“celebrity”

Born that way

One of, well mostly the main problem with people nature  I had as a child/have now is  wrapping my mind around  how   fellow humans  put different values on sin. We all do it or have done it because we are conditioned to “reason” our actions and motives.   You find some people  in every area of life that are accepting of all kinds of human behavior,  you see it on ABC family and NBC and Bravo ect. ect. shows that label their shows a new kind of “family”  you see it, read it, hear of it within the people that take positions of leadership, one day they rare against a sin the next day they are the sin. You hear it in lyrics from “artists” that call themselves christian. They think that each person has the right to be who they want to be, they have a right to live how they want to live. Well then how come murderers go to jail? Why do they get  punished?” They can’t help it, they were born like that, they were just testing out the waters, they were just going through a phase -hey every one’s doing it-they have the right….”

There are hundreds of breads of dogs and they all have different names, call it what you want- it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a dog.

Don’t be fooled, God does not birth children anything other than innocents. It is humans who mold them “that way.”

Easter after

Well the commercialized day for easter is over but Jesus is forever and ever. I hope this year you grew wiser and more spiritual realizing just how ridiculous it is to have the symbol of a bunny in place for the symbol of the Cross-there is no comparison and in a bind who are you most likely to call upon; peter cotton tail or the all mighty Lord? Commercialized holidays are a great way for the devil to mix with us, like a mixer-you bring your soul he’ll bring the chocolate bunny and eggs-not a very good bargain. Until I was born again I never saw how ridiculous the americanized easter is. When I was a child my “christian” parents encourged me to write a letter to the easter bunny for my wish of a real rabbit. Every year I’d write it hoping I’d find one under my surprise easter basket on easter sunday. I actually wrote letter after letter to that rabbit asking him and explaining to him why I wanted a rabbit and listed each good deed I had done and planned to do over the next year .Obviously there is no easter rabbit and the fact that my “christain” parents encouraged me to think that and to write to IT (letters I, at the time believed were private between me and the rabbit which makes it even more disgusting to me now looking back on these people reading my pleas to a fake idol that they allowed me to believe so strongly in while making sure everyone knew they were going to early sunrise easter service) in place of praying silently and privately to God to talk over my 5 year old deli…mas makes my skin crawl.  The fact that they allowed such hypocrisy and idolatry to grow in my innocent heart (all kids are innocent)KNOWINGLY  is just actually heartbreakingly disgusting -yet another check mark on the list of  explaining what its like to be “raised in a intact dysfunctional family with both parents who are, not were, are,psychopaths.  the fact that My mother to this day on easter still asks “was the easter bunny good to you” is incredible. I watched the Bible yesterday (easter day) and everyone leaves the room, I paused on  the channel with “Shrek Ever After”  on and they come back in . But I’m a part of a  “christian” family.

And I am guilty of putting that rabbit out there for decorations and talking to kids like the rabbit was a real thing instead of telling them the truth for worry it might upset them and also it wasn’t my place to tell them that some human made up this bunny story who leaves painted eggs all over the place and cheezy candy in super cheezy cheap baskets which by the way your mom and dad put together after they argue over who is going to put the dam basket together after you go to bed, dad wanted to get the one at the drugstore but mom said that’s so impersonal and besides there’s too much candy in those things but  dad doesn’t care because he’s not the one left watching you when the  cheetos  run out and he’s gone for hours looking for an open store (meanwhile hes down at the bar with the other dads also on a cheetos run)  And just where do all of those left over hard  bioled eggs go too ? Well there are only a billion hungry people in the world I ‘m sure your mom and dad left a basket at their local shelter on the way home because you know how they always say “sharing is caring.”

But now I see so clearly.  I see how ignorant I was and still am, I see how  totally conditioned a people we are even though we go to great, sometimes ridiculous lengths to prove to everyone just how free we are. The whole world looks to america and either laughs at how free we think we are or they think wow its so good to be free like an american.  And just like every other americanized holiday the true meaning gets shuffled under the idol of the dollar , which leads to aches and pains every single time.  This season let alone everyday is the most important, even more so than  christmas because in this season of death and resurrection comes the whole reason you and I have hope! Without the death of Jesus none of us on this whole planet would have hope or joy or the excitement of life or the chance to better it . How many people can go one day without thinking one stray sinful thought ? And if you make it a day, how about a week? A year? Your whole life? Before Jesus, in our death satan would be right next to us before the Lord pointing out every commandment we broke over our life and that would be it-straight to hell.

