He is Risen and So to are You

Jesus-paid-it-all easte_1024x768



When a person  has faith and accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord, when he/she repents and confesses and believes with all of their heart that Jesus was sent by God to die  (which He did willingly out of Love for us) for our sins to set us free and give us eternal everlasting life ruling with Him in His kingdom after death—our old life, the way we think, feel, and act is crucified, it dies and we are reborn, we rise up with a new life with new eyes and with a new fantastic freedom in Christ.

When our old life dies,  the  Holy Spirit is able to fill us making us brand new.  The transformation is amazing and powerful.  You are ready to move forward in your walk with Jesus. You see the perfection of all of His teachings. You see how simple and easy it is to obey and adjust your life to moving on the straight path of truth and love.

There isn’t any such thing as a luke warm Christian. It’s called  NOT being a Christian.  Don’t let anyone tell you lukewarm Christians are good, that they are the peacekeepers that they are the comforters. NO they are the weak and ignorant. God hates lukewarm Revelation 3:15-16.

Jesus died for us. What friend or neighbor would submit themselves to  hours of extreme torture and then death for you?  No one. People today sue over being called a name.   Don’t waste your life trying to appeal to those around you by being  everything to everyone. That is a sure way to lose your life and take others down with you. If you aren’t strong enough to live  in truth and you seek popularity instead of Heaven, don’t embarrass yourself by calling yourself a Christian.

To those who have just accepted Christ or who haven’t yet received the Holy Spirit, keep studying the Word, keep praying and keep around Christians who do have the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes to you get ready for the most awesomely amazing, fantastic, unbelievable transformation experience ever! !……and

Welcome to this powerful life in Christ!



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