Rethink; Laws of physics

The law of physics should not be labeled/defined, thought of as absolute. This is man’s attempt to keep the human mind in worldly bondage and tightly controlled out of fear for that which he can not explain and will in turn shame and bruise his own pride.

The fact that he thinks he can place rules on gravity and so forth would mean he is declaring himself creator of all things-for from nothing comes everything and everything is a creation including gravity. So if you are to take nothing and from it create; than gravity is a concept- like pictures in a painting-imagined, planned, created & instated. Therefor the creator defines the system and that system is comprised of or not of rules that need to or don’t need to make sense to the creators creations.

Don’t let your mind get bogged down by concepts of mere human thinking. There is soo much reality unseen, unheard and not understood-left never to be understood and received of by common man. If we aren’t smart enough to use even 1/4 of our brains we certainly aren’t smart enough to place restrictions on God and the universe.

2 thoughts on “Rethink; Laws of physics

  1. Hello, thank you for the comment, I respect it and respond; the Bible explains how to understand God and His laws and it isn’t through science. Did newton dismiss God as the Father Son and Holy Spirit as 1? If he (issac) was passionate about God he’d understand what God says about his life (issacs) and he’d be obedient to Him, not science. Say you’re a painter, and you painted a scene of village life and then breathed life into that picture. Would those people even come close to understanding your world and how you created them? The world that exists, that most people can’t see is soo beyond words that the word magical would probably be used. so I don’t think any laws man makes up from observing mankinds type reality can be absolute and people shouldn’t conform their minds to it but open their minds to the impossible.


  2. The greatest scientists, guys of the caliber of Sir Isaac Newton, were profoundly faithful to God. They pursued science as an attempt to behold ever more the wonder of God’s creation. It is God’s laws they were trying to understand. These laws exist whether you choose to accept them or not.



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