Miss you and Thank you Paul Crouch

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Now, on Trinity Broadcast Network, is the memorial to Paul Crouch Sr. creator of TBN broadcasting, where it has been for over 40 years reaching and touching the live, of hundreds of millions of people, one of them mine, through 5,000  television stations, 70 satellites, internet and 1,000’s of cable systems around the world, broadcasting into countries bringing the Good News, where no other technological innovations exist.  As of 2010 they are the 3rd largest over the air television group in the country -passing CBS, FOX and NBC. TBN is a relief aid mammouth, and the aid it had inspired  countless other  institutes to create for ..is massive!

He and his wife Jan have been such an inspiration to countless millions, sharing the Good News, bringing millions nothing but good News!!!  They have helped save millions and millions sharing the Gospel in all of its glory and simplicity .

They are very special to me! It has been through the programs they broadcast about the Bible that I learned the  truth! And everyday is a new learning experience with TBN. Watching TBN is like going to Bible College. There is no better a place to learn the Good News! I love Travel The Road ( a Christian reality experience) Drive Through History (Awesome!) with Dave Stotts, Billy Grahams Always Good News, Not a Fan with Kyle Idleman, Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, In  Touch Ministries with Dr.Charles Stanley (love his NO Nonsense sermons!) Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, and soo many more shows to numerous to name, along with Music Video stations, and all of the awesome movies and other programs they broadcast!  This is the only feel-good-all of the time station, it is the only station that has what every human needs.

It has been very emotional for me, learning this news of last Saturday. It is emotional watching this tonight. He was a friend coming into your home every night with the daily news he shared with his son. It is very odd seeing Paul and knowing there won’t be any more broadcasts with him live.

Miss you and Thank You,

Dr. Paul Crouch Sr.



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