So my hope for everyone including  myself is to keep striving to break those conditioned traditions and now commercialized holidays that worship NOT what our Lord has blessed us with but just how much of the commandments we can break with our idolization of the dollar and our lust for something bigger and better and new and shiny-because there is nothing,nothing more important in the whole universe more than our saved soul and our God who gave all of us His Son with hope and forgiveness to try to live an amazing life no mater how many times it takes to correct our mistakes, our sins.

Children of God

I am watching the Bible, and it brings me to another subject with “do church go’ers and priests, reverends from all of the different religions that are in it for the same thing even read the Bible before throwing stones at glass house? –The word “bastard” or “illegitimate” are obsolete words. Everyone knows that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. The King of Kings, Gods only Son. Now God could have chosen a married couple and the women would have never of had to face such animosity and betrayal of love from her family and friends who were so quick to judge her (and I’m sure they called themselves religious people). But once again God shows us He is a God of the people, of all people. You need not be under any kind of label (rich or educated within a building, ect. ect) to be able to receive Gods love, Promise and Forgiveness. It doesn’t mater how you came into this world -you are a child of God and no one has the right to stick some man made up  label on you OTHER than that.

It starts with Parents-so stop F-ing UP

Why do kids cry when leaving their moms and dads at their school? Instead of being excited to go somewhere outside of the family unit, go somewhere where you’ll learn things you can’t at home, go to a place of discovery and excitement, stimulation and experience- parents have instilled in their children that THEY are the most important thing in their world, that they can not survive or do anything without them standing right there.

American parents instill guilt in their children for wanting to be themselves, for wanting-needing to be different in thought, feeling and beliefs apart from the momy and dady. Parents punish their kids in tremendously harmful ways emotional scarring the kid for being what he/she was born to be..themselves.

Society tells us ;be all that you can be,democracy is the foundation of our country, that we are “special” because anyone can go to school to learn and cultivate their skills for life that will support them and bring happiness and prosperity into their lives.

American families teach dependency not individuality,  responsibility,  Spirituality, and reason, nor how to tap into strength from within and how to develop our own identity. American families are the farthest thing from a practicing democratic unit, they are the most confining, debilitating and suppressing example of what “family” means.

There are millions in this world who would give their right arm Literally to be able to have an education. Millions do die, will die and are prepared to die so that their kids can go to school and learn.  How many people have been blown up from stepping on land mines on their way to school? How many have been shot point blank for crossing over an invisible line to get to school? how many families have been round up and burned to death or shot or macheted to death for having learning material hided within their homes? How many millions of people are out here with mutilated limbs , scars visible and scars so deeply in-bedded within their mind who will again go out of their houses and walk the same route with the same possibilities  encountering the horrors that blew their family apart because a book of knowledge is more valuable than fear?

The parents who instill fears of abandonment into their children because they dare to be what they were born to be, because they yearn to know knowledge outside of their restrictive family unit I say shame on you you selfish ….For those kids who were abused, let down, shamed or emotionally baby-fied are the ones who grow up to be crappy teachers, coaches and dr.s. Our schools are filled with let downs, teachers who have no soul and no passion and certainly no patience, they are overwhelmed over worked and under appreciated  just as they were as children  Learning and teaching is a cycle you can’t blame one for incompetence without looking at how that came to be, and it all starts with the Parents.

To us all, we are all responsible for the life of a child. Responsible for nurturing and providing everything positive. They are not property . We can’t tie them up to sit  in our life and threaten them when they show signs of thinking for themselves. This is america, we have been given a chance of freedom to learn without an army,guns,bombs and land mines on our path to school, and soo many parents are f-ing up what a very awesome chance kids have at being the next leaders who WILL bring peace and solve a lot of problems and miseries americans deal with. But If we can’t even appreciate this reality which millions of others have to die for than we are no better, no smarter and certainly not more consciously aware than any one else and we certainly are not worthy the name “super power” because factually  the majority of people in this country  are functioning at the level of 8th graders. SO parents take the dam diapers off of your kid and send them out into the world-because it is the world THEY will be running before you know it.